BREAKING: Trump Just did Something Huge for Churches that Will Make God Smile


Thank God our Churches are Saved! All praises go to the Lord our God today after President Donald Trump signed a Huge executive order that takes down one of the nastiest liberal laws of all.

Trump just took down the Church-hating Johnson Amendment.

This essentially means that, as of today, Churches and places of worship can begin supporting politics without risking their tax-exempt status.

While signing the bill Trump said,

“Today my administration is leading by example as we take historic steps to protect religious liberty in the United States of America. We will not allow people of faith to be targeted, bullied or silenced anymore.” 


The Johnson Amendment isn’t the only big thing President Trump did to save religion today. His order also makes it so religious organizations no longer have to pay for things like abortion under Obamacare.

I think it’s also important to say that today Donald Trump fulfilled one of his biggest campaign promises. He said he would repeal the Johnson Amendment and protect churches and that’s EXACTLY what he is doing now…

So let’s all send as many Shares and “Amens” to the President as well as our Benevolent Lord Almighty for this act today. You know God himself is looking down and smiling knowing that our Churches are safe again.


  1. I believe in President Trump and also think that God above chose him to set us on the right path. Who else would give up his cushy life to fight daily battles with the people who want to tear down America. Donald I love your grin and determination and pray for your every morning and anytime I think of you.

    • I also love how he can stand tall in spite of all the nasty stuff that is thrown his way. I truly believe he is a man of faith. He may appear a little rough around the edges sometimes; however, God knows his heart; and, I believe he sustains him through all this daily turmoil that surrounds him.

      • AMEN And agree in Mark Taylor’s Prophecy in 2011. God said that Trump is his chosen. If you go through our Bible God always chose the right man for the job & worked through them to have his will done. Not another one of those 2016 candidates would still be standing after all that has been thrown at him. We need to still keep praying for strength & protect for our President & family… God is using Trump to set his churches free to save more people he is gathering his true army. we need to break out of the churches walls and spread his word across not only this land but all lands. AMEN!!! Praise GOD

    • Excellent Jane. The President has been doing a great job despite the Demo pigs. The Demons may just find a plague comes just for them.

    • YES, Hallelujah!! – I believe President Trump was (chosen By God) to stand in (the Gap) for us, to save our beloved America, and her people. Thank you Jesus and Thank you Donald J Trump for being (willing) to sacrifice yourself and your precious family for us. You became America’s CEO, (despite) All of the (Demonic Forces) of (Evil) that rallied (Against) you. I pray for you, your family, and your excellent cabinet members. We Love You and Yours !!

      • Ezekiel 22:30
        I sought for a man among them, who should build up the wall, and stand in the gap before Me for the land, that I should not destroy it.

      • Why did you delete this posting???
        Ezekiel 22: 30
        “I sought for a man among them, who should build up the wall, and stand in the gap before Me for the land, that I should not destroy it.

  2. As far as I can see he keeps the promises he made unlike some of the Politicians in Washington DC. I guess some of the Liberals will not like it but God protects his own. Trump is not perfect but he is a whole lot better than what we had the last eight years. Give the man a chance and we will see how it goes.

  3. I believe that Donald Trump was chosen by the people and God. I believe God saw the direction that this nation is going and saw a man who had the love and compassion in his heart to do ALL he can to save America from further moral decay and destruction. God bless you President Trump and all your family. May you get the support and most of all may we Christians continue to pray for you and our vice president, Pence.

  4. Great Reporting! Thank you Mr President. I also believe Trump was sent to lead from the good Lord And when he took office, California where I’m from, was blessed by so much rain the state was beautiful again.

  5. Thank you Mr. President for bringing God back to America , without God America can’t be great again .God Bless and help you and Mr. Pence . Thanks for making AMERICA GREAT again .

  6. Mine eyes have seen the glory of the TRUMPing by the Lord,
    He is TRUMPing out the evil found in Democrats and more
    Glory, glory TRUMP is doing it
    His truth goes TRUMPing on

  7. “Praise be to God” He has given America another chance to to praise him and bring America back to her knees and become a Christian Nation again,but Satan is working really hard to get the corruption going and he has power but he is not all power and knows his time is limited

  8. Thank You President Trump for all the things you are doing to make our country great. I will continue to pray for you and those around you.

  9. Thank you Mr President for restoring religious liberties & freedoms in this great country! I am so proud of all you’ve been able to accomplished since you’ve been in the White House and give you a big hat’s off commendation! Well done Sir, the American people thank you and have faith in your ability to get things done! I send my love, and good wishes to you & your family, & pray God Bless you and keep you all safe from harm.

    God Speed from a fellow American,
    Norma Turner

  10. I wonder, well maybe I don’t. The media never just never President Trump about anything. They do not like him, but he should be given credit where it’s due. He has NOT stopped since he got in office and he is keeping his promises. He is not a politician, he is not politically correct but, he is himself and he is human. Mistakes are made so please Give this man a chance to make a difference

  11. Hallelujah! I am so happy with President Trump he is a man of faith and conviction for our Lord Christ Jesus!!!!! I have no doubt that he will continue to make good on his campaign promises! Let’s pray for this man and our country that God will bless us all!

