BREAKING: Trump Just Announced Top Pick for New FBI Director! The Winner Is a Democrat…

Source: White House

President Donald Trump has been working hard to figure out who would replace James Comey as the next FBI Director. After a week of interviews and roughly 10 names floated, Trump has finally decided who his top pick is.

Earlier today, when he was swarmed by reporters, a voice asked the President who his top pick for FBI Director was. The answer was shocking…

Donald Trump said his #1 pick right now for the next Director of the FBI is Joe Lieberman.

That’s right, Democrat Joe Lieberman is currently Trump’s frontrunner for the top job. This is the same guy who ran as Al Gore’s Vice President back in 2000. (Source – The Hill)

Lieberman is an interesting pick for sure. He has no experience with the FBI or a federal judgeship. However, what he does have is an absolute HATE for classified leaks.


It is believed that President Trump selected Lieberman because he has openly endorsed PROSECUTING newspapers and journalists who publish leaked classified information.

It’s actually a pretty genius move. Trump’s biggest annoyance right now are the fibbing press and their anonymous “insiders.” This way he shuts the democrats and the leakers up in a single move.

Well, this is what Trump wants either way. It’s our duty now to help get this shared out and let HIM know whether you think Lieberman is a good pick or not.


  1. A good choice – Mr. Lieberman always seemed like a decent bipartisan person with a lot of
    common sense. I think he would make a great addition to the FBI

  2. Really.NO EXPERIENCE! What are you doing Pres Trump? FBI HAS TO BE knowledgeable in the laws Federally and able to execute them with out a question mark above his head. Have you checked to see if he is democrat bought and paid for by the democrats.

  3. Good pick, but wonder about experience as a lawyer and investigator. Sometimes folks around you are not willing to teach.

  4. If he has actually made Lieberman his pick, while I certainly don’t understand his reasoning, I will still support him.

  5. Again, bad advice. You need to be seeking some the counsel of Steve Bannon at least he has your back. That is crazy! President Trump, you are surrounding yourself with Brutus and if you keep it up the ides of March will be upon you. You have deep state operatives the majority which came from the Muslim brotherhood and the Obama administration. Pres. Trump has been getting bad advice on who to listen to, who keep, who to hire. CIA director Mike Pompeo attack on WikiLeaks and mentioning Russian ‘connection’ was a slapped in the face of the president and supported the theory that the globalist stooges from the Democratic Party have espoused. So,
    Robert Mueller should be granting transactional immunity to Julian Assange and CIA whistleblowers who actions saved our country from a greedy global cabal that is the Clinton organization and RINO self-serving deep state elitist that operate against the interest of our Citizens. This BS allegation that the Russians interfere with her election has been a search and avoid mission from the beginning; Robert Mueller has to get the DNC servers and examine them himself! This crap that was not allowed to inspect Hillary’s server that contained Secret and classified communications was stupid! Equally idiotic, is FBI director Comey complete bull sh*t reliance upon a hired DNC third-party that said, “Russia hacked the elections” that is at best suspect allegations and no way is it evidence of any interference…to the contrary, it was truthful information that showed how crooked the DNC is and the sickness that drives the life of John Podesta; it also showed that they even actively conspired against Bernie Sanders and his supporters! However, instead of being grateful for the truth they unbelievably attack Pres. Trump for the exposure! WTF? I for one am totally grateful to learn the truth about of the evil coalition of elitist RINOS and elitist in the DNC. Those honest Democratic voters should be joining us on our side to investigate the following:
    This is deep state globalist and RINO stooges at its ‘best’; if you have a special prosecutor asked him to investigate, fasting And furious Eric Holder running an operation that armed MG 13, among others; the IRS scandal where Lois Lerner use the IRS to target constitutional conservative groups, or what IRS employee leaked Donald Trumps tax returns to the New York Times in violation to 26 U.S. Code ┬ž 7213 – Unauthorized disclosure of information.
    And the pay for play scandal regarding $12 million into the Clinton foundation from Morocco in exchange for being put on an arms recipient list from the State Department, what about the very suspicious Ukrainian deal with the Russians handing to another country over 20% of the United States stockpiles uranium; request an investigation of the DNC computer server that was never investigated nor examined by the FBI; what about the investigation seeking transactional immunity for Julian Assange and CIA or FBI whistleblowers that leaked information to save America from Hillary Clinton part and parcel of this investigation should be the murder of Mr. Rich the young computer expert working for the DNC that sent 44,000 emails to Julian Assange and was murdered for it and looking into the cover-up of his murder. What about the phony story surrounding Benghazi about the video reported falsely to the media by Susan Rice, what about violations by Susan Rice regarding the identity of US citizens illegally intercepted by vault 7 from the CIA and use and abuse of that information. Ask Robert Mueller him to investigate Obama’s direct interference in the Israeli elections. Well, ask Robert Mueller to investigate breaches of national security by the source that has disclosed the identity of the Israeli operative that was indeed cover with inside Isis when Donald Trump had not exposed any of that information! and investigate who of the spires with inside the White House that is the agent provocateur that is undermining the authority the present United States and inspiring others to usurp the election outcome of those of us that support president Donald Trump.

