SANCTIFIED: What John Brennan Just Admitted About Election Means Trump Is SAVED!

Source: PBS News

Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan’s hearing on the Russian election interference was today. Withing MINUTES of starting, Trey Gowdy and his crew were down Brennan’s throat.

The Republicans started hounding him. Asking him straight up if he saw ANY evidence of Trump working with Russia during the election.

Brennan admitted that he saw ZERO evidence of collusion with the Donald Trump campaign.

Wow. There is not really any wiggle room there.

Not only that, but John Brennan also said he has not seen any evidence to back up the WaPo’s unfounded claims that Trump has been asking MULTIPLE intelligence directors and members to deny Russia for him. OUCH!

Look, I am not saying that I trust what Brennan said. This man has done NOTHING to prove that he is trustworthy. However, it’s hard to deny that him saying there is no proof about Trump, who he very much dislikes, is anything BUT the truth.

He also said one more very interesting thing. John Brennan suggested that Russia’s main strategy is to cut the US off from their ties around the world and divide the nation.

So I will leave you with a final thought: Is it Russia fake-leaking to the Liberal media because they know the MSM will go after ANY story about Trump they can?

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  1. At this point in this hate-filled country, who cares if the nation is divided. Draw a line right down the center from top to bottom. Trump build a wall. Libs, dems, illegals, muslims, and all godless people live on the California side. We’ll take the other side with Donald Trump as our President of Eastern United States, One Nation Under God! The other side can name there’s whatever they want, elect whichever communist dictator they want, even Hillary if that’s who they want. Never step foot into our country, and we don’t even WANT TO step into yours! Mind your own business, and we’ll mind ours! Waa-lah, everybody’s HAPPY! TWO COUNTRIES!

  2. If there were Russians collusion to sway an election; what can be done about it; if no crime was committed? Would that be the same thing our former President did in Britain and other places?

  3. It has been rumored that John Brennan is a converted, devout Muslim. If true, that would be strange for him to be in the position he held as CIA director.

  4. I sat and watched his testimony. If he is telling the truth, the Dematards will say that he is not to be believed. He will have his own agenda to hurt the poor misunderstood Democrats. They only hear what they want to hear.

  5. How long will fake news continue. Why was there no interest in Benghazi, leaked emails, giving debate questions, and SNC that were known facts.

  6. No it’s msm, Hillary and obama who are STARTING THEIR campaign to distroy President TRUMP and a FREE AMERICA.

  7. I have to say I am grateful that we the people were shown the corruption that Hillary Clinton was involved in before she could be voted in as leader of our country . Weather Russia did hack Hillary and those on the left or not I believe the information put forth by Wiki Leak deserves as much if not more investigation as the Russia investigation !

  8. This strategy by Russia has been in my thinking for a long time. The Democrats will lap up any shred of intimation by anyone who will attack Trump. They remind me of dogs licking the fecies of other dogs to find whatever they are looking for. Dogs, like Democrats are cute, but their licks are contaminated. Of course, to be deceived, one has to desire to eat the contaminated offering.

  9. “America’s #1 Writer. Considered one of the 10 most prominent Millenials in the 21st Century.”

    LOL.. Ok. Thanks for using a description that makes it obvious I should totally ignore anything you say.

  10. I would ask , did you have any phone calls, emails or communications at this time with Jennifer Palmieri, Eric Schmidt, Jeff Bezos, John Podesta, Donna Brazille during or after the time of this investigation? If so, what generally was it about?

  11. Also it costs a lot to hold hearings. Why not waste all the money Trump is bringing in with the deals he is making and the businesses he is encouraging? The more money they waste the less for other things.

  12. Thank you for not putting the immodest/sometimes vile advertisements…It’s sad because many times it’s info we need to share , yet the ads are so horrible, we can’t repost. Thank you for the article and the ad save!

  13. the demo rats will lie steal kill cheat to f over trump they hate him more than they love our country if they even do i think they like money more proof look at the clintons and obama her saying she was broke leaving the wh house and now he buying a house for millions hypocrite demo rats all of them the snake s are out of our house and want it back.

  14. ABC NEWS said Brennan said there was so much Trump Team communicating with Russia during the election he was getting concerned. What did I miss? I watch FOX NEWS but just so happened the channel didnt get changed in time.

  15. I knew it! I’ve not seen ANY evidence of wrongdoing. It’s all on the libs and MSM. It proves that their pride ego is bruised and they’re envious of our president Trump’s accomplishments within few months compare to Hillary’s 30 years of failed service, obama’s 8 years of failed presidency and the libs’ failed service to the American people and veterans. The RINOs is on the same path as the libs. All their fruits are being exposed to the world. All it takes one true president Trump to expose those who are involved in this treasonous deeds against the American people. God bless our president Trump and the USA and Israel.

  16. Because there is no evidence at all, period! Plenty of evidence of Russian money within the Democratic Party and their top people though! HiLIARy and Billy Boy made millions in their uranium deal and Pay to Play Scam. Maxine Waters apparently has money with them also. I am sure if the godless Democrats were investigated, there would be plenty found.


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