  12. Thank you President Trump for all that you have done from the start so far. You are truly a peoples President.
    May God bless you and your family and the staff you have working with you.

  13. So far nothing has been done with the Banksters and Wall Street corruption, nor the overpriced medication. We can try to get back jobs sent overseas but if our students cant afford colleges than this will be only blue collar work. We cant keep relying on scientists and engineers that come from overseas.

  14. God Bless you President Trump and God Bless America. This repeal of the Johnson Act and allowing religions other than the Muslims and Atheists which seem to be in control at present, will finally allow all faiths to be treated equallly under the law. The transparency and the openness in the way you govern is like a breath of fresh air. We have been in a posture of cowering in the corner with such a different ideology being forced upon us, including but not limited to the “political correctness” that has caused us to feel smothered and helpless, you have let us free and we are on the Trump Train….ALL ABOARD!!

  15. AMEN ! AMEN !
    Thank U President Trump… May GOD Richly “Bless You”…
    We love U, & R grateful that U R Keeping the Promises you made. Keep up the “Good Work”…

  16. Thank you for what you have done and what we know you will continue to do. So nice to have a leader in the White House again.

  17. Former President Johnson was one of the worst presidents we have ever had. He hated President Kennedy.
    He is also the one who said about black Americans, “If we give these N…….s a check every month they will vote for us for the next 200 years.” This is just how typical Democrats felt from the beginning including supporting slavery and not wanting President Lincoln to free the slaves because so many of them owned slaves. They boycotted President Lincoln’s inauguration because he said he would free all slaves once he became president.

  18. The k you GOD for this leader. I pray that he is kept safe at all times and protected from all evil intent on destroying our great nation

  19. Thank you. Someone who knows his time is getting short, needs good news like this to make sure he will not be leaving under a Radical Left Wing Communist Administration. Thank you President Trump and God bless you.

  20. Thank you President Trump, you have done so very much the short time you have been in office, and V.P. Pence too. Praying everyday that things will ease out once the house is cleaned(Pelosi,Warren, a couple of others but I can’t think of their names, bug I am sure you know the women I am talking about). I will be glad for the day that your promises are done, and go back to these wining crybabies and Brag about all the great things our President has done for our America!!! God bless you and V.P.Pence, and your families, and God Bless America!!!

  21. Amen, so be it. The good Lord has given us a few more seasons to reap and harvest of souls, let us not take this lightly, it IS our responsibility as believers in our one true God, as even the Savior Jesus Christ!

  22. Wow. I truly believe God put President Donald Trump in the White House. With all the animosity and the evil destructive forces against this man, he still prevails. CNN and other news has constantly demoralised him and discredited him on everything he does. I can’t wait until he puts CNN and all the other fake, lying news in their place. May the Lord have his hand upon Donald Trump and God’s guardian angels surround and protect him from the evil forces against him. Can’t believe what this man is doing for America and the people of America. They should thank God above for the many blessings they have. Take one look at Canada and see the evil destruction Trudeau has done to Canada. Trudeau and his lying cabinet are destroying Canada .

  23. You don’t want to be taxed but you want to stick your nose ever deeper into politics ..You fuckers can pay just like the rest of us ..Fucking con artists

  24. This asshole of a president doesn’t understand the meaning of church and state are separated . Now you risk religious fanatics into politics which our founding fathers prohibited. They knew what would happen if the church was involved in politics . You just opened Pandora’s box let see what raises it’s ugly head out of it.


    Leroy Mosley

    • Are you threatened by Religion? Especially, Christianity, Jewish, Greek Orthodox? You should be….

  25. Mr President, God has a purpose for you and His plan is starting to show thru your promises to help the Churches and we also pray that Bible Study will return to schools and colleges like it was before bama libtards demo forced it to be squashed.. We love your cheeky smile, like the cat has just finished a bowl of cream lol.

  26. Matthew 6:5-6New International Version (NIV)

    5 “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. 6 But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

    His order is a Direct Violation of Church and State which came before the Johnson amendment.

  27. Hey, hold those praises until the “FOLKS” find out how much more Trumps new health insurance bill will cost everybody. Some of us, especially the older ones not in good health will have to choose what we can no longer afford to have. Trump said “ins bills will be lower”. If not, he and Obama can arrange to build a co-legacy museum together.

  28. God bless America,
    Land that I love,
    Stand beside her and guide her
    Thru the night with a light from above!

  29. God has plans for Mr.Trump .Thank U God for our President andTthank u mr.president for helping make a differnce.

  30. Mark Taylor, you were spot on. Praise God that President Trump ended the 501C3 bill…. A bill that was established out of the Baal system (Satan’s system). Of course those who are not devoted Christians will not understand how important this is to our country. God will bless our country, again. It is evident God is in control. Prophesy has been fulfilled.


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