BREAKING: Trump Just Fired FBI Director Comey After He did Something Unforgivable to Congress

Source: CSPAN

Today marks the end of the James Comey era at the FBI. President Donald Trump made the decision after discovering the SICK thing Comey did.

Donald Trump just fired FBI Director James Comey for lying to the US Senate.

It was just discovered today that former Director Comey mischaracterized the amount and effect of the Hillary Clinton emails found on Huma Abedin’s husband’s laptop.

Comey claimed the FBI had discovered “hundreds of thousands” of Clinton emails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. They had been forwarded to him by wife Huma Abedin.

It turns out it had just been a handful of emails and they were not stored regularly as Comey suggested.


Attorney General Jeff Sessions recommended to the President that he terminate Comey immediately for his offense and that’s exactly what Trump did.

Look, I dislike Hillary Clinton as much as all y’all, but let’s get real here. James Comey’s job was to be the TOP guy in federal law enforcement. He lied under oath to Congress and knew the consequences.

Trump himself even said,

“The FBI is one of our Nation’s most cherished and respected institutions and today will mark a new beginning for our crown jewel of law enforcement.”

If it were ANY other position, this may have a different ending. However, the FBI is held to a certain standard and Comey failed to keep it.

Now we gotta share this to the whole world to prove Trump made another swift and decisive decision and is working on finding a whole new director already. Also leave a “Great Job President Trump.”


  1. I am not sure this is the reason. If anything it goes back to NOT charging Hillary with ANYTHING after ALL she did wrong. AND no matter how many or how few CLASSIFIED EMAILS were sent to ANTHONY WEINER of all people that was ONE TOO MANY! and do not forget HILLARY even gave her foreign born maid classified info to copy in a copy machine! GOOD THING she wasn’t an undercover spy! Hillary was unfit for all her government jobs.. her time as first lady and FOR SURE UNFIT for President of the USA! Comey had no business letting Hillary get away with CRIMES while we all have to watch the Trump bunch get trashed while NO EVIDENCE is forthcoming AT ALL!

    • The problem is that the Dems and RINOS are so used to ignoring real laws and making up fake ones, that they lose track of which is real and which is fake. They have been doing this for so long that they never imagined an end to it and are losing their collective minds trying to come up with ways to avoid the consequences of their illegal actions.

      So many of these criminals are deeply embedded in our government and there are a lot of them, since this has been the game of government and in order to play one would have to do many unsavory things. They are very dangerous and sinister when cornered, like the RINO swamp creatures, McCain and Graham.

      This is why Trump has to be very careful on how to drain the swamp, because when you drain all the water out, you are left with a quagmire that if you step in it you will get stuck and slowly sink into it.

      We need to constantly pray for Trump and back him up for being such a brave soldier and sacrificing the good safe life he had for a life threatening job to save us and America.

      • The quagmire is what all these crooked people President Trump is exposing and eliminating is going to be left stuck in. God Bless Pres. Trump.

        • True, but Trump has to be very careful not to get stuck himself, while he is in the swamp bailing out the slimy stagnant water and getting attacked by swamp monsters as they are exposed.

      • Huma Abedin is a SPY, she work for the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Saudies. than you got Walerie Jarret, A spy for Iran, and NObummer’s No.1. adwisor, no wonder he gave Iran 200. BILLION. and no restrictions on the nuclear adwancement.

        • Still, why did Clinton and Obama both have IRANIAN advisers with powers not extended to normal employee’s?.Am I the only one that thinks this is strange?

          • because they were undermining the U.S. and trying their best to harm the good citizens of America.

    • I agree wholeheartedly. I forgot about the maid! There are SO many crimes she commited and Hannity showed a list of them last night. I’m going to try to post something positive today. Comey is out,finally. I couldn’t believe that so many were saying they were shocked! He should have fired him from Day ONE! New beginnings and investigations from the beginning. Trump did what was recommended from an appointee of Obama’s and a career professional with no partisanship or agenda like the left. I sure hope it shuts up Schummer who, of course, complained because that’s all he does and it was so predictable. I feel good about new beginnings!