  6. What!!! Joe Lieberman…..I am speechless I thought he was part of the problem, I mean isn’t he part of
    The Bilderberg Group??? Also, CFR Council of Foreign Relations? This is globalist crap, isn’t it?
    All I can say is WOW, I pray that in this chess game of life that our president is seeing a larger picture; moves ahead. Pray for Donald Trump because he definitely needs our prayers.
    With Kindness,

  7. I think there is a better picks than a democrat like Lieberman. The Presindent starts leaning towards the left, and bearing in mind his daughter and son-in-law are dancing with the democratic stars, I think President Trump is heading to quicksand.

  8. He is the President, sure He can choose an FBI Director as He wishes! Personally I am not thrilled that a Democrat becomes FBI Director. Regardless what Lieberman says about the Fake News Press and Leaks his LOYALTY is with the DEMOCRATS! That will never change, He will be under the THUMB of the PARTY, He will be forced to do FAVORS as THEY request, SHUMER will see to it!!!

    Mr. President in my opinion it is a BAD CHOICE Sir.

  9. Lieberman is an independent who left the Democrat party. He has never been a Cop or FBI agent or worked in any kind of law enforcement, so it makes sense that Trump would want him, since he’s totally unqualified.

  10. I miss read the he title, I apologize for that. I thought you was saying President Trump had picked him for the position and not just his top pick for the position.

  11. President Trump doesn’t come to Washington owing lots of political favors to people that have accumulated over years. So he can actually pick who he thinks will do the best job for the American people regardless of political affiliation.


  13. I think Joe Lieberman is a brilliant pick. He is a moderate and has been an Independent as well as a Democrat. He has a long history of working with both sides of the aisle in the Senate. He is extremely ethical and highly respected by members of both parties.

  14. It might work. Even though Joe is now a independent. His past life as a Democrat might make his confirmation a little easier. Right now, someone has to be nominated, the Dematards are giddy over the special counsel. But we have not seen the end of deep state games. They will keep blowing smoke and throwing up roadblocks. President Trump must not waver from his agenda, keep fulfilling his promises to the American people. Do not get involved in all the distracting noise being put out. Let Go and LET GOD take care of it.

  15. Seems to be intelligent, ethical, but does not appear to be strong willed, outspoken and dynamic enough for such a demanding position; just my opinion which does not count.

  16. The top security leaks must stop, I agree but, if it were not forWiki leaks, the corruption of the last administration would never have been disclosed and Hilary would be in office today… smirking as usual.
    Even now, the public is helpless against these white collar pirates that literately get away with murder.

  17. Not a good choice…! He’ll pander to the Libtard Dems as much as Comey did…! Sounds like even our President is trying to appease the Democrats with this pick..! I hope President Trump knows that he will never appease them., they’ll just go on to the next “Pillaging of President Trump” movement that they’ve been on., so, why feed into them??

  18. NO DEMS,NO WAY. This is someone you need to LOVE,he is going to be there the whole time you are,which better be 8yrs, so this is someone you need to think of long term! You need someone you like that is hardcore,someone like sheriff Clarke, that takes no guff, but i wouldn’t trust a Dem NO WAY!

  19. I sure want the truth to come out about the leaks and see those who are responsible prosecuted. Also, the truth about Pres Obama tapping Trump’s office, etc. and Hillary’s e-mails.

  20. Isn’t he an Independent? Am I confused. Not sure but our President is Under the Lord’s guidance. I just love watching the mental anguish he puts the corrupt media through. Never have understood why American Jews still vote for Dems? Our Lord is in our House and you will not be getting him out for the next 8 years or ever again. Satan you drink the poison.

  21. This seems to be a well thought out win-win for many reasons, as were announced by the president. Most of us were pushing for Trey Gowdy for his experience and strength of character; but he is badly needed too-right where he is. I am sure President Trump also had some advice from those near him whose opinion he trusts. It will be interesting to see if this time the FBI can actually be lead in the direction the American people expected when appraising the former Sec. of State’s cavalier, unresponsible non-protecting of America’s most secret information which then was seen by countries and felonous people anywhere in the world. We only hope congress will affirm the president’s choice quickly so he can get up to speed on all FBI concerns.

  22. “You know very well, and the stupid Americans know equally well, that we control their government, irrespective of who sits in the White House. You see, I know it and you know it that no American President can be in a position to challenge us even if we do the unthinkable. What can they (Americans) do to us? We control the media, we control Congress, we control show biz, and we control everything in America. In America, you can criticize God, but you can’t criticize Israel …” (Israeli spokeswoman Tzipora Menache)
    Possibly we (Americans) should just take down the (American) flag and put up the Israeli flag. Lieberman holds dual citizenship … so what will he be FBI Director of the U.S. or Israel? As Tzipora Menache states, Israel controls everything in the U.S. so let’s be honest (Joe won’t be) and change the name to the U.S. Of Israel.

  23. I’m losing confidence in Mr. Trump as he continues to appoint / tolerate those who are openly hostile to him.

  24. Well, the republicans have stabbed Trump in the back over and over so not much difference in hiring a democrat!


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