Right After Trump Fired Comey, Trey Gowdy Got the Best News Imaginable

Source: CSPAN

This week has been absolutely insane. First Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey out of nowhere, then Sean Spicer went missing from the Press briefings. One person came out the clear winner though…Trey Gowdy.

It’s now getting reported that President Trump is hard at work trying to replace Comey. Well, guess who made that list…

Trey Gowdy is on the shortlist to become the new Director of the FBI.

That’s right, the Bloodhound of the US House of Representatives, has a pretty big door opening. Hell, even Democrat Bakari Sellers said Gowdy is the BEST pick for the FBI.

Sellers Tweeted,

Dems are going to hate me for this. I don’t care. The best replacement for Comey is Trey Gowdy. He’s as honest as day is long.

Of course, that’s only if he wants it. Congressman Gowdy may prefer to stay in the House and keep up the great work there. They do need him, after all.

Either way, I’m sure Hillary Clinton won’t be happy. Sounds like an even better pick to me. If you wanna see Trey Gowdy leading the FBI, then share this to your friends and family and let the world know.


  1. I’d love to see Gowdy as the FBI top dog! If that’s what he wants. God knows we sure could use his talent and integrity.

      • Being the speaker of the house would be awsome also, the house definitely needs some sane leadership for a change. Goody is not a Woolsey like Ryan is. Suppose to read Gowdy is not a woosie like Ryan is.

  2. why not make Gowdy attorney general & put Sessions at the FBI??but it would be a great to congress if Gowdy left.

  3. I would suspect that the last couple of days, and the next few to come, Hillary will not be sleeping too much.

    • yeah hope she HRC is walking and talking to herself Bengazi 5 & ambassador Stephens should haunt her and the lie about a music video shame on her

  4. Trey Gowdy would be wonderful. Chaffetz would be great also. Then there is Rudy who would always be a favorite.

    • Yes, and hopefully the people of SC are spoiled enough by having him, that his ELECTED replacement would be of equal or greater honorary magnitude. Hell, even in PA he gets a lot of attention as a role model for future Congressmen. He really is the greatest we have.

      • You don’t live in my part of PA if you think Gowdy gets props from Pennsylvanians. He is a retard just like Toomey and my congressman Glen Thompson, a true fuckwad.

        • Jerry is appears the only thing you know is the use of bad and four letter words—-so very left of you—I am blocking you and suggest everyone does the same

      • I just hope SC has another of his character. And that other states will beat the bushes for their great ones.

      • Oh poor jerry and your so liberal insults. Time to put on your pu$$y hat and storm the beaches of San Diego isn’t it? Or, if you so desire (which I highly doubt you are, or are capable of) you can engage in what’s considered CONSTRUCTIVE conversation by presenting your side with FACTS. The ideology of the libtard will inevitably be the demise of your party. Case in point: Spending precious resources and time (citizens’ tax $$$) promoting baseless stories to achieve an agenda overwhelmingly rejected by the majority – BECAUSE THERE ARE NO FACTS… Don’t you find it odd that NOBODY on the left seems to be gaining ANY traction with their agenda throughout all of their ridiculous public hearings they requested on the Russian fallacy or the countless other fact-less story lines they spend so much of your and my dollars wasting? Even the republicans, who got stonewalled with all their questions (can’t get a whole lot of info on classified information in public hearings- just the facts on the face of the ideological witch hunt)- gain more insight on the case, and the dems who set the hearings up as a sham, seem to gain nothing.. You don’t find that odd? Or a big waste of time/$ ???? In that case, I’ll have to revert to a once wise man who said: “why argue when you know your right?” And to that, Jerry try to have some facts with your name calling before you type….. Oh, and for the record, if you want to convince people of ANYTHING, you should save the name calling for joke hour, not political conversation….

      • Trey Gowdy is a piece of shit and should be put in a Hefty Cinch Sack and thrown out with the rest of the garbage.

        • Jerry you are up for dumbest post of the day…Can you state any reason for your position? Or are you some leftie dimorat that thinks they must oppose any and all good?

          • Let us define some words. The word “dumb” means unable to speak, and I most certainly CAN speak. Let me add that the SINGLE positive thing that has occurred in the Donnie Destructo pseudo administration has been the E.O. to get out of the TPP. I would challenge anyone with more than 2 brain cells to even suggest anything else positive about the “administration of this lunatic. Donnie Destructo should be placed in an institution for the catastrophically mentally handicapped.

            Anyone who thinks otherwise should have to be placed in the same institution so they can share the same drool.

  5. All the swamp creature little globalist creeps are shitting bricks commie not there anymore too stall and cover for all these pieces of crap

  6. I said immediately when I heard about the firing that Trey Gowdy would be the best man for the job. He reminds me somewhat of McCarthy back in the 40’s. He gets on something and won’t turn loose. We need him, not really sure he will get it, as don’t feel like he will bow down to anyone.

    • Trey Gowdy would be so great at so many positions that he definitely needs to be cloned. If he left Congress that would be a sad day for SC and the rest of us. Wishing there were more like him, his buddy from Utah is gonna leave us and that’s a great loss for us all too.

  7. He’s already playing an important role where he’s at, so that’s a tough one. Someone like him needs to be in that job for sure.

  8. I have been wondering, and questioning the dozens of high-level politicians and news people that have been commenting on this since it happened yesterday, as to why no one is mentioning Trey Gowdy for this job, and you are the very first one to bring up Trey’s name on this. I wonder why?

  9. If Trey Gowdy gets the job, there will be a mass movement of the entire Obama group. I wonder what country would allow that many crooks in at the same time.

  10. As much as I’d love Gowdy to head the FBI, taking him away from the House of Representatives would be a devastation to Americans. I’d like to see Gowdy become Speaker of the House. And I am sure you will see all this Drama and it’s Drama Queens that have lost focus on America, come to and end, and America can become Great Once Again.

  11. HIS TALENTS CANNOT BE WASTED. I would say to do it, however, Gowdy in his current position, dam-near single-handedly, is responsible for the firing of Comey- Along with exposing deep layers of swamp. Had there not been a Gowdy, Chavets, and what’s his name form maryland, Jim something or other, then there’s a good chance the hard questions Comey tripped on in the hearings would never have been asked. So in that sense, I believe Gowdy serves the country best in his current role. This way, when the replacement- Clinton-aide Rosenstein- plays some shady games, Gowdy can bust him too. Plus, he can bust the other higher-ups in the Intel community. The only other option I see for Gowdy, is Attorney General. Beyond that, the best place for him is one which enables him to freely investigate any-dam-thing on the planet involving govt corruption. He would be an exemplary special prosecutor/investigator for all things illegal and swampy in govt.

  12. Jerry—dumb does fit—you can not or will not say anything that makes sense—besides using four letter words and post really stupid comments—-just for the record—you sound stupid and dumb


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