Robert De Niro Just Said Something So NASTY About Trump You Will NEVER Watch Him Again

Source: CBS

Robert De Niro has been in some good movies, but the second he opens his mouth in public it’s hard to even stand him.

Remember during the election when he was such a Hillary goon that he threatened to PUNCH President Trump? Well, look what old Robert did this time…

De Niro said Trump turned our country into a “tragic dumbass comedy.”

The actor also tried to convince the grads that they had to fight back to restore the world.

To his credit, and I say that very sparingly, at least De Niro acknowledged the possibility he MAY be wrong in his opinion.

“And where are we? There might be people who disagree on that. It’s just a nightmarish situation as far as I’m concerned.”

Still, Hollywood has gone so anti-Trump now it’s hard to tell who is genuine and who is sucking up to get work. Are all actors that gullible that they drink the Koolaid or is the movie business just that dirty?

It doesn’t really matter. The only way we can get it through their skulls that we want movies, NOT political advice is to simply stop watching them. It may suck, but they give us no choice.

If you agree the only way to defeat Robert De Niro and the Hollywood Machine is to stop watching, the share it out and let everyone know.


  1. DeNiro, you are nothing but a has been POS. Trump is a far better man then you could ever be. You wish you could walk in his shoes.


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