  2. Great job President Trump, it is about time, no matter how many “she” transfered, we want someone we can trust to protect us as head, not an Obama/Clinton liar.


      • They did nothing for him to charge them, trump on the other hand has committed treason against the country. Trump will be getting the ax soon…

        • Anyone who believes Clinton innocent must not ever have watched or listened to any other than a bias newcast. It’s time people wake up to where our country was headed.

          • Our biazed and dishonest media are slowly and subtly “brainwashing” our people! They often report half-truths with some lies thrown in!
            That’s why many Americans believe the Clintons are good people!

          • I understand the media is brainwashing people, but it is really because they want to be brainwashed, apart of uneducated people. It does not take a brain surgeon to realise that these very extreme rants are like way out their and unlogical!

          • The patriotic Americans don’t believe any of that garbage and are going full speed ahead with Pres. Trump and his intelligent administration. God Bless Them All.

        • Treason? Cite your sources because as of to date, the only president who committed treason is Obama for allowing Iran to get nukes. And paying them $150 Billion dollars and an additional $1.7 billion. This is a country who sponsors terrorism and who have killed many Americans. You want to talk about treason? CITE YOUR SOURCES ACCUSING TRUMP OF TREASON. The man’s been in office 4 months and you Lunatic Liberals parrot each other about Russia. Clapper said yesterday there was NO CONNECTION between Trump and Russia. He was the former NSI Chief.

          • Yes. Even Maxine Waters on Tuesday confirmed that the Dems. have no facts as to Trump’s connection with Russia, but AMERICA knows all about the Hillary and Podesta connections with Russia. As in Hillary selling 20% of America’s Uranium to Russia and receiving $142 Million dollars in return to her Clinton Fraud Foundation. And Podesta and his brother doing business in Russia and receiving $32 Million dollars. And they (Dems) bitch and complain about Manafort and Flynn. When in fact Donald Trump fired both of them upon hearing they may have done business with Russia. Paul Manafort supposedly receiving $1 million and not sure if Flynn did do business or received any monies from Russia. Nothing’s been mentioned about that so far at all. THEY HAVE NO FACTS and they won’t get any facts either. #MAGA.

          • You speak out of both sides of your mouth. Your earlier comment said Trump committed treason. Then about your third post later you said he didn’t and signed MAGA. Which is it?

          • I notice you’re not running your mouth much these days, Mary Alice.
            Is that Trump buyer’s remorse finally kicking in??

          • I.lke Trump. I think he is trying to get our Country back on track. And no, i don’t comment very much.

        • Oh my goodness. Another isot brainwashed zombie of the main stream media and the liberals lies..WHAT i wrong with you people! Can you not SEE the truth for it is out there! J. Clapp previous head of the NSA and the head of the TSA have over and over again there is NO evidence of President Trump colliding with the people are SO stupid!

          • He said it again at the hearing this week. Where are the ears of the leftists (or the media), when things are really happening?

          • They are somewhere shaking in their boots – their day is coming and they know it, They shoud take the first flight to North Korea and join their chubby communist.

        • Are you totally brain dead Maribill??????The vile Clintons did nothing? Do you really believe that? How has President Trump committed treason? You are just pitiful.

          • Maribill is brain dead. Her eyes will never see the treason of the Clintons or Obamas and she is just there as a robot to “yak”.

            Sorry Maribill! Your “yak” doesn’t bother anyone. You can not comprehend and are, therefore, a rock.

          • Marbill it’s a pity you blind yourself from the truth. Boy are you in for a big surprise. Thank God that he has come to the rescue and is making our nation again. You are like chaff and will blow away into nothing.

        • Don’t research much, do ya? Just damn! Okay, here’s one out of too many to count. Clinton sold nuclear grade uranium to Putin and then Russia gave Clinton Foundation $10 million. Okay, another one. Clinton was fired from Nixon’s team of prosecutors by her boss who was a Democrat!!! Why? She hid evidence that would show that Nixon was indeed entitled to a defense attorney. She then lied to the lead prosecutor. Obama is a Muslim/Marxist/Hater of America. Any president who apologizes for America’s exceptionalism should be in Guantanamo Bay Prison. Oh, and that’s in Cuba cuz I know you didn’t know cuz evidently you don’t read much!

