Patti LuPone Just Said Something So Hateful to Trump It Made His Jaw Drop… THIS IS NASTY


Singer and actress Patti LuPone stunned reporter this week with her nasty remarks about Donald Trump. Look what LuPone said about President Donald Trump.

She didn’t stop there.

Reporter: “Tell me why President Trump could come and see your show.”

Patti LuPone: “Well I hope he doesn’t because I won’t perform if he does.”

Reporter: “Really, tell me why?”

Patti LuPone: “Because I hate the mother f*cker.”

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These Hollywood loons don’t know anything what-so-ever about politics. Seriously.

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  1. This ignorant, hate filled, shameless woman is one of the reasons we have the shooting. People like her have bashed this president until they have stirred up every mentally unstable Democrat( and there are many) and caused this to happen.

  2. I dont think she has to worry about that ! President Trump is working hard making America Great hasn’t the time no class actors.

  3. Shame on you Patti LuPone. For the vile words that came out of your mouth about the POTUS. As far as you performing, who cares. You are not a lady using this kind of remark against Trump or for any person for that matter. Your words incite the crazies to do exactly what happened in VA. yesterday. You do have a right to say anything you wish according to the Constitution but was it necessary to use the term you did? Like it or not, Donald Trump is the POTUS. He was voted in by majority of the Unites States of America.

  4. What a crude pig. He and his family are so above her. She needs to take a look in the mirror, I don’t think that she know that she is as ugly inside as she is on the out. That face of hers would stop a clock and so would her so called talent. !!

  5. not sure who Patti LaFune is and I don’t know why such an ugly guy would have a name like Patti but I hope that people stop watching what ever it is that he does

  6. I’m so sorry to see she acts this way. I used to love her music. She has a beautiful voice but her heart is stone cold and her brain has gone dead. Patti be the wonderful singer and actress stay out of politics and quit insulting my President.

  7. Patti LuPone needs to shut her trap along with all the other democrats. They are all out of control,they are hateful fowl mouthed idiots and something needs to be done about them. People are way past fed up with their crap!

  8. What is the matter with these celebrities. Why would they talk that way about anyone, especially the President of the United States! I’ve never heard of this kind of hate before in my life. T I’m 73 years old and I’m ashamed of the way many people speak today in public. To think a woman with her kind of background should be so shameful in her behavior is shocking. Do they think they belong to some kind of “in” group and that to talk like that about our President and often his family is acceptable? We have stooped very low. I have little or no respect for someone who shows such disregard for convention.

  9. More “beautiful” language from a loser. I pray that her “career” if she has any, will suffer irreparably from this kind of rhetoric.

  10. I am wondering why these people get away with all their crass, stupid comments? No class,right, but some of it I think is treason!! After all this is THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, PRESIDENT OF ALL
    AMERICANS!! and yet, they show no respect. I feel they will be responsible if some one kills or hurts our President, because of all the terrible remarks they and the mainstream media have said, the lies they have told, the celebs spouting their vulgar remarks about wanting to blow up the White House, etc. This is beyond disagreeable, as I said TREASON as far as I am concerned…I grew up to respect our country, flag and whoever
    was our President. Agree all the time with each President’s decisions, no, but I did NOT tell lies, or slander him.

  11. Does she even know him or ever met him? The American people need to come together and support the President, no matter who it is, and quit all the mudslinging. Only through unity will our country survive.

  12. You can’t fix stupid and she is STUPID! Being famous does not make you any smarter than any one else so why should your opinion be of any influence on people.

  13. Are we supposed to look up to people, and especially, celebrities, who use this kind of language? I’m sorry, but I cannot respect that type of language, coming out of the mouth, of any intelligent person. I immediately think they have a very limited vocabulary, and I refuse to admire anyone who speaks, using, what my mother called “gutter language.” In fact, that kind of language, will not get anyone any speech awards, or admiration of any kind. When I was in school, there were tough consequences to pay, for using any kind of questionable language at school. It is time, we get back to teaching our children to speak in an acceptable manner.

  14. Please people if you have half a brain, boycott this embarrassment to the human race. This very nasty, physically ugly person is disgraceful.

  15. Well i have never heard of her and by ther languge she can guarntee i wont be wasting my hard earned money on seeing her preform her toilet talk. As for President Trump I think he needs to get tickets for classy shows, not run of the mill crap done my hollywood b actors(ress) and don’t forget he can have his anywhere in New York, D.C. or the East Coast. #ilovemypresidentTrump


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