It’s Over: Trump Just Made Russia Agree to do Something Inconceivable After Meeting Today

Source: TASS

The media is sure making a really big deal out of the whole James Comey firing. What they are NOT telling you about is the incredible deal President Trump struck with Russia today.

The President had a meeting this morning with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. However, it was what Sergei said AFTER the meeting that really changes everything.

Russia wants to make peace with the United States.

That’s right. According to Foreign Minister Lavrov, President Trump has renewed his confidence in Russia and the US military working together to take down ISIS.

They even managed to agree on co-sponsoring safe zones in Syria to help stop the refugee crisis.

Basically, Lavrov is just happy he is no longer dealing with Russia-hating Obama anymore. He told reporters,

“I would say that our dialogue as of now is free from ideology that was very typical for [Barack] Obama’s administration.

“Both Mr. Trump and the secretary of state of his administration, as I realized today once again, are businesslike people and they want to reach agreements.

“The goal of both President Trump and [Russian] President [Vladimir] Putin is to have concrete results which will be tangible and which will allow us to alleviate problems, including on the international agenda.”

See? So, Russia may not be our “best friends” by any means, but this right here is a great starting place. I think no nuclear war sounds WAY better than World War 3 anyways, but maybe that’s just me.

If you believe Trump is right to lead peace-through-strength, then share this out and let the world know.


  1. I believe in Trump and his ability to dialog with the world leaders – I feel from what I’ve seen – they respect him -not like Obama who they detested . . . Keep the faith – keep his back – Trump is going to see it through in making his pledges during the campaign happen . . .

    • You need to be a very naive individual to believe in any achievement reached by Trump and Russia. Believing in Russia decency and respect? You got it be kidding!

  2. I’m very happy about the agreement President Trump made with the Russians. I would much rather have Russia as a friend and ally, no matter how uneasy the agreement might be, than as an enemy. We have worked with Russia for years on the space station, we should be able to work with them on wiping out ISIS and other terrorists!

    • Since you want to make that comparison … are we at war with anyone? You do realize that Japan didn’t even join in with Germany until after WW2 had been going for over a year? Pearl Harbor happened 2 years after the war started.You should probably check your facts too, since Japan was already allied with Germany at that point and they were still in diplomatic talks with the US … they had not said anything like this.

      Facts are facts, they don’t change just because you don’t know them and want to give your opinion instead.

      • Very well said Evermoon! I applaud your ability to learn and evolve your opinion! I had similar thoughts but was unable to verbalize them so well!

  3. Our President is the best we have had in 50 yrs. He is getting things done for America and the people. He is keeping his campaign promises unlike most elected Pres. do not do or care to.. all promises and no following through. I trust Trump to do what is best for our country.. He has a family he loves dearly and wants a great future for them . What effects them will ultimately effect us.. He is working for us to make America great for all. He is an unselfish man that wants for nothing but to restore our nation for his family and the America of the future. It is so refreshing to have a Pres. that puts America first. So awesome to have a Pres. that is intelligent and makes the best decisions ever made for our nation. If you love your country you gotta love this President.. Thank you Mr. Pres. for your love for America and the American people. So sorry you have to put up with the ignorance of the left running their mouth.. You are doing what we elected you to do.. Thank you Mr President Trump.

    • The “media” would shrivel up and blow away if they were forced to say just how great this agreement really is!! DJT just made a “quantum leap” forward for world peace! but here and FOX will be the only place you hear it.

  4. Honestly …. the diplomatic aspects of the job are what I worried about more. Trump tends to not have much tact, speaks his mind. That doesn’t usually go over well with most people. Kind of seems like my worry was misplaced, as he continues to do well with the leaders of other countries.

    • The other countries stated that they are much happier with someone who speaks his mind and doesn’t beat around the bush. They know exactly where he is coming from and they are happy with that.

      • Yes but I was worried that speaking his mind might be the problem. You see how our politicians are … it isn’t exactly common practice to speak their minds … just speak the popular opinion.

      • I agree with you, and in particular with President Trump. Any honest deal or agreement can only be made if both parties are true to their word. I think President Trump is proving daily that he is true to his word, and I think what we are seeing is because of his business reputation in handling things correctly, these other countries and leaders are more than happy to listen to and assist in President Trumps’ agenda.

    • You were told that. It isn’t true. Trump has negotiated with world leaders and their agents for years to get the kinds of things done that he does. He has to in their countries. So much of what we think we know is someone else’s take on reality.

      • No, not really. You can listen to some of the things he says … and he lacks tact a lot of the time. At the same time though, he speaks his mind whether or not it is a popular opinion. That right there makes him more honest than most politicians, in my eyes.

    • Many foreign leaders feel that pantywaist diplomacy denotes insincerity. They respect straightforward talk, even if it puts pressure on them. Obama, the puppet representative pushing the globalist policies was the epitome of pansy politics.

  5. President Trump is doing great on foreign policy we see it but Dems do not, they prefer that Trump to fail for America and for the world peoples, so they can have Clinton and OBAMA policies stay in effect. Apparently they want our country bloated with foreign enemies that is doing everything in their power to dominate the citizens of America and take over our country. At least our POTUS45 believes in us enough to try to protect us from foreign enemies here and over seas.

  6. Please, Trump peace agreement and no bragging or twitting. Or his pals at Fox not reporting it. Don’t believe it.

  7. Preventing WW3 is big but not as big as Russia halting Gays from having TV shows and parades that might influence children. For that the media turned on Russia and nothing else matters, not even WW3.

  8. that’s right libturds “The art of the deal” and he wrote the book. declaring piece with Russia now what’s wrong with that? sure they will find fault somehow. and you can bet someday Mexico will pay for his wall.

  9. But wait maybe he can call Hillary and borrow her reset button. good thing he did it the Trump way and he knows all too well how to do it right. Russia is the key for world peace. only a fool would want to mess with the united states but to mess with the united states and Russia together is not only stupid it’s suicide.

  10. This is excellent news. There is no reason to hold animosity toward Russia. They were an ally during WWII against Hitler: I believe they will be a great ally again.


  12. It is easier for a rich man to reach heaven than the Russians honor a pact signed between them and Trump. Respect? Who said Russians or anybody or country respect the Orange Clown?


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