Right After Firing James Comey, Trump Went And Devastated Chuck Schumer with Something Massive

Source: (Left)) Twitter @RealDonaldTrump, (Right) Youtube

Donald Trump has been on fire these last few days. The biggest of all is when he terminated FBI director James Comey for lying to Congress.

Of course, Chuck Schumer tried to get in front of it and make a whole conspiracy. He actually made it seem like Trump fired Comey to cover for himself.

That’s when President Trump got out his phone and blasted Senator Schumer with the one thing he hates…The Truth.

The President Tweeted,

‘Cryin’ Chuck Schumer stated recently, “I do not have confidence in him (James Comey) any longer.” Then acts so indignant. #draintheswamp.’

What Donald Trump is talking about is the fact that Schumer demanded Comey’s firing during the election, then when Trump actually did fire him, the Senator came out publicly and said,

“Why did it happen today? We know the FBI had been looking into whether the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians – a very serious offense. Were these investigations getting too close to home for the president?”

Wow, pretty bold statement coming from a man who back in November told Bloomberg,

“I do not have confidence in him (FBI Director Comey) any longer.”

This looks to me like another classic case of partisan politics. When it’s Hillary Clinton on the line, James Comey needs to be dropped. When it’s a Republican in trouble, Comey somehow becomes Schumer’s personal super hero.

We gotta get this Shared out to all the Trump supporters to set the record straight once and for all. We can also comment “Chuck Schumer Resign”


  1. Chuck Schumer resign you only make a firing to your advantage huh? You do for Hillary you don’t for President Trump. I guess it’s Who is in your party!

  2. Gotta love President Trump. Schumer is a complete as****e!!! America has the most ignorant people in the democratic party-liars, thieves, murderers etc…
    Do they not think the public remembers what they said a few months before on certain subjects– this happens every time, footage shows up with them saying the exact opposite. ACCEPT IT–HILLARY LOST & SO DID THE DEMOCRATS!!!!

      • She lost twice, first to a non American hemorhoide riding Muslim with fake papers, how in the heck did she think she can beat TRUMP, only one way, rig the election. in witch she did and still lost.

      • Someone needs to remind Killery what happened to good ol’ John Brown (of Harpers Ferry fame); her fame will forever be Benghazi!

    • Maybe Schumer right – there should be a complete and thorough investigation into the Russian interference to include all Senators and staff, Congressmen and staff, all Presidential candidates and staff – see how fast McCain and Schumer shut up.

      • You left out the CIA !!!! As they have the hacking tools to make it appear like it was Russia or China or n Korea !!!!

      • There was NO Russian interference! That has been proven! Chuck Schumer and others (Republicrats and Democrats) need to get off of it! Of course, if you get all your news from ABC,CBS,CNN and NBC you get garbage!

      • Trump should put this out in a tweet!
        Other Democratic senators in that meeting were: Sens. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, Maria Cantwell of Washington, Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, Jack Reed of Rhode Island, Robert Casey of Pennsylvania and Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island. In Kanuary 2013 Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., Sen. Chuck Schumer and Vladimir Putin enjoying coffee and donuts. ” Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va.,A pair of tweets first unearthed by National Review’s Charles C.W. Cooke showed McCaskill twice wrote messages about meetings with Kislyak, in 2013 and 2015.

        Russian Ambassador Kislyak is listed as visiting the White House at least 22 times between 2009 and 2016.
        So tell me again; who had ties with Russia again?

    • Cheryl Ohler Ruiz — I Agree with you — President Trump also has some (RINO Betrayers) – against him too. The (betraying) RINO Swamp Rarts are so fickle, they jump (on) – and (off) of the Trump Train, like Ann Coulter – She jumped (off) one Time, then she jumped (back on) — Now she’s jumped (off) again. She needs to keep her mouth (shut) and not make it bad for (we), who (support) him, by attacking him. The same with big mouth Michael Savage. He used to be a big supporter of Trump, now he’s (attacking) him with his big mouth. I (used) to like Savage, but (no more) – He is a Benedict Arnold (betraying Swamp Rat) – I sent him an Email, and (told him so) – These RINO Republicans don’t take into account all of the (good) that Trump has done for the country. Neither do the Brainless, Corrupt, Democrat Swamp Rats like Schumer, Pelosi, Nutty Maxine Waters, and the (rest) of them. You are right the Democrats have (ignorant, hypocritical, lying, stealing, murdering, mostly Corrupt people. And the (spineless) RINOS don’t (stick together) like the (bobble headed) Democrats do. All of the (traitors) should judge President Trump by (what he (has) done) – (And (is) doing) (If) they did that, then they (wouldn’t be able) to find anything wrong with him.- because he’s doing a (fantastic job) – They all disgust me. I can hardly wait for God to judge them all. The liberals and the Democrats just (love It) when the RINO’s in (his own party) Bad Mouth Him. The Swamp Rats are playing right into the liberals’ hands!?!?!?

