COVER UP! What This Man Leaked To Trump Seconds Ago Wasn’t Supposed To Get Out

Image Source: Fox News

The Trump economy is taking root and it the media won’t show you what is happening. Charles Payne got on Fox Business News and discussed the roaring economic numbers.

The corrupt liberal media is not reporting on what he said much. Watch why:

The corrupt liberal media has refused to report on this good news.

Charles Payne:  “So from housing to wages to corporate profits and investment, there are remarkable things that are happening to this economy and nobody will talk about it.”


Jobs in all sort of industries has stifled the Obama administration and they are making a resurgence due to the confidence in the Trump economy.

American coal mining, American steel and American oil are on the extreme upswing. The increased jobs in these areas is going to increase the number of jobs in the restaurant business and other businesses

The Atlanta Fed reported that the GDP in the 2nd Quarter is supposed to be at 4%. This is the first time in many, many years. None of this is going to be touched on by the liberal media.

The media is waging a war on President Trump and we need you to help fight with him. Share this if you are glad that Trump is bringing the American economy back.

Paris is the best writer on the Internet and helped get Donald Trump elected President in November 2016.


  1. of course not — the liberals all are liars and false tales –they want PRESIDENT TRUMP to look real bad like he’s not doing anything but he is its looking better and better for him –they need to stop their whinning and get with him to work and save this country

  2. Good job, President Trump. Praying for you, your family, our leaders, the truth and our beloved country. God will find a way.

  3. Not many men could do as much as Pres. Trump has in 4 months. Add the constant tantrum of the liberals including the main stream media, and it has been a gigantic achievement. I trust the political leeches in Washington D.C. will in every way work night and day to destroy him. As Americans we need to stand up and give notice that we will not accept antiquated ways of taking tax payer money and share with their friends and family. Both parties need to be cleaned and started again with citizens elected for a term and paid very little for a term and then back to their jobs. I would guess of all the politicians in Washington very few could hold a normal job on their performance. Take away jobs of influence and they are in capable of performance at the level to hold a job. They serve their on desires and care not for country or its citizens.

  4. President Trump is the answer to a lot of peoples’ prayers. America was in a down the rabbit hole world view because of 8 years of failed AMERICAN policies which were being stuffed down the rabbit hole by a Muslim President who was guiding this America to a Muslim agenda. Obama can say what he wants too, but when everything American gets overturned and become illegal, American’s have a problem. NOW they want it all back because their agenda was supposed to be completed by Ms. H, who was supposed to be the next 4 years of failed policies so the NWO could make us part of the One World Agenda. Say what you want, but the NEWS Media is NWO agendized. . This is the way it has been going for a while, even under other Republican Presidents. Now, we have an AMERICA first President and it isn’t setting well in most pants in Washington. American who are Constitutional upholding people, need to stand and stand fast behind our President.

  5. The democrats control the mainstream media in this County. Trump isn’t their boy so he will never get any positive press from them. Soros has so much money flowing throughout Congress nobody will stand up for Trump. Not even House Speaker that’s bad……how money does he get?


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