Maxine Waters Just Attacked Trump, So He Pulled Out His Secret Weapon And Knocked Her Down

Image Source: ABC News, MSNBC

Allllllllll ABOARD. The crazy train has left the station and Maxine Waters on board. Maxine Waters is mad that President Trump has fired FBI Director James Comey after she announced in January that he has lost his credibility. Trump’s secret weapon is revealed below.

MAXINE WATERS: I Don’t Support Trump Firing Comey, I Would Support Hillary Clinton Firing Comey

In March, Waters put out a press release that said Comey “advanced Russia’s misinformation campaign.” Here is the link to that.

The real thing is that Maxine Waters does agree with Trump. You see how much these politicians dance.

In March, Maxine put out a press release that literally said she thought that Comey “advanced Russia’s misinformation campaign.”

Here is her saying specifically in a video published on January 20th, 2017: “Let’s let the FBI Director have it”¬†

Uh oh. You hear what is coming, y’all. Trump is setting this fools up get¬†drained because it is time to drain that swamp.

Trump’s weapon is the truth. It is becoming increasingly obvious who the enemies of this nation are now. Who do you think it is?

That’s why right now!!!!! Every single Trump voter needs to share this post!! Let’s get Maxine Waters out of the 43rd district of California and get someone in there that isn’t as partisan. If you live in California, get this out there.

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  1. i hope she stays right where she is until 2018. with schumer, pelosi, warren, waters leading the democratic party. i cant wait for the election. and now Trump has a committee investigating illegal voting of both parties in this country. i sure hope he starts with California. in 2018 we will have a super majority and than the snowflakes can go fishing or do what ever snowflakes do when they have nothing to do

    • Roger I know a good way that President Trump could put all these protester and snowflakes in their place , its called in-act the draft to serve no less than 3 yrs , some of these little MF’s will go in and the rest will run to the first country they can and those that run should loss their American citizenship. But I bet you it will put a stop to all these college protest all these , heritage protesters , especially college protesters.

      • There are plenty of ways to serve the country other than the military. Plenty of community service projects to improve things.

        • Yeah there maybe other ways to serve the country but for these liberal snowflakes the military is the thing for them.


    • I couldn’t imagine the amount of corruption involving the immigration system there. To your point, Trump could help with federal funds under the condition they get all their books, both financial and public voting/tax payer- AUDITED… Just like the Fed Res. And hey, if the Governor doesn’t want his books audited, then he can not get his funds. It will only promote good bookkeeping, as people will run out of money to leach from the Govt teet.

  3. Waters is bat crazy. She is absolutely clueless. How did she ever get elected? Her mouth and her brain don’t talk.

  4. I can not believe that we are paying huge salaries to these morons. This is the most incompetent congress in this nation’s history. It is time to abolish and start over.

  5. She really needs a little rubber room , I truly believe that she has lost her mind. She cant remember day to day what she says. If her family cared for her they would take her to a doctor and find out if old age isn’t playing a big part in her mental status .. right now she just looks and acts like a nut..

  6. This stupid woman has no idea what she is talking about! President Trump is NOT under investigation, it has already been proven that President Trump, nor anyone in his staff, has had Russia connections, and Waters is outright LYING as is her Democratic Sock Puppet duty! The only connection with Russian has been with the godless Democrats and HiLIARy, who made millions off of Russia, selling them our uranium. Democrats are the Party of LIES and LUNACY!

    • Not sure where some have been but nothing has been proven or disproven yet. That’s why there’s an investigation going on. And despite how some want to deny it, try to quash it, try to subvert it, that is not how we do things in this country. We go through the whole process no
      matter how long it takes. For anyone, even a president, to try to not allow that to happen would be an obstruction of justice.m, among other things. Any attempt to stop an investigation would meet that charge, whether it was threatening a witness, bribing one, extorting one, firing a key person in the investigation, and do on. No, the investigations are far from being over.

      • True, but it is a waste of taxpayer money and when it is all done and finished, there will not be one thread of evidence that President Trump had anything to do with Russia, but there will be plenty found on the Democrats, who are the Party of Corruption, Lies, and Lunatics. Just wait!

        • Let us stop thinking this is about party instead of about country and our democracy, which it is what it is about, despite what any may want to believe. I cannot imagine any person would not want to find out the truth, no matter what the truth actually is. Anything less simply erodes a country bit by bit and no one wants that. Things unanswered just continue to get bigger, not smaller. We all patiently lived through about eight expensive committees investigating Benghazi. The findings were always the same. It took two years to investigate Watergate and find the truth about that. I’m certainly glad we did that. It takes as long as it takes. This is not like a sporting event where we have two teams squaring off to either win or lose. Those who think that way are putting party before nation and truth and Constitution, and that is wrong to do. Every citizen should be on board to turn over every rock and search every nook and cranny to see if any wrong has been committed – by anyone. To do anything less is turning it into a win/loss “game,” and the future of any country is not at all a game. No investigation should get a rush job anymore than a trial to determine a person’s guilt or innocence should rushed. The stakes are too high for that.

          • So, you believe than any accusation, no matter how asinine, should have lots of taxpayer dollars spent to find it was just a SCAM from the godless Democrats again? When a person is right with God, the Truth is always there, right in front of their eyes. Only the lost cannot see it. Of course, as we all have seen, the godless Democrats are completely lost, not only in politics, but in their personal lives as well. But, that comes from rejecting God and mocking Him, as they have done. Today, they are feeling God’s Wrath against them and God is exposing them for the true Sewer of Hate that their Party is all about. As I said before, they can go ahead with their investigation and the only people who will be found guilty are the Leftists who are trying to lay blame on the President when they, themselves, are to blame for corruption. Only a Fool would go along with the Democrats, who have proven themselves to be Un-American Asswipes.

          • If you had said from the beginning that you just wanted to rant and spout how right and righteous you feel you are instead of just having a discussion on the topic, I would not have spent the time responding. Thinking oneself is mentally, morally, and spiritually superior to others never leads to anything good. No one has all the answers, not any group, country, culture, religion, of individual. I wait for the truth because it is the truth that keeps people free. I don’t get stuck in witch hunts, belittling, or name calling. It leads nowhere but down.

          • Easy to see that your most likely a Democrat, right? I figured. Since you think I was ranting and raving when I was only stating Fact, only a Leftist Democrat thinks like that. Once a group of people have been proven to be Liars and Deceivers, as the godless Democratic Party has, yes, it is time to NOT trust them any longer, and the Democrats have Lied about everything from the get go. Enjoy your corrupt Party, and yes, the Truth will prove them to be Liars, as usual.

          • You stated your opinions, not facts. And instead of sticking to the topic, you instead began to attack me rather than the issue. You know nothing about me at all but are enjoying trying to label me and make up reasons why whole groups of humans should be “shunned.” And to then bring God into it, as if you have a direct line into what he thinks or feels about politics is so out of context with any actual Christian beliefs that to call yourself a Christian is far from the truth of what Christianity is about.

  7. Maxine Waters is merely the product of her Constituency’s lunacy. She is not the problem. The thousands who vote her in, are.


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