With ONE Question Ted Cruz Got Sally Yates To Give Up The Secret About Obama And His Refugees

Image Source: C-Span

Senator Ted Cruz caught NSA Director James Clapper and Attorney General Sally Yates for unmasking private citizens under the US government program.

During their arguing, Senator Ted Cruz asked Yates about her decision to block the Trump temporary refugee ban incoming from terrorist states. Yates said that president doesn’t not have the right to block refugees to America. Watch Ted Cruz get her.

Of course, Sally Yates and the Democrats said nothing about Barack Obama. They would never betray the party. They must never stray from the party.

Democrats are forgetting that Obama discovered that Al-Qaeda terrorists were living as refugees in Kentucky and because of that they blocked all Iraqi refugees from entering the US for six months.


1. There were no protests in city streets across the United States.

2. Sally Yates did not disobey the President of the United States at the time. 

3. The left said nothing. They did nothing.

There was no problem when Obama did it. Sally Yates was US attorney in Georgia when it happened. She was promoted to Deputy Attorney General in 2015. (h/t ABC)

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  1. I would like to thank Ted Cruz, for a job well done! Also, thank you for supporting President Trump. At least we have a few who take the oath they made seriously. I would like to ask when Obama will be charged and jailed? He still walks around like he is the King, saying the muslims will not be leaving America and he will stay in DC as long as Trump is President, causing chaos! Please, Mr Cruz, do something before it’s too late and we look like France.

  2. Senator Cruz, please keep up the good work. You are what America needs to restore our country, this great Nation. I was so proud of how you stood up to Yates and the DOJ. May God bless you and give you great wisdom.

  3. Ted Cruise you have them there. Great work on your part. Let us see some more of that type of telling the truth!!!

  4. Do you really not understand the differences between what the two administrations did?
    I think you’re trying to stir the pot and create outrage where there shouldn’t be any. Btw, your hipster beard and Ellen DeGeneres haircut isn’t fooling anyone.

  5. Funny how all of this information is just now coming out and we have yet to hear of any legal proceedings……. Where are the lawsuits, where is the evidence oh yeah that’s right in the same place as Hillary Clinton’s damning evidence…..in someone’s head. Just stop the bullshit

  6. In Canada The Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is allowing extremists into the country. He’s proud to allow radicals into Canada. Like Obama he is an admitted muslim. The immigration minister is a muslim. There is now a law ( M103 ) prohibiting criticism of islam. An anti islamophobia law. Canada is becoming like europe

  7. Liberals don’t care…They want to excuse anything the liberal media, and the liberal arm of our government does and it means nothing to show the undeniable truth to them…America is in serious trouble…

  8. Obama is a refugee himself… Born out of the states with a father who was not ever a citizen of the states, and a mother who was not old enough to convey citizenship.. He has never applied for citizenship to the USA. Oh my goodness, what have the democrats done to the United States and her Constitution?

  9. I love Ted Cruz! He always sees the truth based on the law and strives to uphold the law. Hevminces no words and is not afraid to drepbon toes for the sake of truth! So proud he’s from the great state of Texas – my state!

  10. Old Sally got caught with egg on her face as she tried her best to worm out of incompetency and hiding the facts she was in the wrong. Ted Cruz nailed her and he is a very smart man and would not fall for her baloney and lies to shield her wrong doings. They covered up for Obama and his corruption for 8 long years. She took the easy way out by going along with his dirty dealings. She sickens me that she failed to do her what was common decency but just wanted to further her career, apparently.

  11. we need more men and women like Ted Cruz. Senator Ted Cruz I salute you
    may your courage to stand up for what is right inspire others.

  12. I wonder how some of these folks can lay down at night and sleep. They overlooked everything Obama did while President, yet they want to bring the President down to Obama’s level, but they don’t give the President a pass.
    The Democrats are so full of hatred that they will go to any means to try to bring down the President. They even have the help of some of the elite Republicans. Believe me, all of you will come up for re-election at some point in the future, and all the things you are doing now may come back to bite you in the rear. There are consequences to our actions. News Break, people, the democrats don’t own the WH.

  13. Cruz is a reliable lawmaker who knows the Constitution, defends it, and can take the argument to the Left and smear across their faces. Kudos to Sen Cruz.

  14. I was worried about ted Cruz there for a while after he flew with obama to go to Dallas for memorial of our murdered cops. But he has really stepped up and working for the people. Thank you ted cruz

  15. Poor, dumb Cruzies and Trumpies. Somehow shining that little turd in their universally failed GOP sideshow. Spin, spin, spin. Cruz made it abundantly clear why over 2/3 of the Senate hate his grandstanding guts. But you gullible rubes eat it all up.

  16. Yates quoted Federal Immigration Law which has been passed subsequent to the statutory authority quoted by Cruz. Subsequent means AFTER. So after that statute, Immigration Law, another Federal statute says no immigrant can be discriminated against because of the country of his/her birth, which is EXACTLY what Trump’s order does. EXACTLY. Is it possible that is why TWO, not one, TWO Federal judges have ruled against his orders? Or do you really believe these people who have gone to law school, had superior careers, are just being partisan? Really?

