BREAKING: What the Supreme Court Is About to Do with Trump’s Travel Ban Will Have Heads Spinning!


President Trump’s repeated attempts to make America safe again are headed to the Supreme Court of the United States.


A couple of lower Federal Courts have blocked Mr. Trump’s attempts to keep us safe from terrorists, even using the rationale, in part, that he said something about limiting Muslim entry, back during the election. Unfair!

President Trump is pleading with the SCOTUS to help him help keep America safe.  And he’s asking it to do so on an emergency basis.  If the High Court decides the emergency petition in Trump’s favor, he would be allowed to implement his travel ban, even while litigation on the ban continues.

Wouldn’t that be fantastic, Patriots?  I mean, that’s why America voted him in as POTUS, right?  It’s a very dangerous world out there, in very large part because of terrorists.  And who are the liberals trying to kid??  The terrorists come from highly Muslim countries.  The terrorists’ religious beliefs are what THEY say is the reason their kill and maim innocent lives.

Yes, not all Muslims are terrorists.  We GET that!  But, the converse IS true:  most terrorists are Muslims.  And we have to do something to make sure the terrorists can not gain entry to American soil.  Hell, even Bill Mahar has said similar.  If you don’t believe me, watch this:

I am so glad we have a President who does not give up!  He is tenacious as a pit bull, and holds onto his promises with the same power.  If you support him with his travel ban, please SHARE this everywhere!

[H/T The Wall Street Journal]


  1. The test for a Muslim is not whether he is a Terrorist as who would admit to that but whether a Muslim adheres to and advocates for Sharia Law. Muslims behave one way when their numbers are small but a whole other way when there numbers swell. Go to Dearborn, Michigan to experience this in action. Today’s so-called Moderate Muslim is potentially a Radicalized Muslim in waiting and one IMAM Sermon or Radicalized new friend away from becoming the next Suicide Bomber.
    Sharia Law must be outlawed in America and the classification of Islam as a religion must end replaced by the reality that Islam is a Political Ideological Cult that uses it’s religious component as a Shield to conceal the Political Ideology which calls for Islam to Dominate the World until Islam is the only religion and Sharia is the Law of the Land.


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