KILL SHOT: What This Harvard Law Professor Declared Will Make Trump Cry Tears of Joy!


The famous and well-respected Harvard law professor and attorney, Alan Dershowitz, wants to know this: where is the crime?  Where is the actual criminal statute against this thing about which the President of the United States is now being “investigated” by a Special Prosecutor?

Because that’s what Special Prosecutors, or any prosecutor for that matter, are supposed to be for:  investigating CRIMES.  Only, there’s not one in this case.

Then, Mr. Dershowitz said something that should embarrass and shame all Democrats involved in this witch hunt:  “I don’t want us ever to become what Stalinist Russia became when Stalin was told by Lavrentiy Beria, ‘Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.’ What is the crime?”

WOW!  “Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.”  

That’s what RUSSIA would do!  And that’s what the media of the United States IS DOING!

Professor Dershowitz explained that there is no criminal statute against a presidential candidate collaborating with Russia to get elected.  Which President Trump has vehemently denied, by the way.  But even if it were true, it’s not illegal. Neither is telling Russian diplomats classified info.

So why spend the American peoples’ money, the hard-earned money of the people who ELECTED DONALD TRUMP, on this Special Prosecutor who is supposed to be investigating actual acts that violate actual statutes?

Dershowitz went on to say that the Special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller doesn’t even have jurisdiction to investigate what is actually political, not criminal, conduct!  Wow! No jurisdiction, even!

Wow! Ya’ll as an attorney, I can tell you, if he doesn’t have jurisdiction to do something, HE CAN’T DO IT!!!  We need to get this out there NOW, to stop the witch hunt against our President.  SHARE THIS AROUND THE WORLD, PLEASE!!!



  1. If they will stop calling him a special prosecutor because he is not a prosecutor. HE IS SPECIAL COUNSEL……. BIG DIFFERANCE. IT WILL LEAD NOWHERE. Once this happens the dems will find something else. I just wish that the mis-information could be stopped. Oh course with the media in bed with the demo, it will be a tough road to hoe. Again the man is special counsel not prosecutor. Prosecutors are used in case of a crime. None found yet, so no need for a prosecutor.

  2. Why didn’t the republican stand up They said it would get to the bottom line n my opinion they should be standing behind a our PRESIDENT.

  3. Why are democrats WAITING The American peoples time money and energy on this. Where is the crime? Of course, the tax and spend democrats don’t care about the peoples. This is just more proof that democrats are the idiots that everyone knows that they are.

  4. The far left liberal progressives are the criminals that need to be investigated by a special prosecutor….Not Our President! Our President is “Innocent until found guilty!” And the liberals all know that they don’t have a case against him. It’s all “false accusations”…. because they are not over their hissy fits of losing this election…so they strum up false accusations against Our Beloved President!

  5. They have NO KNOWLEDGE OF COLLUSION or other wrongdoing and they want an ‘investigation’? THEY ARE the ones who should be investigated as to what their motivations and intentions might be.

  6. I want to see everyone of these people be prosecuted and jailed for trying to plot a crime against President Trump and all of the swamp out of our Government and them be prosecuted and jailed too There’s a lot of people getting by with criminal activity and this needs to stop now

  7. Great article, glad you picked this up on Communist News Network. CNN is a lion’s den for any one who dare to go on and speak honest to goodness pierce these media and the press with the sword of Truth. Maybe they will all shut for once.

  8. I never believed any of it anyway, but am sure a lot of other people were delighted to think they could try to Impeach him, I am not that stupid and I am certainly no Attorney, I thought most Attorney’s were suppose to be smarter than that.

  9. The dems have no problem spending out money. PRESIDENT TRUMP will clean the white house and we will clean the dems up in 2018.

  10. Stop paying the Democrats we’ve got to let them know they have to work to get paid and they’re not doing it and they’re not doing proper work impeach the head Democrats that are pushing this special prosecutor

  11. The people that voted for Trump will vote for tromp again and they want to get this special prosecution waste the money our money stopped

  12. We should take whatever measures needed to severely penalize ANY news organization that publishes or broadcasts FAKE news.

