Oh My! Seconds Ago Trump Walked Up to Israel’s Western Wall And Did The UNTHINKABLE

Image Source: Twitter

President Donald Trump did something at the Western Wall that no U.S. president has ever done before. Trump walked up to the wall and stood with his hand outstretched for a second. He then left something incredible in a crack in the wall. See if you can see what Trump left at the foot of the wall in this video.

Trump is the first sitting president to ever visit the Western wall, according to NBC. This comes on the heels of him begging Muslim leaders to “drive out the terrorists and extremists.” Trump is going to the Vatican next. This President has stamina!


The Western Wall is not officially considered Israeli territory. Trump has not been clear as to whether he considers the holy site to be part of Israel.

Trump stands resolutely at one of Israel’s holiest sites. Image Source: Youtube

Let’s send Trump our positive energy.

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God bless America and thanks for reading, y’all. 🙂

Paris is the best writer on the Internet and helped get Donald Trump elected President in November 2016.


  1. Trump did NOT “beg” Muslim leaders to do anything. He told them, spoke with them on what needed to be done for our co operation. My goodness. The misuse ( intentional?) of words is amazingly arrogant.

  2. SO incredibly proud and moved as a Jewish American to see my President visit this holiest of sites for the Jewish people. Wonderful to see!

  3. God Bless President Trump!
    Thank you for doing a awesome job!
    We continue to pray for you

    John and Kim Miles

  4. Thank you for your reporting the facts as they are unfolded, many journalists have gone to shock and lies to get front page recognition.

  5. God Bless Mr. Trump, Mrs. Trump and his family for praying and working hard to establish peace in the Middle East and the world. Amen.

  6. I am very impressed with the statesmanship shown by President Trump. I see new ways to respect his leadership every day. His entire family is a great asset to regaining the respect of our people and the whole world. God bless America!

  7. So moving to see President Trump at the wall….. Very humbling… I’ve had persons place prayer requests in the wall for me.To see President Trump do this brings tears. God Keep your Hand on this man and our country!❤

  8. God bless Trump and God Bless the holy land. This is a very special part of his trip.
    Hope it goes as well as it did in Saudi!!!!!

  9. Bless President Trump and all he is doing for our country. It is time the liberals, the media, and others who belittle him day in and day out need to get a life. I am so sick of the crap that is said continuously against him and those who work for him. After 8 years of a no show president..we should be thankful we have a president with some smarts and one who wants to make America Great Again. How many can say they raised their family as good as Trump? I am proud of his sons and daughters and how they show respect. Good job Mr. President!!

    Yes indeed. We have a extremely devoted President. He is very wise to put God first. I am sure his petition was Peace for Our Countries and praying for God through the leadership of the Holy Spirit to lead and guide him on a daily basis.

  11. I believe President Trump is a messenger for God, and I pray that God will bless him with every spiritual blessing and supply all his needs in Christ Jesus

  12. God Bless you President Trump and thank you for the sacrifices you are making for God America and all mankind. THANK YOU…..

  13. God bless America, God Bless Israel and God bless the world. May we see peace and harmony and may evil be sent where it belongs!

  14. God bless you President Trump and may your prayers be answered. Let’s all love one another as God so loved us that He gave us His One and only Son Jesus to die for our stinkin sins so we may live in peace, safety and love. Let’s do it people. It’s not a religion but a way of life, the only life worth living.

  15. We now have a President who is showing respect for Israel and is honoring the alliance we have with this ancient state and also following through with his promises to the people who elected him.

  16. I’am so proud of our President Trump n his entourage! They represent America in such a dignified way,each n everyone of them!We definitely have a great respectful President n I must say Thanks be to God,the Lord heard our prays!President Trump n his Administration is going to change America around for the good,America will be great again,Thank You Mr. President,you are a man with a big heart ❤️ n a faithful Christian!God Bless You All n Lord keep them safe n bring them home alive n well for there is much evil waiting to destroy the President,engulf their a Guardian Angels all around them always!Amen

  17. Praise God for a President who is for all Christians and all of America. He is also trying to make America great again in spite of all the evil things the Democrats and liberals are trying to do to him!!! He’s trying to make things great for all of us!! We love you Mr President and are praying for you and all who work with you and all of your family!!

  18. Our prayers are for you and Melania for a safe and inspirational trip. You are the real deal – Godspeed Mr. Presudent!

