It’s A Purge: Hollywood Just Did Something UNFORGIVABLE to Tim Allen Just for Supporting Trump

Source: FOX News

Today, Hollywood ganged up on and murdered the legendary comedian Tim Allen’s revitalized career over politics. What ABC just did to him is beyond unforgivable.

As y’all probably knew already, Allen was the main character on ABC’s Last Man Standing. The show doing incredibly well, clocking in as the channel’s 2nd highest rated comedy.

And through it all, Tim Allen remained an ardent Trump supporter and very critical of Hollywood. He said on Jimmy Kimmel that they are so politically ideological that it felt like 1930s Germany!

Now ABC has canceled Tim Allen’s top-rated show…

So why did they cancel it? Well, nobody is 100% sure. However, the biggest rumor right now is that Bob Iger, the CEO ABC’s Parent company Disney, wants to run for President as a Democrat in 2020 and is purging anything that is “too conservative.”


And that’s exactly what “Last Man Standing” was. It was too conservative for TV. The main character was a hard working, “old-fashioned”, middle aged white male and the man playing him was a Republican. That’s just too much diversity for the Liberal elite, I guess.

Twitter blew up over it. Many conservatives are demanding a full boycott of both ABC and Disney until they show respect for Conservatives.

This is just another example of the thought-police on the left wanting to control what we do and do not think. We gotta fight back. We need to share this to every conservative/generally rational person you know so we can keep our voice.

Patrick Henry once said, “Give me Liberty, or Give me Death.”


  1. Another great article Danny, thank you. So all I have left to say is this – GIVE ME Tim Allen back OR GIVE ME the pleasure of watching Disney’s stock tank.


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