OH NO: Ann Coulter Just Stabbed Donald Trump in the Back! This is Bad…

Source: Gage Skidmore

Love her or hate her, Ann Coulter has been on the Trump Train since the very beginning. All the way back in 2015 she declared her admiration for the man as President. That all changed today…

Ann Coulter decided to do an interview with The Daily Caller.  That’s when she did the unthinkable: She turned on Trump!

“I’ll say we had no choice, but the Trump-haters were right… It’s a nightmare. I can’t even contemplate that. Right now I’m still rooting for him to turn around.”

She went on to say she didn’t believe in him as a negotiator after the most recent budget.


“That budget the Republicans pushed through was like a practical joke… Did we win anything? And this is the great negotiator?”

News flash, Ann, Trump also got Israel and Palestine to agree to peace talks. Pretty impressive negotiations.

Of course, it really heated up when she suggested that Donald Trump may be a “fascist” for hiring Ivanka.

“I have from the beginning been opposed to Trump hiring any of his relatives. Americans don’t like that, I don’t like that. That’s the one fascist thing he’s done. Hiring his kids.”

Maybe he just trusts her and knows she will offer a different and educated viewpoint. It’s not like he named her President-in-Waiting or anything.

I say who cares. Let Ann Coulter jump ship. She just wants the controversy. I bet there is another new book announcement soon.

There are millions of Trump supporters. One down is no big thing.


    • Exactly. She is and always will be on the Trump Train. So will i but I still criticize what he does wrong. And I tell him directly as well. BECAUSE WE CARE AND WANT HIM TO SUCCEED !

  1. Trump is doing extremely well internationally. Trump is struggling domestically because Hillary has been running the “deep state” for 24 years. She knows how to keep control when presidents change. Not this time, but President Trump needs our help this week more than ever. Trey Gowdy is the ONLY acceptable FBI director. Trump needs someone who would never sell out.

    • Just watch – he will skip over the good Gowdy’s , Clark’s, and the Police Chief everyone says is perfect for the job – and watch him pick who Ivanka wants – another criminal – the rest on his list are criminals !
      Where does he get his names from anyway ? Hillary ?

      I hope this time he finally proves me wrong.
      WE shall see……


      • How do you know Ivanka is choosing who should b e accepted? Doesn’t he had a number of other qualified counselors?

        • For one, Trump himself said Ivanka picked Pence for his VP. You have to listen to what each person SAYS and not forget it. There was a news bulletin out about how Ivanka hired (not Trump hired but Ivanka did) this criminal Dem guy for HER ASSISTANT. A friend of HIllary’s. Jared and Ivanka run the entire west wing – that is the wing that runs the WH.
          Ivanka is close friends with the Clintons for years – everyone knows this. She is also friends with Angela Merkel – she just flew to Germany to visit her and be on German TV – I watched it. I heard her words that went all over Europe ! ! Things like this you need to keep track of – where people go and who they go to see and what was the result ! It’s all part of vetting them.
          God says you know someone by the company they keep – who their friends are !

          It’s well known that Jared Kushner has a criminal family and are connected to Illuminati people – some have put out YouTubes saying right out that Jared is Illuminati and very OWG goaled. That is OPPOSITE of what Trump said for his agenda for 2 years !

          It’s not hard to find out info – you just need to pay attention.

          I sacrifice my sleep to do this all night long for 14 hours. I run my farm ranch all day.

          I use to be an under-cover investigator for the state police many years ago – I have a nose for it.



          • When you listen you obviously need an interpreter. The things you said are idiotic and a person would have to be an idiot to beleive it. Now, go troll somewhere else.

          • You are also a person who sounds like a frigging idiot. What the hell does being a “bio-Chemic Nutritionist” have any damn thing to do with politics? Your post sounds as idiotic as anything that would spew from Nancy Pelosi’s mouth.

      • Although I FULLY SUPPORT President Trump, I agree with Coulter in that Trump should NOT be taking advice from Ivanka and her staunch, life-long liberal Democrat husband, Jared Kushner (otherwise known as the “LEFT WING” of the White House).

  2. I must agree with Ann…..I was livid when he appointed Ivanka and her husband to WH positions. Get them to hell out, she is besties with liberals and wants to stay with the Paris Accord and hubby is a criminal like his pop.

