OH NO: Major Liberal Newspaper Just Did Something HEARTBREAKING to General Mattis

Source: Flicker @SecDef

It is sad when you see great men and women being put in such terrible positions. Secretary of Defense James Mattis has had his privacy violated in a MAJOR way by the Washington Post.

They shared a picture of his personal cell phone number with the general public.

The newspaper released General Mattis’s phone number to the public on “accident” alongside an article about Trump’s bodyguard delivering the Comey-firing letter to the FBI.

The photograph showed bodyguard Keith Schiller walking with a stack of papers that had a sticky note on top. On that note, clear as day, was written: “Jim Mad Dog Mattis” with his personal number right there.

One of the readers finally reached out to the author,┬áRachel Manteuffel, and let her know. She then called the number and confirmed it was Mattis’s cell.


How could a paper as big as this make such a major error? I mean, if they were smaller and didn’t have an army of editors I could believe it. However, the Washington Post? There is no excuse.

We need to hold them accountable. Lord knows the rest of their lefty media buddies won’t. That’s why we gotta let the world see the terrible thing they did to Jim Mattis (by sharing) and tell them “We Won’t Take It Anymore!”


  1. The Washington Post is a disreputable rag specializing in yellow journalism and false news along with their miscreant sidekick the N.Y. Times


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