Minutes After James Comey Was Fired, John McCain Began His EVIL Plan To Destroy Trump


Yesterday afternoon Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey this Tuesday. It was glorious and the announcement was made while Comey was traveling.

Immediately, Senator John McCain attacked President Trump’s action. Democrats can always count on their biggest buddy: John McCain.


McCain released this statement critiquing Trump for his decision.

“While the President has the legal authority to remove the Director of the FBI, I am disappointed in the President’s decision to remove James Comey from office. James Comey is a man of honor and integrity, and he has led the FBI well in extraordinary circumstances. I have long called for a special congressional committee to investigate Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. The president’s decision to remove the FBI Director only confirms the need and the urgency of such a committee.”

You can always count on John McCain to attack Trump.

John McCain just showed who he really is. He is going to push for a special investigator in order to take Trump down. This is not good.

You remember what this losing Arizona senator said about Trump a couple of months ago.


What do you think, patriots? Is it time to fire John McCain next? Let’s do it. This dude lost the first election against Obama. He can’t win for us.

Do the following 2 steps to get John McCain fired please.

  1. Comment ‘FIRE JOHN MCCAIN NEXT” below this post on Facebook.
  2. SHARE this with 3 friends that you know for sure voted Trump.

Thanks for reading and let’s keep on draining that dang swamp, baby.

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  1. Not only is McCain disapointed by this decision of the President of the United States of America, but, by so stating his disappointment he has disapointed many of us.

  2. when are you going to realize you can ride the POW thing any longer…no one gives a rat’s ass as to your opinion…

    • An elected congressman or senator CANNOT be fired, @ least, not in Arizona. Impeachment may be the only method available, unless expulsion is another.

  3. McCain needs to go, I’m so sick and tired of hearing about this Russia collusion, Trump has been cleared more than once of any supposed collusion with Russia, time to let it go and move on to more important issues like getting Hillary tried for the Bengahazi murder of American soldiers, or Obama for his Treason.

  4. Everybody that is making comments or posting anything. Twiitter & Facebook has been spiing on us for years. I thought it was strange that the post I commented on, would disappear, or turn to another page. Than I started writing more about what is happening politicals and putting on a slightly negative tone to it. Than I started to notice that I couldn’t share my comment or write more. So I wanted to really make sure that they are reading my post as I am writing it. So I write really outrages comments that would get the liberals in a real knot. Well I was absolutely right. They have flag us and when ever we are on some kind of political post or comment they will monitor us, and will change the page. Freeze the post or turn off the computer. So If you are liberal, conservative, independent, or non political. the Scum Bag Liberal Democrats are taking away or 1st amendment, and keeping from knowing any truths so my advice to everybody. Is to over whelm this low life scum of the earth spiies by, writing the most offensive post you can. Let everybody do it , it will flood them and they wouldn’t be able to silence everybody. I don’t think one American would put up with being silence. Evenually somebody is going to learn who these spiies are, and I can see so nut job putting bullets in their head and their families. Not that I don’t think they deserve some form of punishment but I do believe that people are getting a bit carried away. I personally like the Idea of jamming their pages!

  5. PATRIOTS – FIRE MC CAIN – He’s a “has been” and nothing but a tragic “wanna be” that can’t Be.

  6. Yes, it confirms the need & urgency of special committee to investigate Russia election meddling by the Democrats!

  7. Pima, AZ here. I too was really dissapointed. How doe this POS keep getting elected. I thought people had finally woke up here, or was it the illegals who helped get him elected? There sure is no shortage of them here.

    • I to did not vote for him and wondered how he got re-elected? We can write him a letter online and tell him to step down.

  8. He’s just butt hurt cause Trump doesn’t think he is a war hero. If it can be done fire him. Drain, drain, drain.

  9. SINCE JOHN McCAIN HAS SUCH A LOW OPINION OF THE INTELLIGENCE OF THE AMERICAN VOTERS , I do believe it is now time for him to be impeached and sent home ! He fails to remember, among other things , that the same voters put him in office !

