Barron Trump SHOCKS America With What He Just Said About Kathy Griffin Beheading His Dad

Image Source: Twitter, Fox News

How disgusting are the liberals? Kathy Griffin holding up the severed head of Donald Trump was disgusting and is going to be watermark moment in this 2017. It’s that moment when liberals are gonna look at themselves and say “Are we like ISIS now?” That Kathy Griffin video looked like an ISIS video. See how Baron responded below.

Reported by TMZ, Barron Trump saw the disgusting video with Kathy Griffin cutting off his father’s head while he was at home with Melania. Barron doesn’t really know who Kathy Griffin is and he also thought that the head was really his fathers’. How Horrible!


TMZ says that sources told them that Barron was watching TV and then saw the images and ran out the room screaming “Mommy, Mommy!”

As said to TMZ, “He’s 11. He doesn’t know who Kathy Griffin is and the head she was holding resembled his dad.”

This is that man in the mirror moment for the political left. What kind of political ideology is leading to imagery advocating the killing of our President? I’ll tell you: a twisted one.

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  1. I hope this vile, sick, twisted bottom feeder is proud of the fact that she not only scared this child out of his skin she also left him with a mental image he will probably carry through his life. The left needs to really take a good look at what they have become, it’s pathetic, never bother to ask why you will lose elections in the future…….you have become a stain upon America!!!!!

  2. But it was totally ok when the Rethuglicans called for the death of President Obama and his family. Hypocrites.

  3. I am fed up with these insincere apologies. She is not sorry. No one is sorry. But we do know that if we hurt people in the pocketbook, they will respond. It is worse than when Larry Flynt claimed he was a born again Christian. No wonder so many bleeding heart judges let criminals go free. Economic boycott of all Hollywood is required. She committed a crime.

  4. This is. Horrible whatever party you belong to this is wrong you people have brains use them before you act think about the young children how it will harm them people who do this crap should be held accountable and the proper action should be taken I think about President Trumps young son and his Grandchildren I don’t like Hillary Clinton but I wouldn’t do what Kathy Griffin did because she hates President Trump totally wrong

  5. It is true, they are acting just like the terrorists, and it is a wonder that we are all still with our heads on our shoulders…..They want to import more migrants and refugees so we can all run around like they did in the middle ages, and wonder if we may see tomorrow……What those STUPID people seem to forget that to those terrorists we all look alike, which means that their heads could go the same way……….
    Now would that NOT be ironic………

  6. Griffin is a POS and a Fraud of a comedian. She must not be allowed to get away with this awful act. There are enough crazies out there already thinking of ways to harm the POTUS. She did not apologize to the president, she is worried about her failing career. This BS that says comedians can do things that are funny must be rethought and changed.

  7. ut is sickening how could anyone do such a horrible thing to their President.this griffin must be nuts and put in prison as a criminal.

  8. you can beg for forgivness all you want to but you are not sorry for the right reason you are sorry because you are losing you jobs an seeing your popularity fall, you witch you are sick an I hope this does your career in to this to voice your hate of the President Trump

  9. People that can’t respect our President,should leave this country.i hated OBama but never would I stoop that low. Only a demon would do that. God place President Trump in the WhiteHOUSE to save this country. When you go against TRUMP or his family you will be going against our one and only God the FATHER!SON!AND HOLY SPIRIT! GOD WINS..READ THE BIBLE✝️

  10. Our President does not only have the difficult job of cleaning the swamp in Washington..He now has to roll up his sleeves a little higher to clean up the sewer pit that is spilling over vile filthy garbage..if this is what the sewer and the swamp are teaching their children ..we need to vote the swamp critters out..on the sewer vermin…don’t do anything,they already self destruct but do pray for their children..

  11. If you agree with the Kathy Griffin video beheading Trump or think it’s harmless , does that mean you would let her babysit your children, or you would like for her to be your childrens teacher or nurse? How does it make you feel knowing that many other women in society have the same mindset as she does?
    CNN and the Main Stream Media should share the blame for this because of their round the clock derision of the President. It is past time to face the reality that, yes you really did get it all wrong in the lead-up to the election; yes Trump really did win big the Electoral College, and if you discount the illegal immegrants and dead people, Trump won the Popular vote as well! And finally, the MSM all-out never Trump mantra has failed, is failing, and will fail in the future.

  12. The Liberal Main Stream Media and leading Democrats like Maxine Waters and Al Greene stoke the fires of bitter hatred for Trump, but they know how to go so far and back off. Young people and others who are simply gullable, like Kathy Griffin, are not as keen to the limits of propriety and will always seek to push the envelope, to everyones dismay. The Liberal leadership and MSM could care less about the carnage left in their wake as they remain unaffected, unconcerned and unaccountable.

  13. Kathy Griffin knew there would be backlash, she did it knowing full well of the consequences. she needs to stay fired and the apology is not accepted.. I hope she is done.

  14. As a mother and a human being it was disgusting, Barron is a child and he shouldn’t have to see something like that. How he could know that this woman was trying to made a stupid joke. And you saw the others Democrats like Rossie And the Jeopardy man making fun of a child. I have never seen so much lack of values in our country.

  15. Kathy thought this would make all the libs. Would love it! She was afraid of the LAW and thought that CNN liberals would back this action. I say lock her up for inciting violence towards are standing president.

  16. never was a fan o Roseanne but she has never been as cruel as these sob are that make a child cry like Barron did .

  17. So good to see Barron smile in the picture with his nephew,he has always looked so sad, this picture makes me feel better knowing he is happy!

  18. I definitely think this was wrong . On the other hand his father made fun of the handicapped,call women pigs, disgraced the armed forces and if you touch women by there privates they’ll do anything. That is just a few .



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