  3. First off he isnt a politician. Secondly, how do you know he isnt allowing himself to “lose” first to get what he really wants long term. third, he has only been in a few months. GIve him a break Ann! Possibly Trumps thoughts are higher than your thoughts, especially for a President who seeks counsel from God.

  4. Never seems to fail, people outgrow themselves and either succeed going forward or making an ass out of themselves. I have always admired Ann, but now, I just have to write her off as being a phony Trump loyalist. I stood with her as I have with Trump since the beginning. I guess after her disappointment at Berkeley, she realizes she has falling in the ratings and popularity, so now she will do anything to improve her ratings. Too bad girl, you stepped on your ……. this time.

    • Ann is most definitely wrong! She is treating Trump as if he had the power of God at his disposal! Yes, he prays! Yes, he believes! But, he also has diabolical battles to fight! The best thing we can do for him is PRAY! Pray FOR him! Pray against his enemies!

  5. I do not like Ann Coulter, if i was president Trump, i wouldn’t let her bother me for one second, i wonder if she feels good since she stab him in the back.

    • He hired Bush left over Globalist Condi Rice who has been stabbing Trump in the back since the day he hired her ! THAT is stabbing in the back !

      Coulter is just pointing out things that need to be fixed – she is not off the Trump Train. She wants Trump to succeed. Part of that is pointing out his mistakes so he can fix them.

  6. Kennedy has family members in the White house. Why not Trump? He trusts them. They are NOT like Ann Coulter…but it would not do any harm for Trump to take some advice every day…

    • It worked back in those days – we are in much different days today and besides the Kennedy’s were on the same team – not so with the Kushners (Jared & Ivanka) who are OPPOSITE of Trump’s agenda. They are destroying Trump’s administration ! They are Dem OWG Globalists and manipulating Trump to their ways. They are against everything Trump stood for. And I mean EVERYTHING !

        • I do a lot of research – 14 hours a night 7 nights a week. I put out a daily newsletter for 19 years – I have to know my stuff.
          I do a LOT of vetting on people.
          I notice any type of change – then I dig to find out why it is happening.

          AND I’ve lived most of it myself and know these things first hand. I’m old. I remember FDR and Truman !

    • Oh how wrong you are ! Those Trump is trusting are the very ones stabbing him in the back !
      Trump cannot seem to tell good guys from the bad guys – that is his downfall !
      Especially when it is in his own family !
      his daughter and son-in-law are the main leakers in the WH !
      But you won’t see him recognize that fact.
      WE all know it – there are YouTubes out on it – but Trump chooses not to see it.

      Until he gets the Kushners OUT of the WH, the leaks will not stop and the swamp will never drain !
      They are working against him big time !
      He’s loyal to his family– but certain ones are NOT loyal to him !

      • Be careful what you believe! Just because it’s on YouTube doesn’t make it the truth! Everything must be weighed! I search in a lot of different places, and I’ve never seen anything about ALL of his counselors being bad guys! Ivanka and her husband have done nothing to deserve your disdain!

  7. I respect Ann Coulter’s point of view. She tells it like it is with no fan fare. Trump isn’t perfect and it ought to be pointed out to him from time to time by his allies, the ones who truly support him.

  8. Good piece, I agree. I’ll love Donald J. Trump no matter what he does. We should change the currency to say “In Trump We Trust”

    • Huh? You act like Trump is some kind of savior? The reason that I voted for Trump is because there wasn’t anyone else to vote for not because he’s a god.

    • Never follow any man blindly. No one on Earth is a god, even if THEY think they are like Hillary does and Obama does. and Soros has said he’s God in one of his interviews ! Does not make it so. Trump has never come close to think or say it.
      Have loyalty, but not worship.
      Only Jesus gets that.

  9. I am so tired of these reporters or journalists as they call themselves, always giving negative remarks about the President. They want let their trash rest for even one day. I used to like Ann Coulter, but my opinion just changed. She is just like the rest of the media representatives.They won’t let the President be the President.

  10. That is wonderful to read!!! Trump is responsible for his own actions. He and his followers like to blame others. Trump needs someone who will tell the truth and stick with the truth no matter how he feels.