  19. Paris, if you are going to remain the “best writer on the Internet,” you must get your facts straight. You wrote, “This comes on the heels of him begging Muslim leaders to ‘drive out the terrorists and extremists’.” Begging?
    No, President Trump was not “begging Muslim leaders.” On the contrary, he was demanding that Muslim leaders “drive out the terrorists and extremists.” Drive them out; drive them out; drive them out!

  20. This is wonderful to see. I bet his prayer was for peace that he put in the wall. Since the start of this election, I have seen God bring a change over him. I believe God knew he could work with Trump’s heart and that Trump was the best choice for getting things done to benefit us.

  21. Jesus bless Mr. Trump for reaching out in Truth, and reward him with Wisdom and the life described in Acts 2:38 just like the Apostles of God!

  22. God bless our President Donald Trump and guide him through the endless maze of international politics to restore Our countries greatness.


  24. Bebe the most evil entity on Earth and why should we be surprised that Trump would do this publicly
    After all Ivanka renounced Christ to become a Jew another fake Israelite

    • Bebe the most evil entity on Earth and why should we be surprised that Trump would do this publicly
      After all Ivanka renounced Christ to become a Jew another fake Israelite, and I also helped to get Donald Trump elected
      I did not vote for Kushner Ivanka and the rest of the elitist globalist surrounding Trump

    The LORD sent him to us. To bring our great nation back into his folds. To protect us from the EVIL that threatens our very way of life. Each and every U.S.Citizen will be adversly affected
    if Islam is ever allowed to take over our government. And understand this is not a true religion. It is a theology of world domination. It is more a form of government than religion,as it controls every aspect its followers lives.

  26. President Trump I too have been to that wall. What an experience, you will never forget. You are doing so good and look so Presidential. We are so proud of you and Maliana.

  27. God Bless you President Trump. We the people stand behind you and at your side with God! Thank you for doing all you are in the name of peace on this earth!

  28. God bless Mr pres Trump,be with him always Lord in every way,Open a door where there is no doors,bring him closer to you Lord so he can do what you put him here to do,and strengthen him Lord in Jesus name I pray.

  29. It is customary to write a prayer on paper and stick it securely in a crack in the wall so I’m sure his prayer note is near mine placed there in November of 2001.

  30. Dear President Trump,
    Your mission for world peace is astounding. You have accomplished more in your venture with world leaders than has ever been achieved in the history of the world. The people of our country and across the globe are standing in awe of courage, determination, and will that there is finally a man on earth that cares so much , not just about America but of ALL countries to find a way that we may all live in harmony and accept the ways of our fellow human beings. God is with you on your mission as well as the hearts of humanity. God Bless you and your family for your all you are doing as our Country’s leader. You are an inspiration to us all. WE SINCERELY THANK YOU <3

  31. I absolutely think President Trump wants to better this County, is loyal to the American people and wants what is best for them. Where is all this hatred, the incessant ridicule and disrespect coming from? We are teaching our children and grandchildren these horrible traits – perfect examples are Berkley and now the walkout on Vice-President Pence and some people agree it is OK.

    NO it is not OK to interfere with other grads and their parents’ special time. A child graduating from college is once in a lifetime moment of pride for the family and the student. How dare these selfish and childish actions mar that moment. Protest, walk-out, and demonstrate; however, have the class and dignity to respect the fact that you were affecting other people. My thinking: These are the same children that were allowed to throw temper tantrums and disrespect adults with no repercussions.

    The second question is, “WHY DIDN’T THEY JUST STAY HOME” if they were so offended by VP Pence? What did they achieve except being “booed”.

  32. President Trump has done more for America in the few months that he has been in office than the Democrats that I voted for previously before him. It is very hard to do your best when people are always looking for ways to bring you down. Americans should stand behind him and give full support s he was voted in by their fellow Americans and stop this cry babying. So far he does not have a Benghazi to his name andI wish him all God’s help.

  33. ALL of Israel belongs to the Jewish people by proclamation of God…there is no such a thing as a palestinian and there was no nation of Palestine -they own NOTHING in Israel…they are occupiers plain and simple…

  34. God bless President Trump throughout his trip abroad visiting government and religious leaders on his mission of peace and cooperation among our Allies in this time of terrorism and strife in the Middle East. I am proud of his accomplishments thus far and his ongoing attempts to improve the United States’ status and relationships with other nations and their leaders in that part of the world.

