BREAKING: General McMaster Just Dropped BOMBSHELL Proves Trump Never Leaked to Russia

Source: NBC

Thank God for General McMaster. He just saved Trump from another made up scandal pushed by the mainstream media.

The Washington Post reported this morning that President Donald Trump leaked classified information to the Russians during his meeting last week while “bragging” about all the secrets he knows. Nope.

That’s right. We now have direct confirmation from McMaster, a man who was actually in the room with Donald Trump, that Trump leaked no HARMFUL classified info to the Russians

McMaster made the declaration to reporters,

“I was in the room. It didn’t happen….At no time were intel sources or methods discussed.”


Now, to anyone who has actually watched Donald Trump, it should come as no surprise that he is not half as dumb as the media pretends.

There is no way a man like him, who ran a huge business for decades, would divulge secrets like that.

So when are these “sources” or reporters gonna be held accountable for their BS? Honestly, they are using their position to deeply divide the American people on things that never happen.

That’s why it’s all up to people like you and me to help share stories like these out so everyone can see the truth. Clearly, we cannot count on the “old-media” to handle it. Let’s set the record straight!


  1. It is so obvious the left-winged satanic group will do and say anything to try and bring down our patriotic President . . . folks, don’t let them.

  2. The Bad News is…MANY ppl will believe the WASHINGTON POST, THATS THE REASON THE WP GUYS DID IT. I’d have them thrown in jail for slander and false reporting for starters.

    • I’m a believer in Trump’s well-known attitude and message he sends to the citizens of this country. Next time his msg goes in print, i think it should be known wh has been digging to find any WE HAVE MUCH BIGGER FISH TO FRY!

  3. Desperately trying to fine a reason to impeach our President and if they would ever to succeed this country would implode…His supporters will take to the streets…

    • No they wouldn’t win because Killer still won’t be pres Pence would he is next in line so all there nonsense would be for nothing

  4. There should be a threshhold of how damaging an obvious lie published by the media when they would no longer be protected from civil suit.

  5. If the media publish something about a celebrity that is patently false, then they can sue. So how come MSM is allowed to get away with what I believe is treasonous falsehoods?

  6. This sleazy rag of a newspaper is good for only lining your cats litter box or using in a out house if you run out of toilet paper. If they continue this take down of Trump they should have to divulge where they got the source for there article. If they do not and they continue they need to be sued for printing false news. We will not allow President Trump to be degraded in such a manner and the disgusting Comedians to use him or his Family in there slimy jokes. Boy cot these papers and do not watch these low down good for nothing Comedians.

  7. For a joke, one day Trump would try to mess with the 2nd ammendment and see these dolts who oppose it bitch about that as well. The next day, say I was kidding…just to show how hypocritical libs really are. Use that social media against the media itself. But the futility of even considering the idea would get them yacking by the buckets ever so more. He’ll forge ahead, that’s what he does.

  8. It’s time to lock the reporters up for subversion,Try them and then let them cut a deal for a lighter sentence by providing the names of the people they claim were their sources. I believe the sources made up the story or their were no sources and the reporters made it up. Time to get tough and kick some ass.

  9. The media is a bunch of sick people that do not care about the people of the United States only about the democRATS.

  10. ENOUGH! Who in their right mind would believe this???? He didn’t become as successful as he is by making those kind of mistakes. The President of the Unites States deserves RESPECT as he is making so much happen for the good of the country, which is not known. Those who witness his responsible, intelligent and effective ways and means are standing up to tell the truth. ENOUGH SAID!

  11. All of these false propaganda creators in the media need to be held to account for their deliberate dishonesty, the consequeses of attempting to mislead the american people, and charged and convicted for treason. Zero tolerance for this BS period.

  12. There is a movement, an underworld movement to bring America down to the level of a third world nation. We have to declare war on political correctness and teach loyalty in our schools once again, loyalty to our nation and obedience to the laws of this nation. If we do not we are lost forever, what a future to contemplate!

  13. What is so sad is when I was a kid the Washington Post was run by good American patriotic now it is run by no good scum

  14. The House of Representatives is destructive and treasonous! Get online and whip their backsides until they start doing their jobs instead of attempting to destroy our country!


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