  10. John McStain; brainwashed by the Commies while a POW and sent back as a Manchurian candidate. Had to be pardoned for TREASON by then Pres. Nixon.
    Comey a man of honesty and integrity.
    On Comey’s watch;
    1) The FBI is informed that the Tsarnaev brothers are terrorists. Brought in for questioning and released. BOSTON MARATHON BOMBING.
    2) The San Bernadino killer brought in for questioning. Released. San Bernadino shooting.
    3) The Orlando Nightclub shooter is brought in by Comey’s Fbi for questioning. Released. Over a 100 people shot.
    Comey might have integrity but he is also the MOST INEPT FBI director ever

  11. 1 understand that McCain worked to change the entire GOP committee in Arizona last year so he could win the election !!!

  12. I think it is high time for the State of Arizona to remove John McCain! HE IS NO CONSERVATIVE!
    He is though a piece slime that truly doesn’t give a flip regarding America! He got his office on what a great POW hero he was…however that is NOT what his fellow POW’s call him. THEY say that he “sang like a bird” to protect himself and sold them out more than once! With that many contradicting McCain, I tend to believe their story, NOT his! Americans will not know the truth one way or another until Judgment Day when all things hidden will be revealed by God! However, in my books he is a devious underhanded “pot stirrer” of the first order. I have no use for traitors as his fellow POW’ have called him nor “pot stirrers”. Look in his eyes at the top photo…he lives to condemn others!

  13. Democrat McCain is a traitor to his party. He is so jealous that Trump is President and he lost his election. How many $$ did Soros pay you, John, to say this and try to have more taxpayers’ money spent on a useless investigation. How about you heading up an investigation into Obama and the Clintons? At least the investigators will find plenty on those three and you won’t be wasting our time or our money!!!!

  14. McCain is a traitor and has been one since the VietNam War! He sang like an opera star as a captive, and was even offered release prior to the end of the war! He begged to stay, as release would give indication of his treason!

  15. this dumorat ass wipe needs to go .Arizona it is up to you to recall this POS. start a petition do our country a great big favor please.

  16. While John McCain is a loser most of the time, this is one patriotic thing he is doing. Yes, Trump need some hard pri9son time, and those that whitewash his Russian ties are also traitors.

  17. President Trump and we the people are on our own with no help from congress/senate. we need to replace them all next year, unless each state would recall them now and fire them all. WE WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN AT ANY COST.

  18. John has based his entire political identity on having been a prisoner of war 50 years ago. Much of his personal identity is there also. When Donald Trump raised the issue that he would rather have a soldier who fought than one who was a prisoner, it devastated John McCain. McCain will always be an enemy of Trump, regardless of what else transpires. Trump raised the curtain on the lie of McCain being a war hero. There are no medals for being captured and held prisoner. Did McCain escape? NO. Did McCain say what he was told to say by the Vietnamese? YES. Not much of a hero.

    Fire McCain next!!!

  19. Poor John, he has no one to care for him, where is his family, can’t they see he’s NOT WELL?
    He SHULD have resigned after he lost his bid for President, but he didn’t read the warning
    signs! Now, he’s a sorass troll and that’s the end for poor John, NO fix for STUPID!!

  20. Honesty and integrity. Who the hell is retard talking about. It sure isn’t Coney. I know he will tell a lie and cover for his criminal friends. You will be voted out soon I hope.

  21. McCain is a drain on the democratic system. This Russia collusion is just another ploy by McCain and the democrats to hurt Trump.
    The latest is that when meeting with the Russian envoy Trump gave him classified information, RIDUCLUS Our president must meet with foreign diplomats if we are to have any chance of having peaceful relations with them.

  22. John Mc Cain is such a disappointing rep. He hould go home retire and shut up!
    He, like the other dinsaurs, IS all out of Obummer’s bed and out of good ideas and forgot who HE represents!!!!


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