Right After Melania Finished Speech Today, Trump Walked Behind Her and Did The UNBELIEVABLE

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First, lady addressed the U.S. military personnel at the naval base in Ital this Saturday. In a very rare speech, Melania Trump talked about the sick children she met in Europe and the Middle East on her trip with her husband. Watch what Trump does at the end of the video that has the media going insane.


Trump gave Melania a kiss! They even held hands before they got on the plane. Hahaha.

Look they are holding hands

The media is going insane, too. Did you see the headlines that they have been running this week?

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It’s so sad how much the media obsesses over Trump and Melania. That’s why it was so good to see them kiss.

“This trip for me has been very special and I will never forget the women and children I met,” she told the crowd in Italy.

“I also want to take a moment to thank you all for the sacrifices you make on behalf of our country,” she said. Melania won the hearts of many across the Middle East and Europe.

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  1. The media will do and say anything to down the Trump’s. If Obama and his wife had done this they would have gotten praise to the sky. but let the Trumps do it and they are downed for it and have committed some kind of crime. GET REAL MEDIA!!!


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