Maxine Waters Just Broke! What She Just Let Slip Proves Democrats Are Lying About Trump

Source: MSNBC

If you are thinking of holding a crazy person contest in the House of Representatives, you may as well give the award to Maxine Waters.

Representative Waters thought she would go on MSNBC last night and espouse some of her regular BS. Surprisingly, the host was having none of it. He backed her into a corner and then a miracle happened:

Maxine Waters admitted Democrats have ZERO evidence of Russian collusion still!

When Sam Stein of the Huffington Post, who I have a great deal of newfound respect for, asked Mrs. Waters, “But just to be clear, there has been no actual evidence yet?”


She answered,

“No, it has not. And I want you to know every time I’ve talked about impeachment I’ve said we’ve got to connect the dots, we’ve got to get the facts, we’ve got to do the investigation. That is what leads to impeachment, and I’ve also said that Trump will lead us right there.”

So there you have it. Straight from the horse’s mouth, the Democrats have nothing on President Trump because there is nothing.

It’s important not to let people forget once this is all over that the Democrats were peddling conspiracy theories with no evidence. That’s why we gotta share stuff like this with our family and friends. It’s up to us to decide how history sees this country.


  1. In the end everyone involved in this scam should be charged with subversion. They are not patriots, they are enemies of the state. Just voting them out of office will not work.THEY NEED TO BE IMPRISONED. It is going to take a long time to heal from this. They are soooo afraid of being found out, their crimes probably would put them in jail until they died. Every time they open their mouths, you don’t know if it’s the ranting of a deranged person that need mental health help, or they are put up to this BS. Either way it has to change. The DEEPSTATE is worrying their best layed plans are not that well thought out. The American people are as stupid as these elitist think we are. With everyone (Some Democrats, all the Rinos and who can forget our beautiful people in Hollywood) against Mr. Trump it is amazing he has done all that he has in 120 days. If that traitor that was ahead of him did a third of what President Trump has done maybe he would have a legacy instead of a disaster that he left us with. Once this is cleared up maybe Mr Trump can start on all the crimes committed by his opponets.

  2. I think the Dems BELIEVE in the collusion narrative and that big corporations are involved because that is what the Dems and Hillary did during the election and are currently doing to take this administration down…they are miffed that “real” people have had enough of their antics

  3. This is the best democratic leader has to offer, a lunatic old lady, having a diarrhea of the mouth to impeach the president. She can’t even find the dot to connect, can’t even get the facts straight (because it is all 100% pure lies! Just pure talk talk talk talk talk do the investigation, that there is nothing there but pure, hatred to our president. So sad that this Devil Democratic party is so desperate, to bring down our president Trump. Crystal clear Maxime you want the president impeach for no reason at all, except you are so frustrated that your party lost.


  5. Julianne Assange himself said Russia was NOT the source of the DNC e-mails he released through Wikileaks. It was the MURDERED 27 year old man, an employee of the DNC, who lost his life trying to let the world know how crooked and illegal the DNC actually IS. Someone who has a brain in Congress needs to play that audio over and over and over for these dummies!!!


  7. This Democrat would never vote for Maxine Walters. She is so Dishonest and likes to Bad Mouth people without any proof. She calls herself a Christian. I’m not one to judge on that, but have never heard a Christian talk like she does. LORD! Help Us

  8. She is a wackadoodle! There is no proof but she is running around like a chicken with her head cut off spouting off non factual lies. That is not the type of person who should be representing people! Something is mentally wrong with this woman.

  9. Maxine Waters needs to be committed. She is one crazy lady and makes absolutely no sense. She is talking about impeachment but admits that there is absolutely no evidence or grounds, in the same breath.

  10. She is about stupid, she speaks a lot about what she thinks and she speaks a lot of slander against President Trump with out FACTUAL TRUTHS OR EVIDENCE.

  11. The story of the democratic staffer who was shot in the back and had supposedly sent thousands of emails to wikileaks, no mention of this story do you know of any one doing a follow up up on this potential bomb of a story.

  12. This is the globalist elitist secretion of illegal conspricacy against the Constitutional of Americans! Please contact every elected official and demand Robert Mueller to investigate and to enter an amicus brief on behalf of the American citizens to unseal for public viewing as WE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW about this extreme violation of United States Code; also write the ACLU and demand they protect us from targeting violations of our Constitutional right of association under the 1st Amendment and due process under the 5th Amendment!
    In re Criminal conduct of Lois Lerner’s of illegal immunity! Contact Jeff Sessions facebook and Trump facebook; DEMAND DOJ makes public the judicial cover-up of totally ILLEGAL IRS conspiracy’s to abuse governmental authority. 28 USC 1343, 18 USC 241, This is the SWAMP, who in DOJ is defending and moving to secrete the IRS information from the American people.

  13. Why should the taxpayer have to pay for these tail chasing charges. Make the accuser pay. False accusations by an accuser should be publishable by prison.

  14. WOW – they will do everything in their power to see Trump impeached – they’ve already tried to bribe a Russian spy to lie! Democrats & some Republicans have so much to loose – the “Establishment” – Voter Fraud – Obama’s legacy are just some of the things that are being threatened & are the main reasons Democrats gain & hold their political seats – they may not be able to win elections if Trump exposes & cleans up Voter Fraud! Just let that marinate- Democrats could loose their political power & control – they will do anything to stop the bleeding!

    Pray for Trump & support & fight for him!

  15. I couldn’t believe that Ms Maxine Waters is so stupid and she think we can be persuaded by her stupid reasons. I can’t believe what I am hearing.

