Democrats Didn’t See This Coming… Trey Gowdy Just Got News That Will Change His Life!

Image Source: CNN

Rep. Trey Gowdy is slated to be the next chairman of the House Oversight committee – if he chooses the job. The South Carolina Republican is the next choice for the role of Chairman of the House Oversight committee.

God bless Trey Gowdy. He deserves this more than anybody.

“If Trey runs, he’ll get it,” one Committee member told to The Hill.


Rep. Mark Walker (R–NC) chairman of the 170-member Republican Study Committee thinks Gowdy is a great choice. Here is what he said specifically

Gowdy “is the person I want for the job and the person I think will get the job,” Rep. Mark Walker said to the Hill.

This is just right. Trey Gowdy deserves this. He is going to be a great choice to run the most powerful position in the House.

Share this right now if you Trey Gowdy to take the position and help drain the swamp!

Let’s get this out there so that Trey Gowdy sees it and agrees to do it. Thanks!

(h/t The Hill)

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  1. I really wanted him for the FBI but I will take this as my 2nd choice but I believe the choice to run again is really not his to make. I believe it is his wife’s decision to make. So far she has said no. I can not fault her for not wanting him to stay in congress. I would only ask of them to pray for wisdom and ask God for his guidance on what to do. May God bless Trey and his family in this very trying time in their lives.

  2. Trey Gowdy is a honest person He will do a great job at whatever position he chooses to take. I’m 100 percent behind him .I say go Trey and help The President clean out the swamps.

  3. Sounds good! Aparently, he has full knowledge of the media & How they function. Ever wonder how a “real Reporter” would react if they had to spend “1 day” with a Reporter from
    “today’s “so called” Media ? Why are they allowed to REPORT?
    It isn’t Reporting! Everyone knows they lie. I don’t read their “so called” Colums, PERIOD. I read the results of their lies, & How they are permitted to ruin the lives of innocent individuals. It’s as if they work for the “Highest Bidder”… isn’t it about time someone put a “STOP” to their lies? False Media! You got that right! When will our Legal Reps. put a stop to this?Everyone knows they lie. This is horrible. !!!
    I want “SOMEONE” to go to Battle for us, & hold these individuals liable for “EVERY LIE”..
    Why aren’t they in Jail? When U clean the Swamps, don’t forget the False Media.
    Mr President, please establish a new department, & go after this “False Media” & let them know it’s Illegal & Punishable by Law. Don’t allow them to continue false Reporting. It’s not right. Let’s make “America Great” again & restore our daily News – – – We want to read “NEWS” not LIES someone paid them to print… Hold them Legally Responsible for EVERY LIE. PLEASE…

  4. Trey, please take this job!! We all believe in you!! GOD bless and keep you safe. “We the People” better start fighting harder for what we believe! Trump cant do it alone!! Its up to u.s.!!

  5. I hope Trey Gowdy will accept the position as he is more than qualified and will help Trump to
    drain the swamp and expose the filth for all to see, look’s like the corrupt democrat’s will be flushed down the toilet bowel after all.

  6. Rep. Trey Gowdy,

    The position as Chairman of the House Oversight Committee is one you are extremely qualified to fill. So I hope you will run for this prestigious position, and do so with the impeccable record you have so graciously chaired in the House of Representatives.

    Thank you for your honesty sir, of which is purposely lacking, in our judicial system.

  7. I do take exception the Oversight being the most powerful committee. That would be Ways and Means. However I will say that Oversight gets a lot of attention for doing absolutely nothing but talk

  8. I’m disappointed that Trey Gowdy isn’t going to be the new director of the FBI but if this other position is in line for him then I’ll be happy for him if he accepts it. Either position he would be great.

  9. Well thank you for your service. I hope that you will continue to shine the light of truth everywhere so that those that still sleep can see, you will never change the Demoncrats minds, but there are still a few people that are searching for the truth, the others, well anyone affiliated with the liberals on capitol hill are a lost cause.

  10. Has anyone reported on anything Hillary did? I see a double standard with the left, the media sure has lost credibility with the baby boomers, that is for sure


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