      • LOL, That is Paul LePage, the Republicans’ best clown in Maine. Glad you like it! I have a tRump one, too.

        • Still fits you no matter what you say. A better one would be you at an autopsy because you were killed by an illegal alien.

          • Would you people all just shut up…you sound like a bunch of 2nd graders fighting on the playground. I think it’s time for America to grow up instead of hiding behind keyboards insulting each other. I know I put this in your reply raysgirl, but it really is meant for everyone on here. The problem with society is best observed on social media and on comment threads. Time for all of you to get outside and go for a walk, burn off some aggression and calories, and breathe in some fresh air.

          • I apologize if you were offended. If you want to attack my political viewpoints, feel free. Anyone here is as entitled to their opinion as I am, mine. However, if all they can do is attack the messenger and add nothing to the discussion, then I feel perfectly free to launch an attack of my own. Frankly, I am neither offended nor angry, just that a counter offense is justified.

          • Like I said earlier, my comment was not aimed at you alone. I was anticipating all the other keyboard insulters would read it too. Keep countering with insults is not how we should set an example in life.

    • A presidential proclamation overrides law. It is not law, which is what Congress passes. If Yates was basing her interpretation on that, then she doesn’t understand the constitution – and law.

      • Where in the Constitution is the president allowed to override any Federal law he took an oath to uphold. I do believe he would have that ability if we were at war, but we are not.

        The Constitution states the President “shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.” At least one Supreme Court has referenced this clause in a decision invalidating an Executive Order.

    • No she is not. Her decision not to uphold was a valid legal decision, which she explained so even Cruz could understand it.

      “SBO. 2. Section 202 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (66 Foreign states.
      Stat. 175; 8 U.S.C. 1152) is amended to read as follows: citations!””^^ ^””‘”
      “(a ) No person shall receive any preference or priority or be discriminated
      against in the issuance of an immigrant visa because of his
      race, sex, nationality, place of birth, or place of residence, except as
      specifically. . .

      • Then you’re just another sheep. Her decision was pure politics and it cost her her job, as it should have when you have an insubordinate employee. And when Obama did the same thing? If HRC had issued the order, I guarantee she would have upheld it

          • So glad you like Republican Paul LePage’s picture in clown make-up. Maine has its very own Republican clown.

          • You can’t even prove that you are making any sense.

            Which part of the fact that she allowed Obama to bar refugees, for the same reason Trump wants to but is now saying it is illegal, don’t you understand? Which part of the law that Ted Cruz read that gives the POTUS the legal right to suspend the entry of any aliens or class of aliens, that the POTUS deems a risk to America, do you not understand?

            I think you understand and just either don’t care about terrorists entering America or want it to happen.

          • Which part of the subsequent law passed in 1968, which supercedes the 1952 law did you not understand?

            The Obama administration’s actions were limited to one country and in response to a specific threat — the potential for other Iraqi refugees to take advantage of a flaw in the screening process, as two refugees in Kentucky had (tRumps Bowling Green Massacre, LOL) A specific threat. An action that was only until the backlog of reviewing previous refugees, not all immigrants, even those with green cards, (see the difference???) and fixing the hole were fixed. Also Obama had not made campaign promises to bar Muslims (or any other religion or ethnic group), nor put such a promise on campaign website. Additionally, Obama did not ask a fool like Giuliani how to do it and make it look legal. Can you see how this is different in more than a couple of ways?

          • You would think these idiots might make something of the fact that her opinion has been borne out by multiple federal court decisions since, but since they don’t agree with them they’ll just shout “activist judges” and wet their pants.

          • whats wrong with Trump promising to ban potential terrorists as an election promise i have no idea who would have some issue with that

          • The problem is not all Muslims are terrorists. I get that it is true a few have radicalized and taken some horrible and tragic actions, but he is not banning any travel from the countries of any of the 9/11 terrorists who attacked us right here. One would have to believe this ban would be fully effective in protecting us, and I, for one, do not believe this. In addition, it is clearly against the very same law Trump is relying on, the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1952. This law was amended in 1968 to prevent exactly what he is doing, basing it on where people were born, where they reside, and worse what is in violation of the very foundation on which this country was founded, against one religion. Rather than base it on religion or points of origin, we need to do careful background checks on anyone applying for a visa from any nation that is not an ally, and maybe even those citizens as well.

          • So how would you suggest one tell a Muslim terrorist from one that is not? Answer: they ALL must be vetted before any are allowed into this country. Proper vetting at the time would have prevented the holocaust of 9/11. You make no sense and Yates was clearly not in accordance with current law, including the one Obama used when he was president and she was AG and she did not quote the same law to Obama that she did to Sen. Cruz. That makes her 1) a hypocrite, 2) a liar, 3) ignorant of the law and 4) incompetent.

