LOCK HER UP: Kathy Griffin Just Threatened to MURDER This Top Republican

Source: Kathy Griffin

It’s absolutely sickening what famous Liberals are able to get away with these days. Remember when Madonna threatened to blow up the White House and Snoop Dogg made a video where he SHOT Trump?

Well, all of those pale in comparison to the HORROR that “comedian” Kathy Griffin just put out today. (GRAPHIC Video at Bottom)

Griffin just released a Photoshoot of her holding up a severed and bloody Donald Trump’s head.

I am not even kidding. We even haveĀ the video and images, however, we decided to put them on a 2nd page since the are VERY gory and may make SOME people sick to their stomachs.

Griffin even had the nerve to brag about how “edgy” her photo shoot was and how she would have to “move to Mexico” afterward.

Edgy is NOT the right word for this. Apparently, it’s now artsy and acceptable for Liberals to produce the same videos that the cartel and Islamists make.

Look, I have told you the story and warned you about how NASTY it is, if you still wanna see the video for yourself just click the giant link bellow and have fun.


Don’t say I didn’t warn you…


We need to fight back against this stuff. It is NOT acceptable.

I’m not even gonna begin to compare the way Republicans who hated Obama were treated versus this. It goes without saying that this would NOT be acceptable for any US President. It’s horrible.

Help to get the word out. Share this everywhere so the world can see what we are ACTUALLY dealing with. These are not hippies, folks. People who make things like this are monsters.

Should Kathy Griffin be investigated by the Secret Service for threatening the President?


  1. I don’t care what side leaked this, but it is disgusting! I have never like this (so called) comedian, she is crass and a disgusting person. She doesn’t care who she hurts, I think her apology his phony and she wasn’t sincere about it, did you see the look in her eyes…. she could care less about what she did, and I hope her sponsers drop her !

  2. Fire her, put her in jail or send her to a island. Just get her out of here. I never watch her, she is sick.

  3. Could you please tell us the names of Kathy Griffin’s loved ones? Perhaps, someone will want to create a little art about Ms Griffin that will have the same effect as the beheading had on the President’s son. This reprehensible act is beyond the pale. The real tragedy is that most of the Socialist Communist Democrats think it’s funny and that our President deserves it. What have we come to?

  4. Really!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where was all this stand up kind of attitude when they were making memes of Obama? It’s her right to post what she wants…….Remember? That is what was being said when it was #Barak Obama, right? Throw Trump Out on his butt!!!

  5. This is a terroristic threat towards the leader of our country. Kathy Griffin should not require investigation. Prosecution would be the quickest ends to someone this EVIL.


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