  11. I must say, this really surprises me about Ann Coulter, I did not realize that she is such a backstabber…..until now. She of all people should know that Obama leftovers are still entrenched and they make it very difficult for our president to do what he wants because the Neocons as well as the entrenched Obamaites make it next to impossible for him to do what he wants domestically. I thought she was smarter then that. Well, it’s her loss because in the end her remarks are going to bite her square on her ass!

  12. I agree with Ms Coulter’s with the Pres hiring his children, Ivanka and Jared. Okay, Ivanka don’t get salary. However, she’s still a part of the WH’s management, in-charge of positions that are created for her. Why? What is noticeable too, is the presence of his 2 elder son, Eric, and Jr, in most conferences. Again, why?Nepotism is evil in governance. It’s only practiced in the Third World corrupt countries(where the whole family become part of the government, elected or self-appointed). Don’t get me wrong…I am a fan of Pres Trump. We all know that he loves his children, but he should remember that he’s running the WH now, not the Trump Towers Corp. I’m looking forward to seeing the lovely First Lady, and Baron in the Big House soon.

  13. I think Ann is wrong for leaving him He should make examples of all of them like Killary obama john McCain the trader Gryam is another one prosecute all of them Stop playing the GOP’s game Do what the democrats would do prosecute as many as he can that way it will DRAIN the SWAMP get the wall built any one in congress that doesn’t work with him campaign against them stick with the people You can do it Mr President Trump I for one am with you

  14. I am a Trump supporter but I agree with Ann Coulter about hiring his daughter. Not a good move. As far as the budget goes, I haven’t really read it. So I’ll reserve my opinion on that for after I investigate it.

  15. Ann got a glass of cool aid. She has never been a firm Trump person anyway. Remember Romney. She jumps all over the place and is always for Ann Coulter.

  16. Fact is the very day Ivanka and Jared Kushner moved into the WH and took over, things went wonky and Trump turned into a Globalist. The swamp went from full to over-flowing.
    Get the Kushners OUT ! Stop meeting with Bilderberger Kissinger as another “adviser” and get the swamp critters OUT – don’t let Ivanka fill it up more ! The Kushners say who stays and who goes and who is hired – they are kids with NO govt experience and they are running the country ! They have turned the elected Republican administration into a Dem Hillary-Obama-Soros dream team ! It is a Dem Globalist administration !
    We did NOT elect THEM !

    NO more hiring of Never Trumpers or Bush left-overs like Globalist Condi Rice who has been stabbing Trump in the back since he first hired her !

    The Kushners are Dem Globalist proxies for Hillary and Soros in the WH !
    Ivanka is very close friends with the Clintons for years, and Soros owns and funds
    Jared !

    Ivanka also is friends with Angela Merkel, and calls her “the greatest leader”. So you know where the Kushners stand and they manipulate Trump. Trump cannot say NO to Ivanka.
    Why do you not see Hillary and Obama and Soros in prison ? THAT’s why !

    And don’t bomb anymore nations because she tells you to like she did in Syria. !
    Ivanka is who told Trump to bomb Syria ! And he did !

    Remember Ann Coulter knows more of inside the WH then we do.

    On this issue I’m in agreement with her.
    Get the Kushners OUT of the WH and OUT of politics !!
    And stop the daily advising from Kissinger – top Bilderberger OWG along with Soros and Bill Gates = all Bilderbergers. I cringe every time he meets with them !
    And then his planned meeting with the Vatican is a BIG no-no ! The Vatican is one of the main leaders for OWG and for pedophilia !
    NO previous president EVER met or recognized the Vatican until Reagan did and put the Vatican over the US ! Every prez since has bowed to the pope putting a curse on this land ! And this pope is not a real pope – he’s a Jesuit – that is the militant branch of the Roman Catholic Church, not religious. It is against their own law to allow a Jesuit in the Vatican ! Thus he is illegitimate. The Vatican is part of the OWG – the 2nd Beast of Revelation also called the False Prophet.