          • The difference between Obama and Trump is Obama limited a refugee program while a backlog of existing refugees in this country were all re-vetted with a new program to eliminate a potential loophole, if you will, that allowed a terrorist into the program. After the back log was cleared, the refugee program resumed and new, potential refugees were vetted with the new program. You could Google the specifics, but I believe the initial program for vetting did not include comparing fingerprints to a known database. A backlog was created when all fingerprints of refugees already admitted were compared to that database. This was the Bowling Green Massacre that was referred to by this Administration, when in fact no one was ever hurt, but two refugees tried to purchase caches of guns to send forces who opposed Americans. The FBI was involved and no guns were ever purchased or shipped and the two immigrants from Bowling Green were arrested. It had turned out, I think, that the fingerprints of one of those men was also a match to an unidentified set of fingerprints found on a roadside IED, that had detonated. That was why the Obama Administration went back and revetted all Iraqi refugees, comparing those fingerprints to that database.

            Making things more secure is NOT wrong. I totally support that. Having been married to an illegal immigrant, later an LPR, I might know more about how some come here and how they get away with staying than you might. I have been interviewed by the FBI and have voluntarily and openly told them what I do know. But if a terrorist wants to come into this country, it might not be as tough as you think. Recently, in the news was a story of an attack by an Egyptian national who had a Saudi passport (The Louvre attack in France in Feb.) He is someone who would have been easily admitted under Trump’s scheme.

          • raysgirl …. you have a lot of patience with these people … I appreciate your knowledge… … thanks ..

          • Muslims follow the Quran, and that says it all, they may look calm and collected but one day they will rise up and you or your kids will see how loving they really are….

          • Like the Bible the Quran has several translations. Not all suggest killing those who do not believe as they do. Those who are radicalized believe that is ok, but like the Boston Marathon bomber, who had already murdered three people years before the bombing, some are just killers, killers hiding behind the guise of religion. People like Robert Dear (although he is probably crazy) do the same thing.

          • Not all muslims are terrorist. Not all whites are racist. But some are quick to classify as such umtil they have the opportunity to ” vet” them.

          • I would support vetting ALL visa applications, regardless of where the application is. I do support support banning travel from a country or group of countries because you don’t believe the agency you charge to vet travelers can do the job. I don’t believe in trying to sell any bill of goods to this country based on fear. We are smarter than that. Fear should not be used to try and control a population.

          • The countries Trump specified as part of the action came from a list created by the Obama administration if I’m not mistaken. And even if they weren’t, how does being limited to one country comply with the law you specified, that mentions “nationality” and “place of residence” as criteria that can’t be used as a determinant? One country was chosen. That’s a ban based on either nationality, place of residence, or both.

            For anyone who wants to come back with some claim that I’m a Trump idiot, don’t saddle me with your partisan BS. I don’t subscribe to it either way – I hate both sides. Just a simple request for a clarification on this.

          • The list that Obama made was not for a ban on visas or travel. It was for better vetting of visa requests before any of those citizens are allowed to travel here. That is not wrong. That same security should be used for every country. Obama suspended a refugee program while a backlog of fingerprints for re-vetting was cleared. Once the backlog was cleared, the program resumed. In the interim, I do not believe that other travelers, green card holders, specifically, were banned from traveling back to their homes. No immigrants were being discriminated, but refugees were held up until the vetting process could be completed.

          • What Trump said, when he was a candidate, has no bearing on this and the judges have no right to make legal decisions based on their opinions of what he said and meant, instead of what he did, after he became President. Especially since he did not ban all Muslims or Muslims at all. He banned people from the countries that are terrorist hot beds and the government is not in control. And he only banned them temporarily until he could find a way to vet them enough to be sure they aren’t terrorists.The judges don’t have the legal right to decide that isn’t what he meant to do and that he is really banning Muslims.

            When campaigning, a candidate says stuff that they would like to do, but when they get in office and see the situation, they realise they have limitations on what they can and can’t do. At least Trump is obeying the courts till he can get this situated legally, which he will, when the SCOTUS gives him back the rights a few courts illegally took from him, to do this..

            The 1968 law did not supercede the 1952 law, which all it did was change the way quotas are allocated. It did not take away the right of the POTUS to determine if a group or class of aliens are a threat to America. That right still rests with the POTUS, not judges.

            So, it will inconvenience people from unstable terrorist infested countries for awhile, but to most Americans that is an acceptable alternative to risking our lives because we don’t want to offend a few people, who might have to wait a few months to come here and are afraid of being closely scrutinized.

          • You just made the judges case. He banned people from countries. . .The Immigration Act of 1965 states we can no longer do that. We can people from those countries, but on case by case basis, not based on their place of residence or nationality. It does supersede anything in the 52 Act,

            Group or class does not allow the President to bar travel from an entire nation. Then specifically states not nationality, place of birth, or place of residence. The President has sworn to uphold all the laws of this country and that is one. We can slow the process down by creating better vetting. One of the problems is the countries he chose, none one was a country of those who did attack this country on 9/11 or any country he has a business interest. But he can’t include them anyway. He need to direct USCIS to implement better vetting for any/all visas from all countries not involved in the visa waiver program, which I think should be eliminated, but that would have a backlash against Americans traveling to certain countries, including the President’s family who travel to some of those places for business and I don’t think you will see Trump trading impeding his business interests for our safety.

