While the Media Has Been Attacking Him, Trump Slyly Did Something to Help Every Christian!


While turmoil swirls in Washington, DC, and the media continues its witch hunt against President Trump, he just keeps working.

On Tuesday, he met with the President of Turkey, and urged him to release an American man of God, who is wrongfully jailed there.

Pastor Andrew Brunson, of North Carolina, and his wife, were held in Turkey for Visa issues.  But he has been held in jail there now since October, on very unclear charges of a terrorism-link nature.

Pastor Brunson and his wife have lived in Turkey for 23, running a small Christian church there.  The Turkish government hasn’t release many details about why they are holding Pastor Brunson.

Pastor Brunson wrote a letter to President Trump earlier this year, asking for his help and President Trump is doing just that!

Both President Trump and VP Pence, during their meeting with the Turkish President on Tuesday, reportedly brought up the Pastor 3 times.  It is believed that Turkey may be holding the Pastor as a bargaining chip, to manipulate the U.S. to extradite Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen, who is living in Pennsylvania and who Turkey believes is a terrorist.

It is not OK for a country to hold an innocent man, a man of God even, as a political pawn!

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  1. Father, in the name of Your precious Son, Jesus, we ask Your assistance as President Trump works on behalf of this Nation and against all who would wrongly imprison our citizens. Embolden him, Father, by Your Spirit and give him clarity of mind!

  2. I love our President! He’s gonna be the new Teflon Don. The crazy lefties will try anything to take him down and nothing will stick…they are liars and traitors who will stop at nothing…but Trump will survive..God Bless Trump!

      • Barbara, love him to “bits”, or “tons and tons”, or, “bushels and bushels, or “with all your heart”, or, “to the moon and then back again”, it “big as the sky”, etc etc but please don’t “love him to death” because we NEED him! BIGLY! 🙂 (I know what you mean dear – just kidding. I love him too. Outside of our precious Lord he’s probably the most loved man on the planet! Let’s all keep the prayers going for him!

    • Because he is doing everything for the love of America….Let’s keep praying for him and our country and we don’t have to worry about nothing!

  3. Amen to President Trump and Vice President Pence to stand up for this pastor and his wife. Please lord have them released so that they can continue to speak your word and the miracle you did to get them released asap so that your word of prayer can continue to be spread across this sinful sad world!

  4. Dear lord please soften the leaders that hold this Christian man and his wife. You are the miracle worker and we give you all the praise. Thank you President for interceding. Continue on the path. We are all behind you.

  5. I hope people will see what their elected politicians are trying to do to our President with all the nasty maneuvering in Washington, and vote everyone of them out of office.

    Lois Brown

  6. How refreshing to hear from good people who love the Lord and their country and their good, smart and tough president.

  7. Thank you President Trump & VP Pence. We are truly blessed to have 2 men of God in the highest offices in our land! I don’t know how you do it day in and day out, with all the negativity of the Dems/Libs and the press trying to stick a knife in your back (and front). But just know that “we the people” are happy with you and are praying for you both and your families! We will continue to lift you up in prayer. And we will continue to Thank God for not allowing our nation to be led by a person with no integrity at all!


    • Amen to the prayer, and each day I pray for the protective angels to be around our president, his family, vice president and all the people in Washington DC, and that the hatred will finally STOP!!

  9. I admire him for all his efforts for the good of our Citizens. Don’t know about that twittering .. is that necessary? It just gives his critics more leftist fodder for their media.

  10. Praying for Gods will be done, by freeing those in jail for being a born again child of God, or if they are for Gods glory let be so and pray for their strength and obedience to the Holy Spirit the comfortable. Many of His children think this just a block party they have joined, occasional weekend meeting, musical entertainment and out to dinner with friends. Some see the cost of the glory to come.

  11. President is the man that could possibly counteract with the poisonous atmosphere that attacts himevery day,this firestorm that exists in the past week,is a result of Obama and Hillary running scared that they no longer had the ability to hide nehind Comey.Think about it,

  12. What a wonderful job he is doing. Except for this media nobody knows the great things that Trump is doing for America and Americans. When compared to TV the number of people that receive this type of information on this media is almost nothing.

  13. Thank you, President Trump, for your efforts to free those American Christians being wrongfully held as political pawns. You are the first president brave enough and respected enough because of your wisdom and strength to attempt and succeed at freeing our prisoners. God bless you.

  14. His actions speak louder than the Dems lies! Thank God for the way He is directing this president. Trump grows stronger every day.

  15. Thank you Lord for providing us with a God fearing President, who, with the Precious guidance of Jesus, is able to listen to your voice and lead this country to a peaceful, land of the free and home of the brave! Thank you, President Trump for being the kind of man that will make America GREAT again!