          • Well said plus the Clintons have had many people murdered in order to amass all that money. We entered this world with nothing and we will leave this world with nothing. Hillary you can’t take all that blood money to hell with you. The devil cannot be bought and he will make you tumble in the fires of hell for eternity. Bill will be tumbling with you.

        • Another Liberal Idiot, believing the LIES she’s been fed. Trump HAS NOT committed treason or any other crime as President! The Libs so hate him BECAUSE America threw the REAL CRIMINAL, Hillary, out and elected him in a LANDSLIDE ELECTION. Trump won something over 2500 COUNTIES while Hills won about 500! Five to one….!!! AND SHE STILL DESERVES PROSECUTION FOR HER REAL CRIMES….The criminal Foundation scamming ‘illegal donations’ for her to do anything, and too busy with those THEFTS to pay attention and would not even help the Ambassador and staff in Benghazi! Her time will come and YOU WILL SEE THE REAL CRIMINAL!

        • You need to take off those “rose color Liberal glasses” and start to be part of the cure not the problem. Saying President Trump has committed treason? Have you lost your mind? He has done more good in just over three months than Obama did in eight years.

          • That’s why the dumb cows the libertards follow without educating themselves. Just blindly follow the herd and espouse not their own brain but lazily believe the stupid things they hear. Don’t be so lazy. Educate yourselves.

          • That’s because she is dumbly following the treasonous crowd.
            she’s stuck in the quagmire with the rest of the evils that our wonderful Pres. has eliminated.

        • OMG! We found the “Village Idiot”, If it weren’t for the fact she knows how to post a comment on Facebook, she’d still be wandering about unknown. Thank you Maribill for exposing yourself.

        • Wow, really stupid, naive comment. How about Comey lying to Congress and covering for Hillary because she paid him millions not to talk.

        • Are you crazy?? Watch out or you will be going down the drain with all the other traitors. Educate yourself and stop following the bad people like a dumb cow.

  4. He had it coming. He was failing on all fronts. The F.B.I. is at an all time low. Now maybe they can move on in the right direction. ?

  5. Well the way Comey handled Hillary’s case with Bill Clinton meeting with A.G was bias and was very noticable

    • The AG was the one with the authority to file charges against Hillary. Comey had absolutely no authority to do anything other than the investigation, reporting to the DOJ and following instructions about arrests if there were any as demanded by a grand jury. HE OVERSTEPPED HIS BOUNDARIES MANY TIMES.

      Now …. as for Loretta? Only God knows what we’ll find under that nest.

      Don’t you think it is odd that during the Obama administration so many of the higher ups were just “walking” to where they thought they should be whenever it suited them for the moment?

    • Comey wasn’t honest and he wasn’t doing his job so what good was he anyway?? Trey Gowdy and Jason Jaffiest are my Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.


  7. Thank you President Trump. Now lets get on with Paul Ryan. Get rid of him. He is another traitor and reporting to the dumbrats.

  8. Well its about time..Mr Sessioins you made a lawful move to advise President Trump to fire Comey, Now arrest and charge Comey make sure he is convicted of perjury and various other crime, That he will no longer be free to walk/drive the streets of America, President Trump just renewed “Make America Great”.

  9. Im glad he fired Comey, I don’t trust him , I believe he lies and makes the FBI Look bad. Everyone know Hillary should be behind bars and probably a whole lot of the crooked people in the government.

  10. Way to go Trump — Comey has been riding the fence with his sly answers for months … appointed by Obama – say no more .. he was placed there to protect the crooks

  11. Grrrrreat job President Trump!!! What the heck took ya so long??????? Now, Hillary & Obama need to be brought up on charges, John McCain and Lindsey Graham and Paul Ryan need to be fired

    • Wishful thinking!! McCain –Hope the votes of AZ agree! Same with Graham – SC voters fire him!! and Paul Ryan– WI voters can fire him. First he needs to be fired from Speaker, just like Boehner!! The swamp draining has really begun!!

