The White House Will Never Be the Same, after Trump Just Turned This to GOLD!


They don’t take the same elevator.  Ever.  When the President takes the elevator to go upstairs at the White House, VP Pence takes the stairs.

Just like they never fly on the same plane.  All for the sake of the country.

TIME  went into the White House to see how President Trump has made it his own.  Of course, just like President Trump, he’s made it very uniquely his own.  Right down to the HUGE flat screen TV over the fireplace.  And the grand crystal chandelier he purchased with his own money.  And, what’s so very Trump…



TIME Photo

He took down Obama’s red curtains in the Oval Office, and replaced them with his signature GOLD!

Gold frames highlight classic oil paintings, replacing most of Obama’s preferred modern art.

Obama didn’t want a lot of people around when he worked.  Not much of a “people person,” from the way he acted while he was President.

Not so, Trump!  Trump likes to operate in a crowd.  He’s a “people person” in every sense of the word.  It’s how he’s been able to make his deals, negotiate, LEAD!

Also unlike Obama, who rarely allowed anyone into the private quarters of the White House, President Trump is so much more open.  He invites his staff up for meetings, and has old friends over for dinner.

While his wife and youngest child haven’t yet moved in, President Trump has kept very busy doing what he does best:  WORKING!

While the media tries very very hard to tear him down, President Trump has been busy, working hard for our country!  I love that about him!  If you do, too, please SHARE this out to the world, until he sees it himself!

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  1. TBTG!we finally have a human President!!He and VP will go down in history as the best!!Keep praying for them and a UNITED USA!!!

    • You clueless gullible follower. Trump is running a CON at the expense of the country. He and Jeff Sessions are two of the most dishonest people ever. He made promises he can’t keep, he does not care, he just deflects, hides and holds rallys to feed his ego. He is a truly unintelligent person who inherited his wealth and benefits from white privileged. He is a waste of oxygen and must be removed from office before July.

      • Just remember who turned Manhatten from a trash heap to its golden years ,so he isn’t so stupid.Hold your fire until the end of his first term and his second term will be even better .sir u are white trash to speak so lowly of our elected Presidet you should take a look in the mirror

        • yeah, Manhattan (not Manhatten) was just a patch of land until the white man bought it from the Native Americans for a bunch of beads. Sure improved on that. Being a psychic, you can tell Trump’s “second term” (for the sake of the argument)..will be even better. Please foresee some winning lottery numbers while you are on a roll with the future predictions. Will it rain tomorrow?

      • Just another jilted,Bottom-Feeding Lefty, with his pantys in a twist. GET OUT of Mommy’s basement and get a JOB TardBoy!!

      • Darin, you need to stop living in the past and walking backwards it has you talking out of your ass. President Trump will be one of our best Presidents if the Dems will just give him a chance. You and everyone needs to understand he is our President, all of US. GIVE THE MAN A CHANCE. Look at what he has don that is good for this country and stop trying to pick him apart. The world is watching.

      • No U r the waste of oxygen, idiots, like U believe everything Obumer & liberals feed U. We R tired of people like U, that spew Hate & disrespect for our President. People like cause civil wars…start checking ur review mirror

        • Name calling on either side gets us nowhere. Accept that the democratic process elected President Trump and rejected Hillary Rodham Clinton. Many factors cause civil wars, I grant that hate mongers are a decided factor. Hate on both sides. Check out ALL the factors leading to the U. S. Civil War. Let us not repeat history. Our history or the European history with the Ottoman Empire. Blood will run on the ground if we do not unite the We The People of the United States of America.

        • “People like cause civil wars” What is that supposed to mean? Did you mean “people cause civil wars” or “people like civil wars” or “not -so civil people make civil wars”?Or maybe” servile people become involved in civil wars”?

      • Just another snowflake that’s unhappy he can’t find his safe space and disappointed that yet another lying murderer didn’t win. Can’t ya just dance a jig? President Donald Trump all the way!!! He just keeps doing good things for America. He’s done more to help our country in 4 months than Obama did in 8 years. Great job President Trump, there are more people proud of you than not. Snowflakes all melt in time.

        • Shirley, “he had done more to help the USA in four month than Obama did in 8 years?” Obama torched this country. Negroes once were approachable, not anymore. Obama was a divider. This country now is split in half. Only President Trump can perhaps put Humpty Dumpty together again. Christ Jesus said,” A house divided against itself cannot stand”. Pray.

          • “Negroes once were approachable, not anymore”. Strange, African Americans (Negroes) can’t be approached? Why? What happens if you approach one? Do they bite? Obama divided the country..north from south, west from east? Humpty Dumpty was a kid’s rhyme..why would Trump want to put it together?