      • I agree whole heartedly with you Cheryl and then some. I could add to what you’ve said, but I’d be writing a book. God bless our president and God bless America.

        • Planet — I know what you mean, I could also write a book. I wish those (Brain Dead) Swamp Rats could see the truth. HOW can (Anyone) (Not Agree) with P. Trump, since (everything ) he’s done has been (for the good) of this country. ??
          (You accidentally) called me Cheryl, but I’m (HadEnough) – But I (don’t mind) at all, that you called me ‘Cheryl’) Thanks for your comment. And God Bless P. Trump and God Bless America.

      • Yes, I agree Cheryl. President Trump is going to have to get busy weeding out th RINO Rats in Foggy Bottom Swamp before they can create even more hardships for his administration. He ‘s off to a better start than Obama or Bush but he’s gonna have to don his shit-kicken’ boot this summer! Ilike his idea about sending Ivanka to the different government agencies to evaluate how they are working. That’s akin to being the Presidents Inspector General! I’m glad to see that, it’s a great Idea. God Bless President Trump and our great country, the USA

        • Leo Klaudi — I Agree with you 100% – P. Trump is doing a (fantastic job.) – With all of these (Swamp Idiots), we Trump supporters are going to need to (Counter-Attack) them when they attack him. Thanks !!

          • You’re absolutely right about that. We can’t relax and think we have it made because those globalist traitors will never let up. They have indoctrinated nearly an entire generation by taking over the school systems and teaching them nothing but ‘liberal global order” (their own term) agenda. How you turn free people against freedom is pound it into their heads that it’s a bad thing and that government power is a good thing from childhood on. What we saw in the streets after the election is what you will produce, and that’s what they have done and will continue to do. Look up Lynn Forester de Rothschild . A powerful and influential member of the British Rothschild house. She chairs the FPA, and sits on the board of the McC

      • I agree with much of what you’ve said, but judgment is strictly up to God. None of us has been sinless.

        • Lisbeth Noelle — I don’t understand your comment. I (know) that judgment is up to God. And I didn’t say anything about ‘None of us are sinless’ (confusing)

          • God gave the earth to Satan. Satan tried to smother the earth with demon’s but they could not survive in the light. So he realized he could convert the human stock to demon’s and he seems to have selected democrats. So many democrats are no longer human but demon’s.

          • John — I Love It !! – I believe it, I remember when the Liberals were (attacking and rioting) at Trump’s Rallies – the Prophecy about Trump said – (Those people) were actually (Demons)

          • Big Pharma is where the demons are pushing dangerous drugs like Cipro. You should all watch your back.

      • I wouldn’t stress about what the idiots say. Everybody with any sense already knows if Trump cured cancer the headline would read TRUMP PUTS THOUSANDS IN THE MEDICAL INDUSTRY OUT OF WORK.

        • Trump has cured cancer. He wrote an executive order blocking the FDA from blocking cures that come from natural things. Sour honey cures any cancer at any stage. And is available in this country. I do not know what it cost. But to cure your cancer and not have surgery, any drugs, Kemo therapy.


      • Not only that; Chuck Schumer is also classic example of a Child Molester and Sex Trafficker running scared and fighting for his miserable and perverted life!
        My personal favorite is his intention to create another “Trump Conspiracy” in which he controls the narrative by appointing a “Special Prosecutor” or at least having a hand in appointing one.
        Yeah, like that’s gonna happen Chucky. Rub-a-lamp!

      • A new law that has term limits and one of those is don’t let most of the Demon’s in office at all even if they win, feed the poor great white sharks, they have to eat too.

  3. Trey Goudy would be my first choice to replace Comey, However there is just so many way to spread a man like Trey around. We need him everywhere.

    • I totally agree with that and I agree with Jim Wallace as well because Sheriff Clark is another great candidate for the job. Both would be suitable. However Goudy would be sorely missed in the house if he took the job and Sheriff Clark is running for the senate from his state.

    • Please take a look at James Kallstrom.

