This Video Of A Little Girl Attacking Trump Is Going Viral, Do You See The Problem With?


Trump impersonator Anthony Atemanuik is a Trump impersonator. The liberal media is now using him to attack a young girl as part of a new show on Comedy Central. It’s called “The President Show.”

The video has now been watched more than 250,000 times on Twitter, according to Daily Mail. This is sick, but many people are hailing the young girl as a hero for telling a Trump impersonator: “You’re a disgrace to the world.”

Liberals are using children to attack our President. It’s frankly kind of disgusting and absolutely low blow.


Look what they are saying all over social media. This should make every-single Trump supporter a little mad.

Atamaniuk has appeared on 30 Rock and Broad City and is the main star in The President Show.

The response that sums up what we all think of this nasty display on television was Eric Vancura. He or she wrote: “She needs to learn respect for the President and her elders. Kids these days have no respect. Starts with the parents.”

We need to fight this attack. The media has stooped to a new low. Get this out there right now, patriots! We stand with Trump. The Democrats are using children to attack Trump.

SHARE this everywhere, y’all. We need to fight the liberals on this. Expose them for the children using cowards that they are. (h/t Daily Mail)

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  1. I believe my comment is in the same exact tone as this new comedy central show that the liberal media is releasing to Amercans. Is is as funny as this video. So you don’t like my sense of humor? Well, now you know how I feel about your sense of humor also. Remember the Golden Rule. As you do unto others, is what you want done unto you! I hope that U enjoy you enjoy your joke as much as you enjoy my joke!

  2. How much lower can they go. So disguising. Not worth a look or comment. They ate looking for attention. Deny them. They ate gross.

      • You don’t seem to want to moderate my last comment? But why? I actually cursed in this one. Oh is it because this is the normal for garbage liberals. So when someone actually speaks the facts & the truth, this is not what liberal dont want to hear and you take away my 1st amendment rights. because they are SCUM OF THE EARTH. Now lets see how long you will keep this post up! It is okay, because what I will be posting next you will wish that you keep my first post up!

  3. Now lets talk about this Liberal video skit that is meant to destroy all respect for the way our govt is run & our constitution! We all know that Liberal Democrats have become the 4 th Class of people in the USA. The garbage people. Now what kind of mind would want to make this video be seen by all American when it is obvious that the black girl who is probable from a welfare mom, and doesn’t know of the many men she beded made her pregnant with the girl. But she gets a welfare check every child she welps. Now anybody that has an education, (so this black girl obvious come from a parenSt that is dumb as all shit, )knows that you don’t disrepect or insult people you don’t know. But the imbecile that is raising this black girl doesn’t respect the office of President. But she should because it is the working taxpayer that makes it possible for her lazy ass and her bastard black child to be on public assistance. But this black girl will continue to show the world that she will continue to be part of the garbage class. Because she like her guardain believe that they are intitle to be parasites on the taxpayers. So knowing the garbage this black girl is and the garbage person that she is with and has drag her up, why would anybody think what came out of the the mouth of this garbage black girl is worth for the world to see. This is the Liberals attempt to brainwash people into hating, disobey, & disrespecting the Person that millions of Americans have voted to be our President. Only an idiot would agree with the scum of society, instead of the millions of hard working taxpaying Americans. So Liberals did this video accomplish what you wanted, with my comment afterwards. Or did you just ruin a little black girls life that shouldn’t have been used for your nasty message. As ugly as this video is to many Americans & me. Than the thought of this little girl and her garbage upbringing should make you think twice about your nasty tactics of trying to get people to believe in your agenda. This Black girl is now as Ugly as your video try to make President Trump Ugly! Liberty writers. U need to report it for the real purpose of this liberal brainwashing video was meant to do.


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