  16. When’s the last time a PRESIDENT has TRULY listened and worked for WE THE PEOPLE. Thank you PRESIDENT TRUMP, will be praying for you in your endeavors to get this man released. PRAYERS ARE GOOD BUT WITHOUT FAITH TO GO ALONG WITH IT WE LOSE

  17. God protect our country and our President and his lovely family, and VP Mike Pence and his lovely family. May
    we see Peace in the Middle East. God Bless America.

  18. I am praying for our Country & patiently waiting for President Trump to make this Country great again. Through Jesus Christ our Lord all things are possible & I truly believe & have faith President Trump & Mr. Pence will both come through for us. If anyone can, President Trump is the man to do it. Amen

  19. Thank you President TRUMP!!!!
    Finally a president that is standing up for Christians, and not political correctness, or giving into the thinking of the world.
    DRAINING THE SWAMP!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. President Trump and his family are in my prayers daily. For him to seek Gods wisdom, follow Gods leading and keep the faith that our Lord Jesus Christ will meet his needs and provide the resources to accomplish Gods will. I also pray for physical, mental and spiritual strength to get him through each day.

  21. Thank you President Trump and Vice President Pence for your dedication to God and doing His work.I believe you were appointed to your positions by God. I will bind together with you in prayer for the release of these Godly people being held in Turkey. I pray that God will touch the heart of the President of Turkey and convince him to.release these Christians. I love you President Trump and Vice President Pence.

  22. Without a doubt, President Donald Trump and family were chosen by we, the people, and above all, God our Father, Which art in Heaven!! I do hope the lefty people realize that and join us before long.
    It doesn’t seem likely since this morning we see where the three (Obama, Hillary and Biden) are now traveling together to give speeches while trying to convince the people Trump won unfairly! They simply can not accept the facts as they are!! We have a very great president since he is aggressively trying to remedy this sick country inspite of continually getting stabbed in the back by them!! I hope soon he will clean up the White House and put a stop to this evil!! Let’s all just continue to pray for him! God is giving him the strength to face every corner with fortitude!!

  23. I really admire you for your actions in helping to free this imprisoned pastor.You are our President.God bless you and your family and protect you.

  24. Rejoicing to be able to witness Messianic fulfillment (i.e., relating to or having the qualities of a
    messiah; supporting a social, political, or religious cause or set of beliefs with great enthusiasm and energy) through man of God, and, a Son of David type, our President Trump, the faithful servant of THE KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORDS.

    continuing to pray (throughout night and day) for you and yours j.c.

  25. AMEN!! Thank you JESUS for such a courageous President and I also pray for President Trump to be given supernatural strength empowered by HOLY SPIRIT to continue to do battle against the evil that has tried to take over our Nation. Father in Heaven we know without YOU ,we can do nothing BUT WITH YOU, FATHER IN HEAVEN, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!!I believe that our President has been appointed by GOD. As our pledge states:ONE NATION UNDER GOD INDIVISIBLE WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!!!

  26. Thank you Lord for these two men that You have put in charge of this great country of ours. President Trump and VP Pence. May God bless both of you and your families.Love and prayers from the Awbrey families of Lufkin and Tyler, Texas.

  27. they were breaking turkish law by running a church.
    whether right or wrong, it’s illegal for foreigners to prosthelytize in Turkey. period.
    they got caught or turned in .

  28. My prayer for this country is to let our President do the job he was elected for, get off his back, and instead BACK HIM. He has Advisors who are great people and have the experience to help him make the right decisions, just let him make those decisions without everyone picking at his every move.

  29. I Pray for President Trump and his family every day!!! Also for our Beautiful Country…that we will always have our precious freedoms….especially our Religious Freedom…GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY AND GOD BLESS AND PROTECT PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!

  30. Keep our President Trump, his family, Vice President Pence, his family, and our nation in much prayer, as GREAT forces of evil are determined to destroy our President even if it means the destruction of our REPUBLIC!
    These are the last days, Israel will be center stage, prepare, the KING OF KINGS is coming soon and HE IS A JEW!

  31. A man of God is just exactly what we need in the white house, love you President Trump !! May God bless you always !!

  32. please dear god help all democrats see how they are destroying america. you helped me i was a democrat and by your help i am now a republican and want to make our country great again thank you jesus amen

  33. Turkey has become less friendly toward Christians in last few years & more radical Muslim.
    Hopefully we can get him out.
    Keep praying & Lord will intervene!!!

  34. How did this pastor get away with living in a Muslim country, his own church and preaching Christianity? Sure hope he gets home soon.

  35. President Trump you are doing a awesome job.With all those who are working against You I understand how it make it hard on you. I am so proud of you and your efforts to do your best .I was for you at first and Still am.I pray God to give you His help and keep you safe. I believe you can do The job.I wont give up and i know You wont.


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