Hunter Shows Off Giant Bull Frog He Killed, SUDDENLY Everyone Saw What’s Wrong With It

Image Source: Facebook

Marcuz Rangel shared this photo taken in Batesville, Texas. The image was shared on Facebook by the South Texas Hunting Association. Reactions were mixed on the frog. Many people called into question the size of it.

Ya’ll ready for the picture. I’ll let you decide on whether you think it is fake or not.

Image via Daily Mail

Here are some other pictures from Marcuz’s Facebook.

People that saw it didn’t know if it was real or not. Check out the responses.

Donna couldn’t believe it.

Donna couldn’t believe that it could be real?

Hahaha. Some people couldn’t believe it.

Matt knew what it was, though.

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Thanks for reading. (h/t Daily Mail)

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  1. These stories make’s me never click on your page again. It’s stupid to put a headline like you did up and then no frigging answer.

  2. PERSPECTIVE. Always examine the perspective of any picture. (Hint: How much closer to the camera is the frog than the hunter?)

  3. OK so what is your take on this. There is no response indicating what you think is wrong with the pic or what is actually happening here!

  4. If he shot it, where’s the injury, holes, blood? All I see is swamp vegetation at the top…but holding a dead creature like that, there should be some mess. Looks so fake to me.

  5. He has a gun. What part of the body did he shoot? The thing would have been blasted apart if he shot it with the gun he is holding. This is a fake item.


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