      Kallstrom (former Assist. Director of the FBI) worked for ‘Candidate Trump’, during the campaign, as his FBI advisor and has publicly stated, many times, that he knows the FBI has enough already to “Indict both Hillary and Bill Clinton” for the email crimes as well as the criminal activity at the Clinton Foundation.

      James Kallstrom was the Head of the FBI’s New York office and has been friends with President Trump for 35+ years.

      Please google – James Kallstrom….he’s a huge President Trump supporter and is loyal to the Constitution.

  4. UPchuck schumer wants his way and only on his time, [SOMEONE SEE A CAMERA] schumer is always ready for a teardrop, a smile for his union cronies and also his seniors he scares to death as most demoRATZ have dine for years, He needs to be gone NY cannot afford anymor negatives running our state of taxes, 3% of the population every year vacate the state for other borders because of these very same people in charge and problems they created.

  5. Schumer is an nutcase, don’t think anyone with all there senses inntakt will listen to this guy. The dumbocrappers are all out for revenge and destruction, than they think that the Kremlin was messing with the election.? Look at NObummer, medling in the Israeli, British, and the French elections, what a bunch of hyppocrats.

      • The only reason he got elected twice was that he was an expert in rigging the election, he needed 12. signatures to get on and enter the presidencial race against Killary, Nobummer diden’t make it so the same guy signed 5. times to make it 12, Killary was all in the clear, and now he has helped the French guy to rig there election against Marina Le Penn. Nobummer has interfeared in the Israeli, Italien, British, and now the French election, and he is complaining about Putin.??

      • In fact James Comey admitted that Obama had rigged the elections. somehow that information seems to be lost and all of the crap that the Democrats are kicking up!
        And Maxine Waters on my God! It’s amazing she’s got a job and gets paid for being as dumb as a bag of rocks.

  6. Stupid hypocrit Chucky boy. He needs to keep his mouth shut when our President does something that is needed. Comey should have been gone months ago. He was playing both sides trying not to implicate killary but still saying she was being very careless. Can Trey Gowdy be a good choice to replace him? I think so.

    • The dems need to be as quiet as they were when obama was tearing our country to bits and do the same now. bho is the worst prez. ever in history but they said not a word so STFU now b/c we have a decent President who is trying to fix all the bad things bho did to all of us and you know it’s true !!!!

  7. Schumer says: “Why now?” to which I say: WHY NOT NOW? Is he that stupid that he thinks the investigation will stop? BTW Schumer – wasn’t it the democrats that totally delayed the confirmation of AG Sessions AND the Deputy AG? Comey’s direct boss is the Deputy AG & it was he that MADE THE DECISION to write that letter. IMHO which comes with common sense, something these democrats DON’T have, tells me that POTUS was waiting for his team to get in place, it is NOT POTUS fault for democratic delay tactics. As far as POTUS saying nice things about Comey recently, he was just keeping things civil.

  8. Schumer .needs to go! and should be the next one in line,a petition if necessary like we did Boehner and also Paul Ryan the traitor to many back stabbers in Congress

  9. Chuck Schumer is one of the worst politicians in DC. You would think he would feel embarrassed, but I think he is so blinded by his own ego, or too stupid to realize what he looks like to all of us out here. His bias is so obvious, and he doesn’t even try to hide it. He really needs to go. He is doing more to hurt the country than any of the other problems that Trump is very capably handling.

  10. Actually… this country owe Comey a GREAT DEBT of gratitude. Had he referred Hillary for indictment we would have had a Constitutional crisis and TRUMP PROBABLY WOULD NEVER have been elected. The dems would have been forced to introduce OTHER THAN the documented Criminal Hillary who LIED to Congress LIED to the FBI and LIED to the American people SO MANY MANY TIMES and Obama might have even received a third term. Our economy would have gone into the toilet and Obama would have been desperate to complete doing his dirt.

  11. Comey was a partisan hack who covered up for hillary. he should have been fired. Hope they reopen the clinton foundation investigation and hills emails to include the muslim brotherhood spy huma.

  12. Clapper has even said there is NO evidence of any collusion; yet there are PICTURES of DEMONcrats sitting across the table from Russians and then lie about having ANY contact with them! Liberalism should be treated like insanity, put them away for good where they can not harm themselves or us!

      • Vera–I have heard about this. An island with many VIP’s having sex with under age kids? John Podesta? Pizza Gate? And the “spirit cleansing” by eating human blood and other disgusting things. Lady Gaga was in a picture of this. Does anybody know if this is true or just BS?