          • He didn’t ban those countries for the reasons stated in the 1965 act. He banned those countries whose governments are not in any control of terrorists and have no way to vet them, not because of terrorist attacks from them, well yet. If that was the case he would have banned people coming from countries where we have had terrorist attacks from and why he took Iraq off the list when they gave him proof they have some control over the situation.

            I have read the 1965 act and it specifically states it being about making sure immigration quotas are fair and never mentions anything about it pertaining to times where immigration from certain countries is a threat to our safety, which the President is the one who has the information and makes the decision. He especially has the information on the numerous thwarted terrorist attacks from people from those countries. Whether people think he doesn’t have a good reason doesn’t matter, because we don’t know everything that is going on, pertaining to classified national security and thankfully, it is not up to us to make that decision.

            The courts are totally basing their decision on something Trump said during his campaign anyways to make it sound like he is breaking the 1965 act, because they can’t prove that what he is actually doing violates the act. Plus, presidents have deemed countries a danger to us before and have banned immigration from them, so there are precedents.

            If this 1965 act prevents us from protecting our national security, then it needs to be changed and that provision specified that it does not apply during situations of national security. I am sure the SCOTUS will come to the same conclusion and allow Trump to do his job of protecting us.


          • terrorists are not entering America .. what part of that do you not understand …. most of the terrorists in America are homegrown in middle class basements ….. on computers, eating their parents oxycontin, and playing with their guns … Do you have any idea the number of people coming to America each day …. ???? Most people who may want to do harm coming here are thwarted by the fbi prior to …..
            As far as President Obama and the banning during his administration …. I wonder if you even have any idea why he did that …and how properly that was written to be able to defend the legality of that ban …hmmm…? Guarenteed … not the feeble religious test of the bully conman … ! look it up ..


        • You are the sheep following white nationalist and believing in Trump..you are in the wrong side of right and wrong… and you talk about liberals like they are evil ..when republicans lawmakers put up shitty legislation ..name a piece of decent legislation from the last 60 years made by a Republican.. you cannot all you get is war and robbing the country for billionaires…and your stupid sheeple mind can’t see the pattern it has not changed since Nixon…republican gets in office …recession every fucking time

          • And how have 8 years of progressive policies fared? The nation is more divided than ever. There used to be some middle ground but now its only two extremes. Thanks to our last fearless leader, racism is worse than its ever been, he added more to the national debt than all the previous presidents before him, he initiated a war on our police, etc etc.. Trump is trying to undo some of the damage thats been done. The tired line about billionaires getting rich is getting old. What exactly have progressive policies done to improve your life? Theyve been running rampant for 8 years. You think things are better? As to your queen Hillary, you think she gives two craps about you? Shes been craving power for 20 years. The country dodged a bullet. She couldnt even win after the democrats cheated for her

          • And the second greatest deficit was by GW Bush so it is not just Obama. Trump is not a lawyer, he has no political experience and his business have filed bankruptcy 3 or 4 times. You are make assumptions about Hilary, but I would have preferred her to Trump. Trump will run this country into the ground to give himself and other rich people even more than they have now. Ask me if I think anything is better now? NO.

          • Actually you made the best argument for Trump or someone like him in your comments. He’s not a politician. That was very appealing during the election. The politicians (both sides, I’m not just picking on one or the other) havent done too great of a job. Why not try a businessman who knows economics? As to bankruptcies, lots of companies restructure. It’s nothing new. I’m not saying he’s perfect, far from it, but the career politicians from both sides are more interested in holding onto or regaining power. The run of the mill politicians are in it for themselves and couldnt give two craps about any of us. Problem is, the president cant do anything, good or bad, without the opposition and his enemies crucifying him for it. I say give him a shot. He couldnt do worse than what weve had

          • I would love to have had a businessman from either persuasion who knew economics. It is too bad there wasn’t one available. We got a bully, who is used to using his bully pulpit to get what he wants, not any solid knowledge of economics or anything really.

          • Again, pick only that which supports you! The actual historical evidence soundly trounces your bigotry! Who would you have had? Bloomberg, Soros, Styer? Of the 14 wealthiest members of congress, 12 are democrats that were not millionaires when they originally entered office!

          • To bad that he graduated from Wharton School of Business University of Pennsylvania the best in the country with a Bachelor’s degree in economics. Didn’t go your homework or you would have known this. Also graduated as a Military Cadet from his Military School. Trump is no dummy and is intelligent to put New York City back on its feet when it had filed its own bankruptcy.

          • And how did Trump put NYC back on its feet? I thought Ford approved money that bailed out the city.

