OH MY! Veterans Cheering After Seeing What Trump Got Done On The Senate Floor This Morning

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The Senate passed legislation Tuesday morning intending to overhaul the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) civil service protections. The bill passed with bipartisan support.

Remember back in 2014 when whistleblowers said that thousands of veterans were dying while waiting for health care at the VA? Obama vowed to reform the organization, but unsurprisingly nothing happened, no one was fired, and veterans continued to die.

Well, a new administration is in town that actually likes to get things DONE. The legislation that just passed is called “Department of Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act.” It will make it much easier to FIRE the corrupt civil servants, including executives, who are preventing veterans from getting the best health care possible.


Not only that, but the bill will also take employees off of the payroll if they decide to contest their firing. AND civil servants found guilty will not be allowed to receive bonuses. AND managers will be evaluated on how well they protect whistleblowers.

This is an incredible WIN for our veterans! Finally some accountability at the VA.

Senator Marco Rubio, one of the bill’s authors, said this of the historic legislation:

“This is a change in the laws of our country that will bring accountability to one of the most important functions that our government provides to the men and women who serve us in uniform. This spring marks three years since light was shed on the veterans who died — died — while they were stuck on secret waiting lists at the Department of Veterans Affairs”

YES! It feels so good to see our veterans finally get treated RIGHT!

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(h/t The Washington Examiner)


  1. A very simple conclusion: Trump truly cares about our wounded veterans. Obama couldn’t care less about our wounded veterans simply because he is anti-military and pro-Islamists.

  2. Now if they would only pass a bill that would exempt Veteran’s retirement from federal taxes like Arkansas did for state taxes that would be great.

  3. donald trump will get rid of all the trash from the 7 muslim countrys and free the world and i hope barack h obooomer is in the bunch

  4. Sorry to say this, but they should of done this years ago for the VETS, Obama killed my dad in 2011 lowlife of A PRESIDENT HE WAS. They did surgery on Thursday after the operation was told they had no bed for my dad and sent him home next morning he died needed medical attention .Thank you President Trump hope this helps our Vets..At funeral home was ask to fill out paper work to get a thank you letter from the President never received a letter from OBAMA THANK GOD MY DAD HATED HIM. My dad was 17 on the BEACHES OF NORMANDY. I know if was alive he would of VOTES FOR TRUMP. WISH I COULD GET A THANK YOU LETTER FOR HIS SERVICE FROM PRESIDENT TRUMP HE WOULD OF LIKE THAT SO WOULD I TO GIVE TO MY SONS WITH HIS BOOK OF PICTURES OF DDAY..IF ANYONE ONE CAN HELP ME GET THIS LETTER FROM PRESIDENT TRUMP PLEASE E MAIL [email protected] com thank you.

  5. i go to the bath VA and i had a cut on my hand and the doctor took me right in and fixed it.i did not have to wait at all


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