Paul Ryan Is Finished! Look What He Just Came Out On TV And Admitted Today…

Image Source: Fox news

Speaker Paul Ryan just defended his pile of crap budget that doesn’t include Trump’s border wall. Ryan defended the budget instead and made it clear that he does not work for the American people. Watch Paul Ryan defend his piece of crap bill in a GOP press conference.


Ryan and the GOP have even put language in the bill that restricts all funding of Trump’s border wall. Then Paul Ryan said this…


The best part is that Paul Ryan told reporters that he shares the President’s frustration.

“I share the president’s frustration.”

It’s time to drain that dang swamp. Let’s start with lyin’ Ryan. What is the point of winning elections for Republicans when they pass stuff like this.

If you think it is time to get rid of Paul Ryan, then SHARE this post everywhere! Let’s get this in front of every Trump voter and get this RINO out of office. (h/t The Gateway Pundit)

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  1. America “Legal” VOTERS WANT THE WALL!!! This Pansie “Put the LEFT LEG IN” and “Did the Hoakie Pokie” and never bothered “To Shake It All About!!!” (Politically Speaking)!!!

  2. here we go again back to what obama did paul ryan is a joke obama did not do anything but put us in worse shape so stop doing what he wants and do what trump says

  3. You’re right, it is time to drain the swamp. Orin Hatch has been in office for 40 years it is time for him to retire. There are many Democrats and Republicans who need to step aside.

  4. Paul Ryan probably didn’t want the wall because he knows the democrats in Congress depend on the drugs coming in here! Somebody should make the start taking drug tests. There’s got to something wrong with them when they keep saying Sharia law is fine with them! I bet he also threatened to cut Military spending in this budget

  5. Agreed. The Republicans have been so lily-livered, the best possible display of strength would be for them to begin by draining their own swamp. Let’s see……how about we start with all the Never Trumpers…..t would be grand indeed.

  6. I say Ryan needs to go, he does nothing to help our president. I find him to be nothing but a liberal cry baby.

  7. The time is way past due to get rid of the scum that is blocking the change we voted for. It is apparent that Ryan, McConnell, Graham, Cornyn and a few more ran as republicans so they could get elected. When the smoke cleared they were clearly supportive of the Obama and leftist agenda. Which essentially means they wish only to line their pockets at the expense of the Americans who pay the taxes. If they do not support the platform that got President Trump elected, then they need to quit referring to themselves as republicans or conservatives in any sense of the word! Enough is enough!!

  8. I hate to use the word but it is the only descriptive one i can think of….Paul Ryan is a piece of “crap. he does not work for the people and we need to en masse let him know it and let trump know he needs to get rid of him. Can he not remove him as speaker with a “no confidence” vote. Can he be recalled by his state. We need to call for his resignation by mail, phone, facebook, any way we can and send money and donations to whoever primaries him and to all conservatives on the trump train running for election in 218. let’s drain the swamp this time. START NOW! I am in NH and i want Jean Shaheen our liberal senator gone and same with Maggie Hassan. We lost a rep Senator because she didn’t support Trump. We reelected that same senator because her opposition Scott Brown was not a defender of the 2nd amendment . How stupid to put him up in NH. Let’s get on this folks.


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