  13. Mr. Dershowitz has hit the nail on the head. The swamp in DC is beginning to be drained and some have already started to be sucked in by quick sand. If Russia had a part in getting Mr. Trump elected–how was it done? Did they bribe voters? Elected officials? What? I’d love to open my daily paper and this computer and NOT see any negativity about Mr. Trump. It’s my opinion we should ignore all the swamp dwellers and let Mr. Trump go about the business of being the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!!!! (Term limits would help clear out the swamp for sure)

  14. You said it Honorable Professor! Bless your heart!. Why don’t all the people, in this Country unite and help the President whose agenda is for the common good of This Country. It’s just sad that some of the people enjoying the fruits of this Country and then no respect for the Highest office to govern them! Good or bad, accept and live with it. There is always a silver lining in the Clouds.

  15. Perhaps, since I am not an attorney my understanding of this is not well grounded. That being said… It is against Federal regulation 18 USC 371. to engage in or to make an agreement with another person or persons, that manifests an intention to act in a way that violates any Federal Law or Statute. Even when Incohate this has an aspect of being criminal for two or more person to merely make a plan to break a law or to falsely accuse another (innocent) third person of breaking a law. When two or more persons make a pact to work together to accomplish an illegal goal or to use illegal means to further an otherwise legal end, they are engaging in a conspiracy. Under this section (371), the punishment appears to be imprisonment for not more than five years and a fine of not more than $250,000. Fine doubles for an Organization and there can be a forfeiture as well.

  16. If this is true and the prosecutor cannot cite law that authorizes our money being spent foolishly why hasn’t someone in authority seeing the man is not paid, and he is sent on his way?

  17. This is just more of the libetards BS! They lost they can’t stand it and they have no morals. The Dems are a disgrace to America

  18. When will the liberal media stop attacking every wrinkle in “President Trump’s” attempts to do what he said he would do if we elected him? The election is over! – – IF he is as bad as they make him out to be the result will be that he’ll be voted out in the next election. (

  19. Keep in mind, Carl Bernstein made a lot money taking down Nixon on nothing but BS. Supposedly there was 18 minutes of conversation that was “erased’ but when the tape was tested …nothing. Deep throat (Mark Felt)ended up being someone that was angry because Nixon didn’t choose him as FBI director and had a very shady past. After seeing all the people involved in Watergate (yes even Hillary Clinton) I question whether Nixon was really the “Crook” that the media, etc. portrayed him to be. I have no respect for the media. Today’s journalists are a joke.

  20. Liberals and Democrats tend to try and make up new laws as they go – but conveniently ignore those already on the books which are contrary to what they want…….

  21. Show me why this isn’t SLANDER! Why aren’t these people and companies being sued for $Billions? People, such as politicians, etc., as well as news media have told these stories as if they were true – as though Trump was already tried and convicted. And yet they won’t even say what the crime was. Sue these people and have them thrown in jail for committing a slanderous lie with the intent of inciting riots, treason and more! The right to free speech does not include making up false stories and slandering the president.

    If you’re all not dirty, rotten, treasonist cowards, get some evidence together or GO TO JAIL!

  22. With the worst intents why do
    we patronize the liberals, who
    have no lawful grounds to investigate our President for
    doing anything wrong. This money comes from the
    American citizens, I for one
    will vote against that use of
    tax payers money.

  23. The turn is correct. You must have a crime in order to provide a special prosecutor. This is merely a political witchhunt by people like Schumer, Waxman, Poloise, Clinton, Louis another disgruntled Democrats who are mad that their candidate did not get elected. This man was elected by the American public irregardless what the politicians want it. It seems like the last 10 years The partitions believe in which hugs and many of the commentators on the news videos are feeding into this frenzy. Why wasn’t Obama investigated for his fast and furious, Iris pain and many other races like been Ghazi is because he was The fair-haired boy of the media in a democratic elite

  24. Whether something is not legal or not under their jurisdiction has never stopped the Dems before, because it works. It works because we let them get away with stuff like this and we need to stop being afraid of what their fake news stations will say about us. Every time we back down and fear these phoney fake social labels they hit us with, we give them the power as if they are real and true. So, we need to get going and protest this fake witch hunt and ignore whatever nonsense they come up with, because it doesn’t really exist anywhere but in their minds.