          • ya, right …put a looser, a failing businessman , one who stole or cheated for everything he has, and then had to borrow form the Russians because no lending institutions in America would lend to him any longer for getting screwed by not paying up … A lying bully conman who conned you … and now he’s thieving from the very govt that taxes you to uphold (while he pays zero) and he is lining his pockets for the rest of his life and leaving his children so overwhelmingly rich beyond anything you will ever imagine but worse even your childrens children will never see because he will have disposed of their future wealth by absconding with it before they are even born … so much wealth your family will never see… as millions turn to billions daily that he will spend or his kids will live off in all their golden glory in planes and yachts and homes around the world … and your kids will pay the taxes… hahaha

          • This is, easily, the most ignorant, unresearched, unverified piece of tripe I have yet to read! Pure liberal talking points and no substance!

          • Whatever Obama tried to get through was blocked by the Republicans. What in the name of God makes a man a good president who gets rid of Meals on Wheels for shut ins and the elderly, what man puts 24 million people at risk with healthcare, what man pisses on the NEA that has given us PBS, the Viet Nam memorial (to name a few). What man sends more troops into a war that has been the longest war the US has been involved in. He sure is entertaining, a man for the people he is not. Look at his cabinet=every last one of them has sued or tried to bring down the very department that he was appointed to! This is NOT an honorable man.

          • And, before you say it, I was not a Trump voter, so please don’t accuse me. Just tired of partisan politics and talking points that are blatant lies.

          • Abraham Lincoln filed bankruptcy more than once. Also the founders of the KKK were all Democrats.

          • I did not nor will I vote for Abraham Lincoln. Nothing personal, you understand. The Democrats that founded the KKK, were like the Republican party today, so no surprise there.

          • You refer to the “big switch” made up by democrats. There is no literary, historical, or otherwise documented evidence (much less proof) of any sort of foolish claim. The monumental paradigm change would have been news for years after such a dramatic shift. people who were party loyalists would have been up in arms over the betrayal. Yet no evidence exists for it! At bare minimum it would have required massive record changes in the Congressional record, necessary for accurate record keeping demanded by of the chamber secretaries in Article 1, section 5, paragraph 3 of the Constitution, that would have shown a massive willing move of democrats to the GOP rosters and an equally massive willing move of Republicans to the DNC rosters. Neither of which happened.

          • Wrong the Republican party voted for voting rights for the Blacks and not one democrat voted yes. Look up the stats on this in the Library of Congress before opening mouth and inserting foot.

          • Our Country is almost in bankruptcy, Trump knows how to recover from financial distress. Did you see that the U,S. saved over 180 Billion just last month, or that he got Boeing to dramatically cut the cost of the new AF1’s.

          • LMAO, that savings was already in the works before he ever took office. He is claiming a lot of credit that he is not due.

          • No such thing was “in the works” Trump did it, period! HE HAS TAKEN NO CREDIT HE HAS NOT EARNED!

          • wowie! I just love it every time he takes a trip to Florida! I love it that NY has to pay for his wife and son to stay in NY to finish his school year (never heard of private tutors?) He knows how to save the taxpayers money.

          • Everything that pertains to his family is paid for out of his own pocket! CBO and IRS records prove this. He has (and will continue to) donate all but $1 of his salary to a charity each year! He takes no expense account and is flown in AF1 as a security measure demanded by The Secret Service. Try to read more than the democrat talking points each day!

          • This is how much you know. Trump pays for his own stuff. Not the government and his paychecks are donated to different causes. Wake up. No taxpayer money paying for them to stay in New York or fly anywhere.

          • And again you cherry-pick your words. Nothing Trump did was illegal, immoral, or unseemly. He used legal methods to save jobs, historical artifacts, and saved money doing it over the costs government would have spent. You pick the items that help you and ignore anything else that will not! He has been in business for around 50 years with no denigration of his actions or results. Politicians have run this country into the ground. We need business people to save it. The first 14 Presidents had no political experience. Andrew JACKSON never even graduated school. The Framers never intended a political class. (read the Federalist Papers) You should spend a great deal more time reading non revisionist history and less time with incomplete gibberish! I, for one, am sick of politicians treating this country like a no fees personal ATM. It’s time we had someone with experience in business, meeting a payroll, and legitimate negotiation experience with nations, unions, and legislators, as President Trump has had to do his entire working life!

          • Trump had 513 businesses and he filed bankruptcy chapter 11 on 7 of them. That, if you check on it, is still an A+ rating in the business world, don’t see anyone saying anything about Hillary’s and Bill’s many foundations that filed bankruptcy being spewed for all the world to see. No they paid out money to hush hush it all up so she could appear squeaky clean. BS. You don’t know anything about business because all business have to take losses to offset the capital gains. Grow a brain, These rich people don’t need money, they are not in it for the money, they are all fat cats that could be sitting at home on the beach drinking pina coladas if they chose. These are people that are in it for the American Citizens and if you are not a citizen then shut the hell up because non- citizens haven’t any rights in America. They are still citizens in their own country.

          • Gee …he really had an effect on you didn’t he …. so sorry your miserable life is so miserable …. I wonder what he did that made you such a miserable man … so miserable that you think drumpf is your hero … haahaha I have to laugh ….