    And this constant attack on Russia, who has done nothing to us, and are actually an ally if the Dems would allow them to be, but no – the Dems are determined to get everyone turned against Russia so they can go to war with them.
    Dems hate Russia because Putin got rid of all the Globalists and OWG Bankers out of his nation. And they are a Christian nation – and Dems hate Christians.

    All in all, the Dems are still in control in the WH – THAT IS A BIG PROBLEM !


  17. Trump has not done the right or “Constitutional” thing on several major issues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    #1] Trump ordered (VIA executive orders) 2 risky oil pipelines to be constructed!!!!
    All we need is to make sure Inventions HIDDEN by Government and corporations are put to work for America.
    We could be “Oil Free” & extremely prosperous. Trump failed all of us on that.

    #2] Trump exposes himself over & over again with his own words!!!!!

    #3] A video names lots of names proving TRUMP IS THE SWAMP:
    We got played!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    #4] President Donald J. Trump Signs H.R. 353 into Law. The “Weather Research and Forecasting Innovation Act of 2017,” which reauthorizes and modifies the Department of Commerce’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s: (1) weather research and forecasting programs; and (2) tsunami detection, forecast, warning, research and mitigation programs.
    Harvard engineers who launched the world’s biggest solar geoengineering research program may get a dangerous boost from
    Donald J. Trump, environmental organizations are warning.

    #5] Trump has NOT stopped GeoEngineering Chemtrails!!!!!!!!
    It’s right in front of your face …. IF YOU CARE TO LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfE6blMxfT0&t=398s
    2] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bwf9mYIu25o
    4] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5KgYFvsW0c
    5] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yijTiDapCg
    6] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bwf9mYIu25o

    #6] MORE IMPERATIVE ISSUES IN THIS LINK: If Trump were authentic? most if not all of these issues would not be happening!!!

    #7] David Keith’s company “Carbon Engineering was awarded $25 Million by Richard Branson (of the Virgin Airline Group)

    #8) ALIPAC Revokes Trump Endorsement Due To Betrayal on Immigration Promises
    ALIPAC’s Open Letter Regarding Trump’s Lost Endorsement

    #9] For the first time Trump says he is a “Mason”:
    Trump admits he’s a Mason: https://youtu.be/2zRECg3YESo

  18. Ivanka does not get paid, and they still complain? with the world against him, he needs some support because he does not know he can really trust.

  19. Can’t stand Ann Coulter because she is so wrong about so much, and she is loyal probably only to her dog.

  20. FOOL Ann Coulter – why don’t you go sit on Colbert’s Knee and do your future cooing with him !
    You shove your books where the sun doesn’t shine.

  21. You can’t fix stupid – I don’t believe it . . . come on folks – let’s get the left straight and stop all this crap. Stop buying and supporting their papers and social media.

  22. Trey, Trey, Trey there can be no other.. Besides his name is easy to type on all keyboards.. Not worried about Ann at all.. If she jumps off the train, 10 more will jump on, just like the new Ms. America..

  23. I don’t agree with everything the president does. No one person is going to do everything you think should be done. The questions are , Does he have the best interests of the U S A at heart when making decisions, and is he doing everything he can to deliver on his promises. Yes to both. I have complaints but none I would air publicly. Trump needs us to rally around him right now, everyone else is doing their best to destroy him. And I don’t say that lightly, the elite media, the left, the establishment, weak republicans, the entertainment industry and the never Trumpers are conspiring, their only purpose, decimating our POTUS. They try to pass off bizarre speculations as factual news. There is NOTHING they would not do to take Trump down. My fear is they will fabricate evidence of wrong doing where there isn’t any.

  24. Ann Coulter makes a valid point. Trump said he was opposed climate change, yet it seems that his daughter and her husband are globalist. Jared Kushner also has business ties with George Soros and Ivanka has dealings with Chinese (communist) sweat shops. Trump could take many turns against his campaigne promises because of his daughters influence.

  25. Although I FULLY SUPPORT President Trump, I agree with Coulter in that Trump should NOT be taking advice from Ivanka and her staunch, life-long liberal Democrat husband, Jared Kushner (otherwise known as the “LEFT WING” of the White House).

  26. Ann ,who are you that yiu count..Trump is the best that has happened to America. since Ragion.WHO are you to jump ship. when the left is going to destroy us.


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