  25. Thank-you Professor. May the Living Almighty God bless you richly. This shows just who the communists are in the press, DNC, democrat party.

  26. How much more proof do the Democrates need It is time to get to the business of making America and stop spending our money like they have the last 8 years tearing America down and hating the people !,!!

  27. The look on fashion boy’s face is priceless. An old school liberal from the actual intellectual left just showed him to be the Stalinist in supposed progressive clothing that he and other like him are at the core of their rotten souls.

  28. Obama’s scandals that didn’t receive a special counsel.Obama administration scandals and crimes that required ZERO special counsels
    BENGHAZI – 4 Americans killed, countless others affected.
    IRS SCANDAL – The IRS intentionally targeting conservative organizations.
    FAST & FURIOUS – The illegal sale of guns to drug dealers, resulting in the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.
    HILLARY’S EMAILS – The former Secretary of State’s mishandling of classified information.
    BOWE BERGDAHL – Released for five Taliban prisoners under suspicious circumstances.
    IRANIAN PRISONER SWAP for $400 million cash payment.
    HILLARY PAY TO PLAY during her tenure at the State Department
    VETERANS ADMINISTRATION – Long wait times and poor conditions that resulted in the deaths of countless veterans.
    LORETTA LYNCH and her tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton.
    UNMASKING of private American citizens for political purposes.
    SOLYNDRA- The funneling of funds by Obama administration to private companies.
    SECRET SERVICE prostitution scandals during presidential overseas trips.
    HURRICANE SANDY relief funds that never found their way to New York and New Jersey.
    OBAMACARE WEBSITE that cost over $600 million and didn’t work.

  29. Just goes to show that the Democrats are afraid of Mr. Trump. They are fully aware that he can expose obama and clinton having opened our country to Islamic terrorists and illegal aliens who want to take over.They are afraid of the public finding out all their lies and the amount they wasted while they were in control. They know both can be tried for many of their doings. Thank God they are out now or it would be even worse.

  30. Tired of Congress going down “Rabbit Holes’ with non-sensical trivia. We hired them to Repeal and replace Obamacare, and give us our Tax Break thee President has proposed. They are just wasting time on this stuff.

  31. What can u tell this Soros guy. Nothing. He is looking for one world government. all you have to do is look at his bio, and there are enough on the net to guide you there. Have a time looking and reading about this corrector. He caused a lot of the problems we are having here in the U.S. Please don’t believe me. Read about this. I had this one Dem. who can’t stop heckling Trump. i pointed out that he should read about Mr. George Soros. His answer was I choose not to. Probably likes fake news better. Crazy as it may seem. I Even have a relative teacher that doesn’t even live here in the U.S. heckling Trump. Another Dem. Although this relative may be a nut case. I’m not to sure about it. Crazy as it may seem.

  32. Just fire Mueller and the stupid liberal ass of an Assistant Atty Gen. who ginned up the idea of another special counsel……how clever. Lets see how clever he can be with his Resume to explain away his insubordination and insults to his boss.

  33. Mr President,
    Since there is “NO
    CHRIME” why dont’t U file CHARGES against the DEMOCRATS &
    The FAKE MEDIA ???
    Why R they permitted to continue with their lies ??? Why R they allowed to continue waisting R $, & keeping U from Draining the Swamp,
    instead of spending your time on Making America Great” again ???
    Why don’t U file charges against them & put a stop to this illegal deliberate attack on U & on us as Republicans ???

  34. Professor is absolutely RIGHT! It’s time for those ridiculous people who’re trying to sabotage President Trump and his agenda should keep their mouths shut.

  35. I love it- the Demrats’ witch hunt with taxpayer money should lose them another 1000 or more seats around the nation in 17 months. Pathetic losers.

  36. I think he is destroying or jiding evidenve on clinton obama and comey. Thats why he is hiring democrat lawers. Please tell trump to fire him before its to late. All evidence even pn his self will be gone


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