  13. Up-Chuck Schumer is a total hypocrite…………..and LIAR ! A recall petition is needed to finally RID NY State of a true embarrassment , of course a better way is TERM LIMITS..NOW !

    • I totally agree he has to go Mr. president he will stab you in the back every chance he gets , & so will odumbo & killery . They are traitors to america & its people .I’ll never forget those Americans that died in benghazi .

  14. Chuck Schumer is one of the reasons we need term limits. Alongside Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi, Waters, and Lewis, also RINOS like the traitor John McCain. These people have been in Washington for decades and done nothing for the people as they are only there to enrich themselves and any special interests that they deem worthy.

    • I agree with term limits, hell originally senators and representative weren’t even paid. But that is besides the point, a lot aren’t worth what they are paid now, I know Obama wasn’t when he represented Illinois. The thing that bothers me the most is that they are our employees so why are we allowing them to vote on their own pay raises and benefits while they vote to raise taxes on us and take from our pockets. THAT HAS TO CHANGE!!!!! I HOPE PRESIDENT TRUMP READS THIS! Voting on you own pay raise, as an employee of the people, seems to me to be unconstitutional.

      • You have stumbled on the main reason we can’t get rid of the bad ones sitting on their hands until it comes to a vote for their benefit. Then they make sure they are present to vote for a raise or other gratuity they deem themselves worthy of getting on our dime. As a widow with ss and some farm income I paid over $15,000 fed tax. They are saying they can’t live in DC on $170,000. We need to get people from every state to get some petitions gling for the 2018 voting. I check every few weeks and my reps afre there to vote on all the bills that come up but that can’t be said of all the fumble-bums hanging on year after year.
        I agreev with all the posts re Trey Gowdy. He is a bulldog but the house needs more like him esp. with Chaffes leaving.

  15. Chuck Schumer is the most disgusting person and politician in this country with the possible exception of his House counterpart, Nancy Pelosi. The crybaby Democrats have come up with no positive recommendations for improving the life of American Citizens but are aggressive in complaining, lying, exaggerating, and providing misinformation to the general gullible public. Their increasing support for the failing Obamacare Health Program is equally disgusting as it is collapsing under its own weight and the majority of people insured can’t use their insurance due to premium costs, medication costs, and high deductible levels so effectively they don’t have any insurance, but still the Democrats prefer to criticize the Republican Proposals rather than work to solve the major problem Obamacare created.. This makes no difference as the Democrats would rather spend more time lamenting the loss in the 2016 Presidential Election and developing and creating any and all criticisms possible for anything the Republicans propose. I hope they pay an extreme price in the 2018 and 2020 Elections as they deserve a major slap in the face.

  16. I commend the President for his patience with Comey. True, he would have been justified in firing him in January. Comey had a chance to rectify his misplaced loyalties. He chose not to. The President chose to fire him. “Elections have consequences.” BHO So do choices.

  17. If you live in the Washington D.C. swamp, your in deep trouble. Wipe off the mud and get on the trump train.

  18. Chuck Schumer Resign as we are sick of you and won’t ever vote for you no matter what you do. You’ve been bought off and paid for and therefore, nobody pays any attention to anything you say or do !! To call you arrogant is being polite !!

  19. The FBI can’t wrap up this Russian investigation in over a year but they can clear 6000 of Hillaries emails and clear her in 3 days…Dahhhhh

  20. CHUCK SCHUMER RESIGN! Everybody read the very last line in the article… “We can also comment – CHUCK SCHUMER RESIGN!

  21. What a joke Schumer is, thinks he can have it both ways, it just goes to show you how low these Democrat’s will go in there quest to make President Trump out to be the bad guy. What a two faced phony and this guy is a disgrace to his constituents! Do us all the favor we deserve and Resign you POS!

  22. Chuckie needs to go as he is a back stabber, to say the least. He will not accept the fact Trump is President and continued to try and make him look bad or says he does not know what he is doing. Your time has come to stop this trashing of our President Chuckie so get a life and move on and quit making up these ridiculous comments about the Russians and the Trump Campaign. This is pure fabrication and you dang well know it. We the American people want to move on and get rid of the people who keep dragging our Government down. Do your job and knock off the lies.

