ROCKSTAR! Watch as Kellyanne Conway Wrecks an Attack on Trump and America! You’ll Be Proud!


Kellyanne Conway is one tough cookie!  She’d have to be, to be able to take over the Trump Presidential campaign and help lead him to the victory he achieved.

I mean, it’s not like the media make it easy on her!  Oh my goodness, no!  They make it as hard as they possibly can on her, being the bullies they are!

And, of course, the sheep follow suit, believing everything the fake news says to try to trash her and the President she has worked so hard for.

Here’s an example:  Monday, she was just trying to get off an airplane, when some idiot decided to stalk her and try to get under her skin.  He yelled out at her “keep trashing America,”  according to a photographer who happened to be close by (H/T The Daily Caller)


We have all seen Kellyanne for so many months.  She is always so nice while staying so strong in the face of all the times the media has tried (and failed!) to bring her down.

Well, this time she’d apparently had it and just wasn’t in the mood!  She went back at him, so much so that two Secret Service members felt they needed to hold her back!


You know, there’s a time to be nice and there’s a time to stand up for yourself in the face of bullies and idiots! We say GO KELLYANNE!  If you agree, please SHARE this so many times it gets all the way to her, so she knows we have her back, like she’s had our President’s!

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  1. So what did she say? God, I hate incomplete stories. I won’t be reading anything from “libertywriters” in future.


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