  12. Great job President Trump. The director of FBI should know what he did was wrong! Thank you!!
    I suggest Trey Gowdy for director!! A man worth checking out. Thinnk he would do a great job for you and the American people!!

  13. Comey’s firing was destined from the start of Trump taking office. Why it took Trump so long suggests he was just waiting for an opportunity such as Comey lying to congress. This incident is ideal for Trump, since it even slightly favors Hillary and thus isn’t directly related to Comey failing to do his job previously. Stlll, given it was the AG who needed to indict Hillary, one could argue that Comey did what he could to detail Hillary’s crimes. However, to see no “intent” to warrant indictment was just not a valid reason to do was Comey did. Anyway, happy this liar is toast, and now who will replace him?

  14. The best part is he was patient to fire Comey on the recommendation of the deputy director and sessions. If there was no recommendation–media would have been all over it and said trump was crazy as hell and the dem wits would have stronger urges to get trump out of office—

  15. Hillerys stole hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of historical treasures when she left the white house who does that steal George washington dishs

    • She cleaned out the WH, but she got fined 200.000.00. grand theft, a 3.rd.degrea felony, she lost her law licence, and was ordred to return everything, don’t know how much she returned.

  16. This is the second time I read that Comey had been fired. The first time it claimed Gowdy was acting FBI director as of April1. So which one is the truth?

  17. I agree that the FBI should be above reproach .. and this tells me that President Trump is a just man .. although the left will not see him as such matter what he does ..mainstream media choose to only show and to warp certain items re the president but he although lacking in communication skills is a genuine good man ..

  18. Excellent decision Mr President…may I suggest you consider Trey Gowdy to fill this role. He has more than enough integrity and experience to handle it…and he will investigate and prosecute the Clintons and all else he may find in the sundry and vast democrat lies and deceptions. Thank you for quick and precise action in this twisted case of lies and coverups.

  19. Trump has stated he would not prosecute hillary what is that about politics come on the patriots want justice so stoop playing politics and we all know she is guilty of so many crimes. put Trey Gowdy on her ass and let the chips fall,

    • Don: Remember that we are dealing with a man, here, who is really a master with words, timing and TOTALLY stupefying the media.

      He doesn’t need to prosecute Hillary, but the DOJ can.

  20. Great Job President TRUMP!!!! May God Continue to Bless you and Strengthen you for the battle you are in!!!! But we the people stand behind you 100%!!!!!!

  21. Lock Comey up now. No bail, no inside contact. Solitary confinment, unless he is ready to squeal. No matter what, keep him locked up.

  22. We thought it would have happen long time ago. America is a country of law and order and FBI has the prime responsibility to maintain that. Mr Comey, instead took the law in his own way and failed America when investigated Hillary. Hillary committed many crimes and Mr Comey failed to prosecute her. Mr Comey should be charged also and not just fired.

  23. You are making us proud to be Americans again President Trump. Now we need an FBI director that will follow the Constitution and the law as written. No more make it up as you go. What applies to the common man applies to politicians also. Time to investigate the Hillary and Obama fieasco. Get her done ….

  24. I’ve thought for a long time Comey needed to go. Hillary needed to pay for her errors, if not jail time a big fine would be great humiliation for her. I think Trump missed up by not getting Gingrich as advisor, he has knowledge that Trump needs, the ones he has have no experience that’s needed.

  25. I’m sure he knows there is Alot more Bad stuff. Prob. Things he got caught up in and now is getting real scared…. Ever wonder about the pedophile crap …he prob. Got a few bucks for shutting up etc

  26. Thank you President Trump. We may never really know what finally broke the camel’s back for you on Comey, but I for one am glad. I agree with a lot of others that trey Gowdy would be a great replacement. But who would replace Gowdy? May God give you strength, wisdom, knowledge that you need to guide this country. Know that you are being prayed for every day. Again thank you for a job well done.

  27. I was getting nervous that comey was getting away with it .But he finally got what he deserves .I hope odumbo & clinton are next .They are traitors to America & its people. I will never forget benghazi . So thank you president Trump for firing him , i really appreciate it . Now others will think twice before messing on America & its people .