  16. Oh, now it’s about what Putin TOLD TRUMP ‘to say’! You’re absolutely NUTS! Simply because she’s a Rep. that doesn’t exempt her from defamation of character laws, as SHE TELLS THE WORLD THAT SHE HAS NO FACTS! You people have to be the most stupid on the face of the earth to listen to this sick, imbecilic rant. Oh but NOW we have a ‘special prosecutor’ and no facts collected for almost a year while Obama ILLEGALLY EAVESDROPPED on campaign and THEN his PRESIDENCY! I wonder what facts he might go after? What ‘Russian collusion’ that REALLY TOOK PLACE!? So Putin just ‘told’ Trump to say to the American people ‘lock her up’ and it was PUTIN had no evidence. (this Rep. is putrid as so many who have NO BUSINESS BEING ANYWHERE NEAR D.C>)

  17. All this is a Big Witch Hunt, Period!!! We have so much more to do like health care, lower taxes, foreign affairs with our allies, etc etc! You Democrats should be so ashamed of your selves! And some rhinos like McCain and many more! McCain thinking it’s all about him! WRONG!!!

  18. Pure poop. She is crazy. Clinton was not elected because she is evil and the people are tired of the Clintons.

  19. Walter’s think that Trump is Putin’s full puppet, has not a single thought in his brain, that he himself never thought Hillary crooked, even though it is as plain as even the nose on her face. That Trump is only worried about Putin’s sanctions. Dear if they can build planes and buildings, they can put their own oil rigs up and pump out that oil. They don’t need Exxon to do it

  20. First off Clinton was never going to be president on this known fact, Bill Clinton was impeached and can not have access to classified documents period!. Secondly: Trump did not collude with Putin that is a fact! From FBI and CIA this has proven to be bogus! third: Calling world leaders names is not good for peace talks.4: Insulting the President of United States is undermining his authority. He won fairly, even though corrupted liberals who cheated during the whole election including Clinton has been proven shows your lack of integrity. Lastly: I say this loud and clear, Maxine Waters you violate every law of governing, first your income does not coincide with your lifestyle, so it leaves a question of your integrity, you don’t live in the district you represent, you have achieved nothing for your district since taking office. What really matters here and now, is a lack of control over your own party violently harming others, in fact, Waters you supported that. Your first job order is the protection of its citizens, regardless of race, color or gender. So you failed to uphold your legal obligation to the security and defense of people who pay your salary, while you live like a queen, knowning your own district is in trouble financially, no jobs, security, and you actually think people respect you or your opinion on Trump? Seriously your resistance and rants fall on deaf ears. In fact my belief is you should be impeached, not only do you defile your oath, you spread lies to increase profits for yourself, while the very people you represent have suffered. You disgrace yourself and this country and most certainly your state district with these nonsense tiraids of yours. Do us all a favor quit!

  21. Trump will lead us to his own impeachment? So, they can make up what they want THEN they will find the evidence and Trump will provide it.

  22. Please, family of Maxine Waters, please put her in a home now. She just keeps embarrassing herself now, and this is cruel. Take her firmly and kindly by the hand, put her in a locked down home, and give her many bottles of bubbles to blow so she can use all that wind in a harmless way.

  23. What a rude & condescending comment to make. That being, “right for the horses mouth”. Just because she looks like a horse does not mean you should be able to get away with insulting them. Face it, on a Stanford-Benet test, the horse would score multiples higher!

  24. Maxed-out Waters is losing her ever-loving mind. She loves to hear herself talk and couldn’t care less about the words that come out of her mouth while doing it.

  25. Thank you, Danny Gold, for reporting the truth to us…………..which is almost obscure in Washington, these days…………….it’s so heart rendering !

  26. Who voted for this delusional person ? The whole Russian story is fabricated, that’s why there is zero proof .Dumb dems think because Trump won someone cheated .They DEMS STUFFED BALLOT BOXES ,NOBODY ELSE ! They cheated and still couple beat us !

  27. God those people are slow, we been knowing there was nothing for quite some time now. If they ever do come up with something I wouldn’t trust it to not be planted evidence, after all they are desperate people in the democratic party, loosing creditability every minute of every day they open their mouths. Waters is the Poster Child

  28. Maxine Waters was elected? People actually agree with the shallow vision she represents? Really? She is the prime example of a member of the House of Representatives declaring the President ran afoul of the law based upon her “having no evidence”. WOW. How stupid are the people who elected her?

  29. They have been doing this for years and keep getting away with it. I cannot understand how people could vote for Clinton and Obama they are criminals. Are some of us that stupid! Is the media that stupid or re they all on sorus’ payroll.

  30. If we lie in the course of our every day events or even in politics the final result is that we are no longer trusted and that fact will haunt us the entire rest of our lives. There are times when we would like to tell what we think and we know the result will backfire. The solution to that is simple. KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT.

  31. I love the look on Sam’s face when this Democratic leader explains collusion as the term, “crooked hillary” was a plot out of Putins playbook…what an intellegent refined speaker!

  32. I assure you that my thoughts about this ‘woman’ would not be printed. A classic ‘Dingbat’.

  33. just to be clear: Exactly what evidence surfaced about Trump’s claim to have his telephone tapped by Obama? or exactly what evidence surfaced about 1000’s of muslims dancing on their rooftops in New Jersey after 9/11? or exactly what evidence surfaced about Obama being born outside the USA?…. Just to be clear: Your “facts” and stories do not match reality….

  34. I’m a 70 yr old woman who lived through the Clinton era. I have never had to have any Russian influence me in any way to NOT vote for Hilary Clinton. I’ve always felt that she was a big fat liar. What she did with the men in Benghazi is unforgivable. She had collusion with the Russians when she sold them our uranium. She would be just as useless as OBama. I feel that the MSM are after Trump because his winning made them look STUPID since they all thought that Hilary was going to win hands down.


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