Oh My God! What The Journalist Behind The Comey Memo Just Admitted Will Make Trump Cheer

Image Source: Fox News, MSNBC

Michael Scmidt from the New York Times is behind the alleged “Trump-Comey Memo” and told fake news anchor Brian Williams that he has not ACTUALLY seen the memo that James Comey supposedly wrote.

You seriously got to watch this.

Scmidt sumbled over his words and commented to Williams that “Someone that he had seen (the memo) had recounted details to me.”


Schmidt has been known to get a story wildly wrong before, according to Got News. At one point, this New York Times reporter cited an anonymous federal law enforcement source saying that the San Bernardino terrorists discussed jihad openly. That never happened.

This guy hasn’t in fact seen the Comey documents. That means that the Democrats are crying for impeachment and they are going off bad intel. They haven’t actually seen this.

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Thanks for reading. (h/t Got News)

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  1. President Trump is innocent. The democrats are grasping for anything to try to get Trump impeached. But, President Trump has done absolutely nothing to be impeached for. I stand with my President now and forever.

  2. When was that video? I thought Brian Williams was off the air now for lying. Anyhoo, this is def a political witch hunt!!

  3. I am so sick of these New York Times/Washington Post reporters! Now they have jeopardized the investigation over intel they received or faked about Manchester terrorist attack! Throw them & the leaker(s) in jail!


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