  28. Not convinced that this was the “only” reason… I’m sure this dates back “also” to the Hillary debacle that the FBI really and truly embarrassed the country. I think that this was more of an excuse to fire Comey but an excuse that was necessary. Comey should have been let go from the get-go of POTUS’ start as president. Nonetheless, Comey’s brother, Peter, worked for the Hillary campaign, that alone should have resulted in a firing. The least Comey could have done is recuse himself.


    • The democrats are happy comey is gone, he cost Hillary the election. Trump will come tumbling down very soon.

      • No, they are not, maribill… Did you not see that clown Chuck Schumer’s speech tonight right after the firing. He’s upset. BTW: Trump will NOT come tumbling down any time soon, dearie… Why just today Maxine Waters mentioned there is no connection with Trump and Russia. Yesterday, Former NSI Director Clapper said the same thing, that there is no connection between Trump and Russia. HOWEVER, MARIBILL, STAY TUNED BECAUSE HILLARY SOLD 20% OF AMERICA’S URANIUM TO RUSSIA. FOR A TIDY SUM TO HER FRAUD FOUNDATION IN THE AMOUNT OF $142 MILLION DOLLARS; AND HER SIDEKICK JOHN PODESTA RECEIVED $32 MILLION DOLLARS DOING BUSINESS WITH RUSSIA ALONG WITH HIS BROTHER. You would know all this maribill if you’d ONLY done your homework before posting on social media and making a complete fool out of yourself. Don’t believe me? Google it all. IF YOU’RE BRAVE ENOUGH TO SEE HOW CORRUPT YOUR CANDIDATE REALLY WAS. Ohhh and also if Bernie was your candidate, just yesterday his wife may be under investigation. It appears 3 homes aren’t enough for them, she’s hiding money, but what would you expect from two communists honeymooning in the Soviet Union (USSR)?

      • Comey kept Killary out of prison for the price of 10.MILLION. TRUMP IS TO TUFF, I’ know they are all out to kill him.

  29. It’s about time ! We have been telling Trump to fire Comey for months that he should have never hired him back to that position in the first place. Comey is a life long criminal and we all know it. Not only fire him but CHARGE HIM WITH PERJURY AND OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE !!! Just being fired is not enough for all the crimes he’s guilty of ! He’s been an accomplice to ALL of Hillary ‘s crimes and murders since he’s been covering up for her for over 25 years ! He was a criminal even before that When he worked for the bank !
    Do you have any idea how many crimes that is ???
    Let me list them for you –

    Hillary’s Crimes = Every day a new crime is added as discovered and more and more just keep popping up !

    Racketeering, Bribery, Perjury, Money Laundering, Espionage, Treason, Mass and Serial Murder (both), Rapist of young girls,Theft, Obstruction of Justice, Fraud, Embezzlement, Destruction of Evidence, Election Fraud, Tax Fraud, Witness Tampering, Abuse of Power, China-gate, Travel-gate, Domestic terrorism, Satanic Ritual murder of babies, Organized Crime (this involves many org going all the way back to the late 70’s), Dereliction of Duty, child trafficking. Aiding, funding, arming and abetting the enemy (High Treason) . Chinese spy for at least 25 years. Possession of a top secret e-mail program that requires top secret clearance to have in your possession.

    And she is a Kleptomaniac – for real ! Her many mansions are literally loaded to the ceiling with stolen goods – some still from the WH. [This spoken of by witnesses to it]

    Now you can add coup de’tat on America to take over the govt and country = Treason with death penalty by hanging.

    Note – It is tax fraud when you call your million dollar income for speeches – tax free “donations”.

    And now they are also finding tax evasion situations.

    See also- for the many organized crime syndicates


      • Your kind of bright…for no information or reason for your opinion. Care to break it down why Hillary or Obama are not traitors? why your ignorance is the reason our country is divided….ignorant folks who know nothing and give not reason for their opinion……should just be quiet.

  30. This was coming for a while now. Comey should have been fired late last year for his refusal to indict Hillary Clinton.