          • They are Negroes. No one has ever referred to me as a German-American. Negroes and Germans, if citizens of the US, are AMERICANS period. Negroes from the South have, for the most part, have always been friendly. That has changed dramatically during the last eight years. Humpty Dumpty is a metaphor. Children are easier taught through the use of metaphor. If you are a Mother, have a great day tomorrow. If not, chop, chop.

      • Are you a snowflake because you sure sound like one. Get a grip and move on. We had to suck it up for 8 very, very long years dealing with Obummer. He’s the first president in a very long time that actually is working for “the people” of this country instead of his own agenda.

        • Wrong. I’m a conservative in waiting. As soon as there is a candidate that is not a lying, disrespectful imbecile, I’ll vote republican. Trump represents everything that is wrong with America. It’s classic how you Trumpets like to assume that I live in mommy’s basement. My parents have been gone for 20 years, and I am not a child. Funny how New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and other great cities full of educated people did not vote for Trump, yet the mid-west and dim-wit South support him blindly. SAAD.

        • This is from FOX news……about Trump.

          “…his random tweets, his crude public use of insults and threats and his blatant disregard for decorum and the integrity of the office of president raise questions about his willingness to fulfill those duties for the long run.”

      • you must be one of them snowflakes that were all talking about what you need to do is grow up maybe get a job if you don’t have one get out of Mom and Dad’s basement if you’re living in there and open up your eyes because this is our country but just a liberals and we are tired of all of you we’re going to take back this country from the Liberals

        • “taking it back” as in like taking land (the country) from the Native Americans?
          One of those, not “them” snowflakes.
          Run on sentences.You need to use punctuation marks more often. You need to be consistent with capitalization- either it is liberals or Liberals, not both.

          It is all OK, Roseann because DeVos will change American education forever.

      • No you are clueless! He is NOT CONNING the country and is working hard everyday to make this country great again, do a little research on your own and find out for yourself! The msm won’t report on it because just like you THEY are CORRUPT PERIOD!!! leftest troll!

        • that’s why he needs to go on vacation, just like every hard working American. Maybe a really, very,bigly, bestest long vacation after those action packed 100 days filled with protests from uppity women, uppity scientists, and uppity people who believe in climate change. Takes hard work to ignore thousands of people. Must take away health care from 24 million to show them who is boss.

      • It appears to me you are the one who is clueless and gullible. How many promises did you see President Obama keep??

        • None. His “if you like your doctor you can keep him” didn’t work. The only change we got was to regress fifty years. Martin Luther King has to be spinning in his grave.

      • get a grip moron! your actually talking about obama. Trump is keeping his word and has been working since he was elected!

      • Get your head out of the sand did you really want crooked biliary hope everyone can say we told you our president was great.

    • so Abraham Lincoln wasn’t human? Alien life form? Trump will go down bigly, bestest, or fastest. Keep praying for him and United Airlines since both have some situations to explain.

  2. Now he needs to pay for the trips back and forth to NY and his other family costly trips. He needs to be cheered each and every moment. Not like Obama. Trump needs his ego feed. And he does not report fact as they are, so he will stop having press conferences. How strange, if that is true.

    • No!! He does not!! He gives away his salary and, IF they go on a vacation, they will pay for those trips with their own money!!! Obama sucked up every penny he could get out of the government!! And now, he wants his salary AND $400,000 for giving a speech!! I hope they take his salary away altogether. He’s a waste–start to fininsh.

      • That is a lie. The cost to the tax payers for Trumps trips to NY does not come close to what President Obama has taken.


    • yea, asshole, just like.Obumer gave away 1.5 billion to the enemy. U sir have loose screws…Just a reminder U Lost & will loose again in 2020, Dumb Ass

    • Well bless your heart, it’s kind of a shame you didn’t do your homework about Obama. He stole (yes stole) $161,000,000 (that’s million) from the American tax payers and put it in banks around the world under his “Barry” name for his own personal use, he gave his mother-in-law a life time salary of OUR TAX dollars in the amount of $160,000 a year for “babysitting” (cough cough) his well above age of needing a babysitter age children (something wrong with that picture?), he gave OUR TAX dollars, in the millions to OUR enemies (want to explain that?). Obama walked around for 8 years like he OWNED America and constantly played the race card to get his way and to get away with the abuse that he slammed our country with. He and his low life family came into the White House kind of on the poor side (by political standards) and walked out with daughters that had millions and he and his wife had millions (not all from “book deals”) and his yearly salary was $400,000. So, go ahead and explain that, go ahead, give it a try, do the math. Obama’s spent and stole TAX PAYERS money for 8 years. President Trump came into office as a billionaire and takes NO SALARY but instead donates salary to help Americans. Obama’s spent millions and millions of TAX PAYERS money on vacations every 2 or 3 months and WE THE PEOPLE picked up their bills. They spent more money than ALL the other presidents combined and still Obama doubled the national debt for WE THE PEOPLE to pay off along with our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren. NOW we have a REAL president that is doing good and you’re bitching. Go ahead and melt snowflake. Obama will go down in history as the worse president in history. FACT!!!