  35. I am so proud of our President Donald Trump, his wife Melania & his whole family. They are so respectful to the people of other countries.

  36. What a weird headline, try to see what he left at the foot of the Western Wall?
    I guess you better tell me what he left at the foot of the Western Wall.
    He put a prayer in the wall like a lot of people do, but nothing was put at the foot and I enlarged it as much as I could.
    You made your headline like a negative item and there was none that I could see. I think you might be dreaming or smoking some really high quality pot.
    I will be expecting a reply, if there is none I will assume that you are a purveyor of fake news and I should not waste my time reading your stuff.

  37. Donald Trump, you are a Great Statesman for all of America, you have done the unthinkable you have set a precedent of Great Will and Friendship towards all of Mankind not just on your Journey you are on but in the Hearts of every American you Symbolized American Sensitivity in areas of Bloodshed and represented all Ethnic Cultures in their Religion thank you for Providing an Avenue of Universal interpretation for all Mankind that we should all embrace Peaceful resolutions of Obedience towards one another and made significant advances towards a Peaceful Resolution of Love and Peace in the name of Humanity and our Lord Jesus Christ.

  38. I will share this with those who are especially against him…. I pray that all the prayers for his protection, strength,wise choices, and favor be grated.

  39. Paris, you are a breath of fresh air in a polluted,vile, evil atmosphere! God Bless You and please keep reporting the truth and supporting our great President.

  40. God Bless President Donald J. Trump and his family! Show him the way to guide Peace to all mankind.
    Quiet those who distract and help them find more peace and acceptance in their lives.
    In God we Trust.

  41. God bless you, President Trump. You are a man of integrity. I pray that you will continue to rise above the rude, disrespectful and sometimes evil people that continue to try and discredit you.

  42. this man continues to amaze. he is our President, a good, honest and intelligent person, May God continue to bless him and the United States.

  43. president Trump being human is not perfect but he sure is doing the right things for our country God Bless Him and his Family and Administration we need those that are angry that he won. Give him a chance as things are already happening and he is going to be Pres for at least eight years, America Will Be Great Again..

  44. God Bless Trump! USA!!
    I love my president! So proud of him representing our great Nation! I love Israel !!! God is Good!

  45. The Hand of God is upon PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP. He is Anointed to accomplish what no man before him could accomplish! GOD is with him and within him. A NEW ERA is dawning.

  46. My God bless President Trump and his cabinet with all his goodness and mercys, good health and our countrys support

  47. America has one of the greatest President’s that ever lived…! We are becoming proud Americans again…His reaffirmed friendship with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanayhu is emotional and deep. Both these leaders are great men and it took our President to strengthen this bond after the hate of Obama. Hillary would never have done this. America dodged a bullet with Hillary because our President stood up to do what is needed for America. He is well loved around the World and by many dignitaries who truly respect this man. God Bless our Beloved President Trump.

  48. I hope in his prayer, he included the United States. In all this political unrest, the United States needs to turn her priorities around and place God first like they did during WWII.

  49. God bless President Trump for having the courage to go where other presidents have not gone! Thank you for your leadership under the most intimidating circumstances! We all will reap the harvest if we hang together with God as our guide!

  50. God bless Trump. It must feel wonderful to walk where Jesus walked, even if the orthodox Jews don’t believe Jesus is the Messiah they will, soon. I would like to hear President Trump say Jesus saves! I get a little nervous since we are in end times. Even satan believes in God. satan knows Jesus exits but he wants to take his place. I worry about being deceived in the end times. I am watching closely.

  51. God bless Israel. God bless Trump. God bless America and may Jerusalem remain the capitol of Israel forever. Please don’t divide Israel any more. They gave up Jordon for peace then Lebanon then The Sinai then Gaza all for peace yet peace has not come. Don’t give up The West Bank (Judea and Sameria) nor East Jerusalem because it will not bring true peace yet again. It is just one more step to eliminate Israel off the map and that is all they want is no more Israel. Stand with Israel. God will bless those who bless her and will curse those who curse her. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Psalm 122.

  52. God Bless President Trump!

    God Bless America!

    God Bless Israel!

    Peace On Earth Good Will To Man!

    I Pray This In The Name Of Jesus Christ.

    Amen and Amen.


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