It Just Happened: Donald Trump Just Sent Ivanka on a Super Special Mission…This Is HUGE!

Source: White House

There is not a single person in this world that Donald Trump trusts more than his daughter Ivanka Trump.

In fact, he trusts her so much that he just gave her one an unimaginably important job.

President Trump sent Ivanka on a Listening Tour of all the top US Agencies.

So what exactly is a “listening tour”? Well, it’s much more significant than it sounds.

Ivanka has been tasked with going to all the agencies, especially the EPA, and deciding whether or not the US will stay in the Paris Climate Change Agreements. (H/T – Politico)

She has also been ordered by the President to visit the Department of Health and Human Services. He wants her to work with them on the NEW health care to make sure it works for all Americans.

Ivanka also has meetings with the heads of Labor, Veterans Affairs, and the Small Business Administration to help to decide their future directions.

I just do not understand how it is that “feminists” hate Ivanka Trump so much. She is hard working, caring, passionate, and incredibly accomplished. Ivanka is the kind of person we should all strive to be like.

So help share this out and let the world see how important Ivanka’s job really is. Also send her a prayer or Amen.



  1. She is a very smart well trained busineas woman and like her father knows how to get the job done ! The only reasons the feminist don’t like her is jealousy, she’s got the brains, poise, a and beauty they all lack!! Gotta love her.

  2. Hopefully in leftist circles, because of this job, and the Meat Axe she wields do it that job she will be known forever as “Ivanka the Terrible!” To do right by the US citizenry, she’s got to cut them down to size. 90% cuts to size, that is.

  3. I agree with your compliments of her. In fact, one could say the same or similar words about all the Trump offspring. I’ve been impressed with them from the first day they appeared on the scene following their father’s announcement that he wound be running for the office. Whenever I heard people criticizie Donald, I’d think “Well, anybody who has kids like his can’t be THAT BAD! I’ve been so disappointed at the liberals bashing Ivanka and find it very hard to comprehend. Same goes for her mother, bless her heart for the way she’s been treated! I, for one, think it is extremely commendable that Ivanka and his other children have rallied around their father and done everything they could to assist him, first in winning the election, and now to help him do the best possible job in his new. very challenging position. I say we give her a chance and see how she does before we judge her.

  4. They hate her because she is a TRUMP. They are just haters and will always be haters. Trump and all his family are winners and there are some people who will always hate winners, because most losers do not know how to be winners. Just a fact of life and it’s too bad, but true. Keep supporting President Trump and his family as they are trying to make America great again and we should be proud and grateful that we have them. I AM111

  5. This is a great move by President Trump. Ivanka is an extremely accomplished, the only thing is she leans Liberal rather than conservative. So I hope that she makes good decisions that will benefit my children and grandchildren (when I get them!). I will be praying for Ivanka to make good well balanced decisions that focus on the future while never forgetting the past!

  6. Being that Ivanka and her miserable husband Jared Kushner are both ultra-liberals, it’s pretty plain where this is going. We’ll be in that sham accord when I’m long gone. Trump is losing my respect more and more everyday.

  7. An acorn doesn’t fall far from the oak tree. She will do what her father tells her to do. She is going to listen and learn from the agencies that he sent her to. Then she will go back and tell her father what needs to be done. I can’t think of a better pair of business people to make decisions about the future of this country than them.


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