      • I don’t know about the mother in law payment they did try though! Their vacations alone totaled well over $70 million alone. But you are one of the few people that know your facts! It is refreshing! Thanks Shirley! Their daughter’s college was on a Clinton’ scholarship…no corruption their right!

    • Obama spent over 70 million dollars on vacations alone. No one ever bitched about their spending left and right. He wanted Michael to get a paycheck for being first lady!
      They tried to get his mother-in-law on the payroll and retirement $$

    • Pay attention! His ‘trips’ so far are less than HALF of what O cost us. Settle yourself.
      Call the GAO for confirmation.

    • President Trump has a huge army trying to destroy him, both political parties, and the media. The American voter has spoken, but that goes unheeded because we elected a successful busness man and a strong negotiator.

    • He sure did. He is not taking a salary nor is he feeding at the government trough like the rest of them! The big question for most of congress is how do they all end up making millions while working a government job? Crooks! A true government official should volunteer his time….that would cut down on crime of theft of America’s money….then have Limited Terms so we get rid of people like Nancy and Waters and 83 year old Feinstein….that is just way to old to be in office. I don’t want my grandmother telling me how to live let alone making laws she does not have to abide by! This is so wrong! Limited Terms needed big time! And no more exemption…..that is so dangerous!

      • BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! Who cares about his puny POTUS salary when he’s making bank off of foreign governments and the taxpayers are paying for upgrades to his property and decadent lifestyle?

        • You better be ready to show actual proof rather than what you read on Huffington Post. Do some research on your own at a reputable source, spreading crap like this is what destroys Americal

          • I’m a gentleman of Georgetown and an officer in the US armed forces. I don’t need third party news sites (like this one) to affirm my world view. I only deal with facts directly from the source. It’s an easily verified fact that the Department of Homeland Security IS paying Trump rent in New York, Florida, and now New Jersey. That, by the way, is unprecedented that a sitting president would charge the government for space in property he owns simply to protect him and his family. It’s an easily verifiable fact that Secret Service asked for an additional $60 million for his protective detail this year, because they’ve never had a president and first family that lived apart and go on so many personal trips. It’s an easily verifiable fact that Secret Service built a helicopter pad at Mar-a-Lago. And the list goes on, and on, and on…

          • Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? So relieved to see Trump supporters have as much respect for the service and sacrifice of our soldiers and sailors as the President does.

      • Limited terms would prevent people like the lady who’s just been found guilty on 18 out of 22 charges – people start doing such things when they’re so assured of being able to stay and cover up.

        It would also get rid of a few very old people like Senators Feinstein, Pelosi & Waters, plus a number of (very) elderly men.

        At the uni we laughed at people whose identity became ‘doctoral candidate’ … the USA has people whose only identity is Senator.

    • He did and has said he’ll donate his entire salary. It looks like he’ll do it at the end of every quarter. Then, we have Comey. I haven’t checked witht he GAO to find his salary, but doubt it was in line with his net worth of $17 MILLION. Financials need to be examined. Collective Clowns go in as ‘nice guys’ and come out multi millionaires AT OUR EXPENSE.

    • Yes he did. He does not take a salary for being President. Have you ever heard of such a thing? He’s doing it for FREE, so to speak. And when he goes to Mara A Lago, NY, or Bedminster – they’re HIS homes, HIS golf courses. He owns them. He’s not galavanting all over the place staying at the most expensive places, ringing up huge expenses. And he’s WORKING when he goes there. I don’t care if he throws in a round of golf. He has no choice about using Air Force One. He wanted to keep using his own plane but they wouldn’t let him. He has no choice about all the secret service people who have to follow him around. It comes with the job. People need to stop complaining and know the facts.

      • He’s charging the US government for being there to protect him. That’s unprecedented. And it’s disgusting. He had already killed the Coast Guard and Secret Service’s budgets after 6 weeks in office, and is on track to spend more on travel this year than Obama spent in 8.

