IT’S ALL OVER: Top Democrat Just Caught On Camera Threatening DC Police Chief

Source: Youtube

Today Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the former DNC chair who rigged the 2016 primaries for Hillary Clinton, promised to abuse her power for personal revenge on a top cop.

She said there will be “Consequences” if he doesn’t hand over evidence – a laptop she owns that they are investigating.

Oh, and the whole thing was caught on video (near end)…

Okay, so a little background info for you. The DC police are investigating one of Schultz’s aides, a Pakistani named Imran Awan, who is thought to have been involved in a MASSIVE security breach of Congressional data. He also billed the government $4million for family members on the payroll that never actually worked.

When the situation became clear, the police confiscated a laptop from the former IT worker. That laptop TECHNICALLY belongs to Schultz’s campaign.

Also strange was that Politico described the relationship between Schultz and Awan as a “friendly personal relationship.

Why is a Senator friends with a random IT guy and why is she defending him now at risk to her own career?

To really pull it all together, you need to know that Schultz sits on the Appropriations’ Legislative Branch subcommittee which determines the budget for the DC police, hence her threat of “consequences.”

That is an abuse of power with ZERO question.

Someone, PLEASE tell me how it is that the Media can blow up the Trump-Russia BS with ZERO evidence but one of the heads of the Democrats can threaten a cop on camera and nobody says a word!

Clearly, the media is not gonna cover this properly. Why would they? She is their buddy. That’s why WE need to share this out to everyone. I’m talking friends, family, and even strangers. It’s just that big.

Oh, and remember to comment “Impeach Debbie Wasserman Schultz NOW!” Between rigging a Presidential election and threatening a cop, she is a criminal, after all.



  1. Impeach Debbie W Schultz! For heaven’s sake, i had no idea she was still working there, colecting a paycheck. She should have been gone long ago! UNBELIEVEABLE she has not been charged or dismissed until investigation and findings of one ensue!!!!!

  2. Thank You Danny Gold for this story…. the truth needs to be told regardless of threats of consequences…. we applaud you brother

  3. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a traitor to even her own party. She has no business telling any police chief how to run his department. She lost her high position with the DNC over some of the crap she pulled. She does not deserve to hold office, she should be in prison facing the dealth penalty.


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