    • Now Christopher Morvant, do you really think that Barack Hussein Obama (Barry) would really fire his Princess Hillary who helped in the criminal aspects of His Government? No way. He was not only trying to protect Hillary HE (Barry) was always Protecting himself FIRST.

  31. TRUMP, I’m with you all the way, by the way, what took you so long, how com you diden’t see what all of us so, and was fully aware of, Killary, or the Clinton foundation gave Peter Comey $.10.000000.00. for what,? Peter is James Comey’s brother, then she gave him 600.000.00. more for what.? guess we all know. Get rid off all the corruption and all the criminals, DRAIN THE SWAMP. Loretta promised Billy boy to keep Killary out of the prison, but the price was 10.000000.00, he offered her 6.M, but she told him she has to many to take care off, hope this is the end of this corrupt government. Get rid off the people behind the big money, Start with Soros, the Clinton mafia, the Bushes, the Iluminati, the Rotchilds, then go down the line, and I’ don’t trust your son in law nether. sorry about that, but he is in cahoots with Soros.

    • What the phuck are you talking about?? Do you have proof of this?? If the liberals are snowflakes you are a iceberg.

      • Just repeating what has been on the news, just make sure I’ stay informed, but than again, I’ don’t watch the C.linton N.ews N.etwork nor any other liberal media. I’ am not obligated to proof anything to you, it is your job to stay informed, but guess there is news that you rather bypass.

  32. Comey got fired not because he mischaracterized the amount of emails, what he revealed was correct. It was because he inadvertently revealed a serious crime when he made his email statement and never did anything about it. Then he tried to get the FBI to retract his statement.

  33. Many of us have been praying for God to shine his light on all the corruption that happened in the last 8 years. It started before that when Bush was in office, it was that he was set up. When God’s light come to shine on this corruption Americans all will be aghast at the stench of all the rot and will include, government figures from the top to the bottom, judges, our last two AJs under the last president, Holder and Lynch, as well as the main stream media, every one, ABC,CBS,CNN, MSM, and NBC all have a relative or spouse that had worked for the last administration!

  34. Good job Mr.President.Drain the swamp.I hope we have you for three terms.It will take that long to clean our government up.Put Trey Gowdy in as head of the FBI.

  35. It’s the timing should be coming at right place, although he was doing the good thing for Hillary;s email, but we don’t see any proceeding of the Benghazi incident, 20 percent of US Uranium sold to Russia, Obama’s money laundry through Taiwan Mega bank Panama branch, US POW need help has left behind…., all of these, we don’t see James Comey’s action, so is good for him to leave office, we get to go ahead to make America great, tons of reform can not wait for him.

  36. Good job Mr President. I am so sick of the liberal media I have decided not to read or post from rags like The New York Slimes or The Washington Compost. Or any of their ridiculous articles and snowflake posts on MSN and Yahoo.

  37. Hillary and the administration she worked under have committed so many sins of omissions and never once did Comney disagree or question their behavior. Was he in collusion with them at some level? His behavior to all that was happening was bizarre. Hillary stated he caused her to lose the election, I beg to differ. He let her off the hook for crimes that if anyone else had committed would be serving time in prison.

  38. Why did the Obama administration and Hillary hire people to work for them that had ties with the Muslim Brotherhood, who plan eventually one day to overthrow our government and way of life? Hillary could be bought off with a dime. Yet, Flynn was fired immediately for taking $75,000.00 from the Russians. How much did the Clinton family receive from the Russians when she was Secretary of State when she sold 21% of the US uranium to them? THE DEMOCRATS don’t see the cinders and corruption within their own Democratic politicians. What about how she used the Government to amass millions of dollars from foreign despotic leaders to her Clinton foundation that opened the doors of our White house for favors from our Government, even though the favors given were not in favor for our own government. Is there contributors to that foundation anymore, now that she is not in the Whitehouse? Receiving wealth from the despotic leaders had more power than serving the interest for America and its people. LIKE THEY SAY: MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL. The Muslim Brotherhood saw their weakness and exploited it to know end to receive what they wanted and got it.


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