  3. I think the election of Trump an Pence is a great turning point for Americ ,we were headed into a 3rd world banana repulic ,now we will be leading the world again

    • I so agree, Michael. We dodged a nuclear bullet on Nov 8. For all the manure being thrown at Trump, he continue to ignore and work. Dems, RINOS, press all out to destroy and he just keeps working. Libs are wearing out the little bit of credibility they did have. I see not a shred left. It is also true of the RINOS and if nothing else, Trump’s election really showed who they are! NOW, up to US to help with the swamp draining in 2018.

      • You are right on! How many times have we heard “lets vote those career politicians out of office”? We we got rid of a few, but as you see the Dems, and rino’s are not happy with their new leader, since they cannot bully him around, they now will not support him in anything he suggests, and will have both aisles work to stop all progress to make America great again. They do not want Trump to succeed in any area. We have enemies in Washington who want to RULE over us in power.

    • He is just what America needs at this time in history to turn it around to its former glory.
      A very difficult and thankless job. I am grateful to President Trump and Vice President Pence for taking on this momentous job.

  4. To really understand the left just read their comments and then contrast them to the people who write about the Trumps. That’ll tell you a lot!! I am really tired of the crap and dishonesty of the libs and their political correctness. I hope at some point they see the light, but I don’t think there is any hope for Darin. Maybe he should move out of the country to France or Canada. Those countries just elected two of the most liberal presidents in the world.

  5. I am so very thankful that I am not brainwashed like these other twits!! President Trump won. We the people have spoken!! So shut the F up!!

  6. I can see that you, Darin Johnson, are a left wing Democrat, and you have no place on this page if all you can do is let vile accusations proceed out of your mouth. You, know, the old saying, to know a con is to be a con, so if that is the case, you must be the biggest con in the world.

  7. We all wish President Trump would slow down a bit as he is taking on so big a load. He is a man of his word and I know he tries to get everything accomplished but we want him to be our President for many years to come. I love that hes a people person as they usually have a big heart and are very loving and giving. My Dad was one and he won over the hearts of many people he met or worked with. Trump gave up his lavish life of luxury to be worry free and yet he took on the biggest job ever in our Government. Do not condemn the man after only 100 days as he has done more than OVomit did in 8 years,which he almost totally destroyed our Country. Trump inherited a Mess and taken on a enormous task and works hard every day to make America Great Again.

  8. Obama didn’t want people around him while he was working because he wasn’t working for the American people.

  9. I love President Trump and in my book he nor his team can do anything wrong. God Bless his supports and enjoy the train ride.

  10. I just don’t understand. Many on the Left are extremely Pro Environment. I get it, in fact I agree. This is what I don’t get. The same folks that are so concerned about our earth and its inhabitants. Are fine with abortion to the tune of 55 million baby’s lives, since Roe vs Wade in 1973. That has virtually wiped out 17% of our population in the last 44 years. I’ve heard it all, mostly that a women should have control of her own body. But the truth is we are not only talking about their bodies, if we were, I would agree. Have we become so desensitized that the child’s body in whatever stage of development it may be in, Is not a human being? Forget about politics for a moment. Your decision should not be Left vs Right it should be. Life vs Death!

  11. He’s absolutely the best President this country has had since Kennedy. No matter how hard the news media slams his spotless reputation he just keeps walking and working and all the while smiling. You know he’s warm and caring by his smile and wonderful attitude. God bless you Mr. Trump and I appreciate all you’ve done and are going to do. Thumbs up!

    • Working? He had a total of 9 meetings this week. 9 meetings for our previous presidents would have been a slow day. He’s also been on vacation a third of the time he’s been in office. And he’s yet to accrue any accomplishments. What rubric are you using to score presidential success, and how could you insult President Kennedy so terribly?

  12. You’re either with the United States or you’re with Russia. Period.

    It’s shocking there are so many of you hate liberals so much that it outstrips your love of country. Trump, who only had NINE meetings/events scheduled this week, is not working hard. His cabinet holds 6% of the world’s wealth. He can’t remember which country he bombed. He disparaged our military, saying we don’t try to win anymore. He’s bleeding the Coast Guard and Secret Service dry with his endless vacations and family who doesn’t live with him. He’s running the White House like a dictator, with his family serving in key roles. He can’t tell the difference between a fact and a lie. The world is laughing at us.

    What more will it take for you to accept reality? Trump is a con, a sham, a traitor, and the biggest threat to your families in the modern era.

  13. “Obama didn’t want a lot of people around when he worked” probably didn’t want people seeing soreass telling him what to do and when to wipe his a–


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