  23. Schumer is just another brain-dead liberal democratic asshole who the folks in New York just seem to elect for no apparent reason. All he seems to do blast off his blowhard mouth and create unnecessary disruptions to to make his constituents think he’s doing something that matters when he is not! He’s only about getting re-elcted to further feather his nest! WAKE THE HELL UP VOTERS IN NEW YORK. SEND SCHUMER TO OLD POLITICIANS HOME IN THE CATSKILLS!

  24. Thank you President Trump for firing Comey. Now is the time to get rid of the cry baby Schumer. He is a disgusting down right low life liar. McCain, Polosi and Waters should come not far behind. Please continue to drain the swamp.

  25. Chuck Schumer needs to get his sinile ass to remember what he said during Hillarys Time on Stage.. and needs to retire or get fired as well. He needs to be next. !

  26. People fear what they refuse to understand, Schumer and his lackeys are no different. Mental illness of some form must run in the Democratic foray as they forget, or choose to forget what they say from one moment to the other. There is no credibility within their party, they are sinking fast, soon to become extinct if they can’t work for the people who elected them and carry on as adults instead of rotten little brat children! If they don’t get the facts, they make it up as they go along, Pelosi is really excelling in that area! Donald, I pray for you and your family, it has to be difficult for all of you with the lying media who rather spread misinformation, or gossip than to tell the truth, and the Congress and Government you unfortunately inherited a real mess! Keep the faith, we’ve got your back!

  27. When COMEY embellished the number of emails sent to umba/weiner whoever, HE MISDIRECTED THE SENATORS ! They need all the help they can find at the best of times !!

  28. Asking Chuckee to resign or any demarat for that matter to just go home. Would be like asking the moon to go around the earth the other way, just ain,t going to happen.

  29. They have said for the last 2 weeks that there was NO collusion between, Russia and Trump. So just because he fired Comey he was doing his job. Even though Comey might as well just handed the Presidency to Trump by what he say just before election`s, he should receive a medal for helping us get Hillary out of the picture. Boy that would of been hell for 8 year`s.

  30. There you go again Schumer, lying. You said you don’t have confidence in Comey then you are trying to say that Mr. Trump did this for a cover up. You sure talk with forked tongue. Get the heck out of our lives. Go and join your buddy Obummer. You belong to him.

  31. Was any media outlet able to publish the list of high ranking “Elite”pedophiles involved in the child sex ring that Flynn had with him? That long list Bush, Podesta, Clinton,all the way to the Royal families….. The reason why so many innocent people were MURDERED when they got close to the truth. That’s why Flynn was fired. Flynn should hold a press conference and READ the list out loud. He could start with “First I would like to read off the list of baby kidnappers ,torturers, rapists & killers….That continue to abuse God’s innocent” ….

  32. There are real life issues here and we have democrats and media acting like immature children when then safety and health is some of our main concerns and all they do is bicker and squabble and the real thing is they are hurting the American citizens that pay their wage……TERM LIMITS, no fucking pension and you get to have your Obamacare…. this is our lives they are screwing with…. I’m embarrassed that I was a democrat, NOT ANY MORE…..

  33. Schumer along with the millions of leftist dolts need to keep a list of their prior comments so they can be self-updated when they contradict themselves so badly.

  34. All Chuck Schumer is is a Big Mouth Douchebag Asshole and that horse’s ass should resign along with Nancy Pelosi that brain dead old bag! These are 2 of the biggest reasons term limits got to be put on these jackass’s. Time to vote all the piece of shit Dumbacrats out of office!

  35. Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said before a Senate testimony Monday by saying there was still no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.
    Chuck Schumer Resign”

  36. I have a new name for Sen. Chuck Schumer, “Drama Queen”. One minute he is crying, next he is saying one thing, then 180 the next. When will New York stand up and vote in someone who is for Americans. Not themselves, power, money, and control. Drain the Swamp, beginning with the Drama Queen, New Yorkers.

  37. I think they all must feel silly at the end of the day!! They could be jumping in and helping Trump!! N o! They just make fools of themselves! Trump has done more for us then any one of them or all of them togerther!!

  38. While I agree that Schumer is someone easy to dislike, I have wondered, like him, why now? Comey had to go, true, but why not on day one? Why wait til now, and give the haters more ammunition?

  39. First, I questioned his judgment during the election but never thought he should be fired. More importantly, can you find the distinction between why people may have been upset during the election and why people are concerned right now. This not internal or partisan issue. We need to find out if Russia was involved in our election whether Donald knowingly had anything to do with or not. If they did we need to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Putin will do it again, to us or anyone, if he believes he can.


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