          • Better Trump than a lying Sociopath that has no remorse for causing the death of our Ambassador that she ordered to go to Libya in the first place and then denied him and his team backup. And she was on call and refused to answer the phone. She was told 3 months on that they needed more people for protection and she didn’t give a care. She sent him there for a reason and I think that that reason was that he would have been next in line to be able to run for president instead of Bernie Sanders. Another vier bites the dust.

          • racism is up BECAUSE of Trump’s rhetoric! Billionaires ARE getting richer. Why else was all Trump’s nominees selected? NONE of them were middle class. All were millionaires.

          • Gloria Hafner You have the racism part wrong. It got much worse under Obama’s administration. Also, y
            ou forget there are billionaires/millionaires on both sides. Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein, Soros the contaminator, etc.

          • true, there are millionaires on both sides. You are wrong about the racism. Obama did NOT ban Muslims. Obama did NOT make blanket statements about Mexicans. Obama did not go after women’s rights (misogyny, not racism), Obama did not condemn LBGT people (Trump has given the go ahead on repealing rights to gays under subtle go ahead to fundamentalist churches -Westboro). There have been more attacks on gays, Muslims,Jews, Mexicans than under Obama. His wording is subtle, yet encourages the KKK, the Aryan Nation to take his words to heart and act out.
            But..my words fall on deaf ears. Believe what you want, there is nothing that I can say that will make you a loving better person.

          • Obama, just like Hillary, have the mindset of Sal Alinsky. He was a self-proclaimed radical, left-wing organizer. Obama wanted to suppress America from the very start, when he went to the Middle East to say how terrible America is. He wanted to stir up trouble and knew he’d get people riled up by promoting causes that were hot buttons. Trump did not ban Muslims. He wants to know who comes into America, trying to stop illegals or people that want to cause problems. The five countries he mentioned were the same ones Obama said, but of course it was OK when he said it. You libs are so hypocritical when you say things like being a “better loving person”. These groups you mention are paid protesters on the left that want stop everything Trump is trying to do. Soros loves this kind of stuff. He has given liberal colleges big money through the years so students would end up like snowflakes as many are now.

          • BS AGAIN. Citizens that believe in God have rights also and LGBT don’t have the right to tell them that their rights don’t count. Being gay is a personal right but not the right to use it to make other accept it. I don’t have to like LGBT because you do. Just as you have the right to have your gay pride marches, churches have the right to preach against it. Everyone has rights not just the 4%of the nation.

          • Apparently you were not paying attention during Obama’s 8 years…. racism went WAY up during that time. Not saying Trump has helped it, mind you, but at LEAST be honest, come on.

          • There are a half dozen democrat billionaires in Congress. I don’t think it would be wise to employ a plumber to fix electrical problems. I suspect having people with economic and business experience would be a good idea if you want to know HOW to build an economy. Or are you unaware where good paying jobs come from as most liberals are.

          • Would you hire a lawn man to debate foreign affairs issues. No, Trump hired the best man for the job irregardless of money. Not one person in the world knows foreign affairs better than an ex oil CEO that was in the middle of all oil deals around the world. Next he hired the best ex- bankers from Goldman sachs because no one without the expertise from such a position would know when the bankers would be doing another Fannie Mae on us citizens. and who better to run the Military than Maddog Mattis known for his expertise of military tactics. NO ONE IS IN THESE POSITIONS FOR THE MONEY, THEY DON’T NEED THE MONEY. They are there for their knowledge and expertise and cannot be bought by big business. That is their reputation and Trump with his Military background in Mil School and his degree from University of Pennsyvania in economics is what makes Trump the best man for the job. MOST POLITICIANS ARE LAWYERS AND THEY DON’T KNOW SQUAT ABOUT BUSINESS THAT IS WHY THEY HAVE TO HIRE CPA’S.

          • Raymond Marshall ,
            Please remember who voted for Obama twice …
            White people ! Blacks are
            12% of the population .
            Obama administration
            Added 10 Trillion to the
            Debt ! Did your life get better ? Did anything change in Chicago , East
            Oakland , East St Louis ,
            Baltimore , Detroit ?
            Obama had the power to do something .
            He chose to ignore the poor .

          • I din’t vote for him because I knew when he was a senator and was told the bridges in his state were all decayed and needed fixing and then one or two bit the dust and he still did nothing and right then and there I knew he was evil pc of crap. He didn’t give one care about the people that died on that collapsing bridge.

          • Before gloating over this racist crap remember that the KKK was founded by Democrats. Legislation to free slaves was 100% supported by Republicans, no Democrats supported it. Democrats have kept black Americans in ‘slavery’ through welfare to buy votes to this day. Stand up and be a man, research and then tell the truth.

          • Raymond, I question how this is a “white nationalist” issue. National security is an American issue, not a race issue. When we quit worrying about what political party made the decision, and what race they are, we , as americans, will agree a lot.

          • The last 60 years? Umm… Nixon created that darling of the left, the EPA. Oh wait, you said decent piece of legislation. My bad.

