Mike Huckabee is PI$$ED After UNSPEAKABLE Thing SNL Just Did to His Daughter

Source: FOX News

There is nothing more unforgivable for a parent than seeing their kids being bullied. Mike Huckabee is a proud father and was heartbroken when he saw what SNL did to his precious daughter Sarah Huckabee this weekend.

The “comedy” show made jokes about her family, her weight, her intelligence, and her gender. That’s why Mike went of FOX today and called SNL out for what they really are:

SNL is silly, sexist, and misogynistic towards his daughter and conservative women.

Mike Huckabee said,


“I thought it was a little bit silly, sexist, misogynist, but my daughter is certainly capable of handling a whole lot worse than that. The fact is it does not take away in any way who she really is.”


Look, I agree with Mike 100%. Sarah Huckabee did a phenomenal job and SNL is just run by a bunch of cry-baby losers.

The worst part is that they even tried to “compliment” her as professional and well-spoken during the same skit that they called her mom a “hamburger.”

If they were even remotely fair to both sides, I would not mind. It’s comedy and comedy is mean sometimes. However, what they did was not comedy. It was politically biased brainwashing.

That’s why it’s up to us to share Mike Huckabee’s message out and tell them that what they are doing is NOT okay.



  1. I think SNL either needs to get it together and move on from this years politics or be removed from television! They haven’t been funny since I was a teenager…that was 45yrs ago! We live in a violent day and age and there is too much divisiveness. For once, America needs to come together and a certain political figure needs to go back and hide under HER ROCK!

  2. SNL has outlived their creativity. Have lowered themselves to bashing. Skits are amateurish. Needs to go away

  3. Sarah Sanders is a grown woman and working in a highly visible public office. She’s fair game. Sheesh – talk about snowflakes!

  4. SNL has gone from playful funny satire to a mean spiritedness that spotlights an out of touch sense of fair play. And most of all, it is not funny, offers no humorous self-depracation to balance their own judgemental mysoginist and very Facist take on life in America.

  5. SNL stopped being funny after the 1st cast moved on, at least for me. The networks started their agenda in the late 60s, slowly brainwashing the American people. Some 50 years later we have come full circle and we’re given Hillary!!! She does not need to crawl under a rock Pat, she needs to be in a jail cell.

    • Ya they keep asking Fallon to do skits cause they are clueless what to do! That brainless guy Baldwin that causing nothing but bad tv needs to go back and try to make good with his daughter that he said awful things to a few years back cause i know and he knows its far from fixed.

  6. Misleading headline. Huckabee doesn’t seem pissed to me! He seems very confident in his daughter’s character and strength, and realizes that when you’re in the public eye, especially when it comes to politics, things like this happen all the time. This article is nothing more than click bait.

    • Annnd, what would you have him say on air? Those mfer’s better STFU about my princess? He’s a Dad. Trust me, he was pissed!!! If you are a parent Bonnie, and that wouldn’t pissed you off, no matter what you say to a TV camera to millions of people, if you’re not pissed, something is wrong with you!!!! Being confident in his daughter and her character has ZERO to do with someone attacking your child!!! They may be used to people saying shit but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t pissed them off when it is said about their kid, no matter how old they are!!!!

      • You’re entitled to your opinion, just as I am. I happen to know Mike Huckabee, personally. He speaks his mind and of course, wouldn’t have reacted how you stated. He’s a devout Christian and would never use those vulgarities. If he was mad, he would say he was mad. He knows how politics are. You let things like this roll off of your back and consider the source.

        • I didn’t say he would say anything of the sort. If you actually read my comment, I said, “what would you have him say…..?” I have heard that he is a good Christian man and never stated anything different. I only said that I’m sure it did piss him off whether he kows how politics work or not, you don’t like people talking crap about your kids. You go about doing tell your buddy Mike, I think he’s a great man and handled the situation perfectly. Have abound blessed day.

  7. SNL stands for Saturday Night LIES
    Ya just keep crawling to the bottom of the barrel and soon you will discenrgate to the mushasses you are. At least you’ll be food for worms. Your just despicable in all areas. No I didn’t watch your filth show. Just commenting on what you did.

    • SNL hasn’t done a great job since Jimmy Fallon left. They used to be funny, now, they aren’t even worth the push of a button except to pass the channel.

  8. SNL… bunch of losers… they are very disrespectful to our President and the people who elected him…I see them as a illiterates.. who won’t come together to make our country a better place… selfish.. you don’t agree with them you’re gonna be bullied!!

  9. Craig Paulk, our President is doing what the people who supported and voted for him want, that is millions of Americans. It is pitiful to see how any American can be so disrespectful and disgusting like you. President Trump can accomplish more in a couple of months than you during your entire miserable life. Shut your freaking mouth loser, get a life.

    • Bitch, stay on topic! The article is about a whiney, bitch congressman complaining about a tv show disrespecting his daughter when the candidate he supports does the same shit to women! Accomplish more in a couple months? He hasn’t done shut yet other than make America a fucking laughing stock of the world. Keep holding on to your dream, stupid!

  10. I guess people haven’t caught on. SNL is a political show pretending to be comedy. It’s not funny and hasn’t been for years.

    • Buuut, if it had been said about the previous presidents child or Hills little girl, you and other liberal crybabies would have been crying racist or the kids are off limits or any number of other things. Hypocrisy is an ugly thing.

  11. It’s too bad people can’t give their opinions without using the cuss words. I actually like to read what people think no matter what side they’re on. But when I see the F word repeated so much I assume they don’t have a big enough vocabulary big enough to express themselves so they just fill in the empty spaces with cuss words.

  12. I think SNL is reflecting what this society is becoming. Americans have turned angry and self absorbed. No room for differences of opinion. Just get physical. We see proof of that everyday, in stores, in airplanes, etc. This is a different America, and it starts from the top down. Our our government leaders need to start working for we the people, instead of spending our money on fights among themselves.


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