This Hidden Camera Footage Shows Why Hillary Really Lost the Election…WATCH BEFORE DELETED

Source: [email protected] / Gage Skidmore

Hillary Clinton has insisted time and again that she does not understand why she lost so bad to Trump last year. She said it was Russians and racists and hackers and fake news and pretty much everything else.

Today, a new hidden camera video of Hillary Clinton “practicing” for the debates with Donald Trump was leaked by one of her staffers. It shows the REAL reason she lost…

That’s right…

Hillary Clinton lost the election because she was nothing but a joke.

This is her during her top secret practice trying to learn how to avoid a hug from Trump. So pitiful.

I just want to remind you that Hillary took a whole week off the campaign trail just to do this stupid practice while President Trump was out holding rallies every day and meeting with the voters.

That video doesn’t have any Russians or hackers or fake news writers or anything in it. All it has is an overconfident sore-loser spending time playing around when she should have been running for President.

Now she seems to be trying to set herself up for one more run in 2020, although she won’t admit to anything yet. We gotta stop her before that happens.

That’s why we need to share this video and anything else with find with our family and friends and remind them that America rejected her for a good reason.


  1. Hillary lost because she is boring, old, a liar, a murderer, filthy mouthed , a thief,selfish,wants new world order, wants unlimited illegals,has several reasons to be in prison, gave away uranium to Russia,played for pay, cheated any one for a dollar, low life, people user, low morality, to sum it up, she is rotten to the core.

  2. What a wonderful action Trump is taking! It is too bad that our regular TV media NEVER reports anything good about Trump. He does a lot of good.

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