          • The GOP wrote and championed the civil right amendments. They voted 100% for them. Democrats voted against them ! That is a fact proven by the Congressional record!

          • BS. are you going to hire the janitor to take down banks that want to ruin and run our country. Hell no, you are going to hire the best of the best to make sure no bank ever has the ability to do to us that was done under Obama with Wall street crooks. Same thing with Tillerson, who better to be a Secretary of State that has been in the middle of every single country in the world that uses oil, He was the best man for the job. Who better to have as an Atty General that loves the law and the Supreme Law of our Land which by the way is the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA NOT SOME POLICY SPITTED OUT BY DEMOCRATS TO KEEP UP THEIR VOTES. We the citizens are sick and tired of supporting the money sucking users which if you check the federal records are the illegal immigrants and lying refugees that don’t want to assimilate into America but want to take it down,. to the tune of over $12 Billion Dollars every year. lets see how much this adds up to in 8 years. 12 X 8 = $96 Billion Dollars. So who is the dummy now. Not the Trumpers.

        • President Obama did not do the asame thing.. a constitutional lawyer would not make such a stupid mistake whish is why President Obama was successful in his ban for 6 months…do you know why he created the ban for that time …??? anybody ….??? look it up maybe ,,, its not the same as this pretend president …

          • I think she would if it suited her but she never will, because she will never be president

        • No, it does not. Neither do Presidents tRump/Bannon/Miller. Pleas tell us exactly what power, with respect to Immigration, is given to the Holy Trio by the Constitution. A search of that document does not even produce the word Immigration. Article 1, Sect 8, Clause 4 is generally interpreted as giving Congress power over Immigration (Naturalization). But gives the President no power. The Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1952 gives the President the power tRump is relying on, but in 1968 that Act was modified to read that no one would be denied a visa based on his race, sex, nationality, place of birth or place of residence. So Congress did give the President that statutory power, but the 1968 Act of Congress, states that it cannot be based on certain criteria. Two Acts of Congress, one which Yates, rightly believes supersedes the first, especially when you read statements made in Congress at the time of the 1968 Act.

          • You are really stupid if you can’t understand 8 US Code, Section 1182(f). Race, sex, nationality, place of birth or residence are irrelevant if national security is at stake, hence the presidential power. The presidential proclamation is not a law, it is a temporary restraint. Sen. Cruz read this in the video, but here it is again, in part: “Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, …”

          • I know exactly what Cruz was reading from. It was the Immigration Act of 1952. The same act that was amended by Congress in 1965. The president does still have the power granted in 1952, however even he cannot discriminate as described by the amended Act. Congress gave him that power, then subsequently, limited it.

            “Stat. 175; 8 U.S.C. 1152) is amended to read as follows:
            “(a ) No person shall receive any preference or priority or be discriminated against in the issuance of an immigrant visa because of his race, sex, nationality, place of birth, or place of residence, except as specifically provided in section 101(a) (27), section 201(b), and section 203: Provided, That the total number of immigrant visas and the
            number of conditional entries made available to natives of any single
            foreign state under paragraphs (1) through (8) of section 203(a)
            shall not exceed 20,000 in any fiscal year: Provided further, That the
            foregoing proviso shall not operate to reduce the number of immigrants
            who may be admitted under the quota of any quota area before
            June 30, 1968″

          • And you notice there is no mention of race or religion there? ALL immigrants. Not what Trump tried to do. A class of immigrants meaning maybe students, workers, tourists, not nationality, not a religion etc. But that part of the act was written in 1952. That Act was amended 13 years later by an act of Congress, into law, which the President took an oath to uphold. He cannot take that oath then turn around and break that law by Executive Order. The Constitution mandates that “he shall take care that the Laws be faithfully executed,. . .”

          • I understand insanity has just been codified in France-please do this Nation a favor and exit to France. We don’t want you here. You obviously hate Americans-and love terrorists. Before you go-stop off in Minnesota and get a good dose of measles and TB. I hear it’s quite rampant there. Or pop on to Iowa, they are real good about covering up immigrant rape of American Children. Don’t forget to stop in Boston. You can be a part of the Sanctuary liberal city that allows Doctors throats to be slit. But regardless of your itinerary-just make sure your final stop is France. And please don’t come back!!

          • I am American, and I love my country as much as you do. I do not, and have never advocated terrorism or violence. I also believe in the Laws of this country. I support this one, but if you don’t like it, write to some Republican lawmakers, where you might find some sympathy, and have the law changed. THAT is how this country works. You don’t just bypass the foundations of this country and FEDERAL LAW with an Executive Order, which is the reason he is having so much trouble.

      • no actually it wasn’t….it doesn’t come before national security….which due to the spread of terrorism he had to widen the ban…include different countries…tell me…what do you see going on in the european countries that allowed those “refugees” in hmmm? look at paris….italy….even britain…..i’m guessing you’ve never had anyone you’ve known closely hurt or killed by one….i have….and i can tell you…islam is not a religion….for them it is their duty to purge the world of anyone who doesn’t think like them….who doesn’t believe….who doesn’t convert….my friend was beaten and raped many times….thrown down flights of stairs….before finally being killed….so no…i do not want that in my country…they can go back to their own country…they do not belong here….they are not compatible with any society….

        • I am sorry about your friend, that is truly sad, and I do think it justifiably colors your view. I, on the other hand, have many Muslim friends, none of whom are radical and really are peace loving people. I would truly rather have any one of them living in my building than the American born, Native, who sells heroin out of the house I live in. (Different apartment) I have a 5 year old grandchild and it really pisses me off to see this in front of her.

          If Trump was banning, keeping it temporary from all countries that have produced terrorists, I might support what he doing, but that is not what he is doing, places where he does business or wants to do business are exempt. Most of the 9/11 terrorists were from Saudi, but that nation is not included. You mention refugees, he is not holding up just refugees, who do need better vetting although those levels have increased. Initially, he wanted to include everyone originating from those countries, even green card holders, who have been vetted, who have lived here, some for many years. I want security checks, but I want them for anyone applying for a visa from any nation who is not proven ally. Don’t make it Muslim, and Trump did, make it people. He promised a Muslim ban and he trying to fulfill that promise. This needs to be done right.

      • Not applicable. Most of the information in this section can not be verified in the first place. We simply can’t verify who these people are at all.

        Their place of birth, residence, citizenship and such is anyone’s guess.
        And you might take notice that religion is not even mentioned. Obama discriminated against Christians. I didn’t see you or your friends complain about his actions.

        • It is not possible to vet everyone, I agree, but I don’t think it is fair to say than none can be vetted. Those who cannot meet the identification process, in any nation, not soley the six named by Trump, should be denied visas. But place of residence can and often is verifiable, as is nationality (by the passports they have issued to them.) I don’t recall anything about Obama discriminating against Christians, since he was one, but if you have a credible link, I would look at it.

      • So effectively if one stops reading at the “except as specifically..” phrase Obama and 5 other Presidents have broken the law? Publish the full USC document and explain yourself to anyone wishing to read. The addition was required under review to satisfy other codes, but does not over-ride the intent of the earlier law to protect the safety and security of American Citizens. The short term limit makes this a legal authorization unless activist judges play their game in a world of paid politicians getting more credits and cash. A permanent ban would require a Congressional change in the law and in this day and age a few Federalist judges getting impeached and disbarred.

      • There is NOTHING in the section you describe that would prevent those with hostile intent from being denied entry. In fact, if you interpret it to allow those folks, then this country would not be able to protect itself from any hostile person wanting to come in. This means then that a method of determining who does and doesn’t have hostile intent is needed before letting anyone in and a TEMPORARY halt while that is worked out is well within the law. If not, then the law is saying the country must commit suicide, which would be a totally illogical interpretation.

        • I totally support keeping out anyone with any hostile/violent ideation. However, the law is clear you cannot base that assumption on nationality, or origin. You want to keep hostiles out, develop that plan and apply it to everyone. The 9/11 hijackers, people who killed almost 3000 Americans were mostly from Saudi Arabia. That country is not on the list. We do need increased security, I totally agree, but the law says Trump cannot effect any scheme for visas that targets people in a certain way. It doesn’t say he cannot prevent people from coming in, it says he can’t do it for certain reasons, which his first travel ban, the one Yates refused to uphold because it was not legal. The first travel ban included Muslims who held a green card, who had already been well vetted. But the fact is, without a crystal ball, you can never predict violence by any person. You have the Boston Marathon bombers, the youngest was a naturalized American citizen who came here as child, 7 years old, I believe. Then you have Americans by birth, Dylan Roof who shot multiple people in a church. There is Robert Dear who killed at Planned Parenthood. There is the Aurora shooter. We all have a far better chance of being killed by an American than any immigrant.

      • Your reference did not abrogate the authority of the President to secure the safety of America! A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. You cannot stop reading when the onus shifts against you!


  17. Eat it you dirty liberal bitch. Take in the facts for once and bother to do your job instead of acting like a demwit.

  18. President Obama slowed the process after the 2011 incident in Kentucky. He did not order a ban or a shutdown of immigrant entrants.

    Cruz is a smarmy excuse of a lawmaker. Sally Yates wiped the floor with all of them.

  19. This is what happens when a nation departs from the precepts of the word of God(KJV)! “For the love of money is the root of all evil…”

  20. I am not happy about LibertyWriters ignoring these imperative facts
    I request LibertyWriters to cover “Imperative Facts” such as these here:
    …………. (((((“America is Hacked & Hijacked”))))) ………….
    & here: https://www.facebook.com/notes/1145425075488406/

    …&… LibertyWriters not having an obvious way to sign out of their spamming my facebook timeline with onscreen advertising.
    LibertyWriters has been over soliciting me while on Facebook. I have made numerous requests to stop. But they don’t.

    Sent to . Domain Privacy Representative for LibertyWriters

  21. now wait…… can anyone state the reason President Obama refused entry into the United States for people of those 6 countries back then …. ??? Anyone …?? Anyone…? Buehler…???


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