GAME CHANGER: What Nikki Haley Just Did For Israel Will Have Obama Hiding His Face In Shame

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UN Ambassador Nikki Haley had some strong words for the United Nations during her trip to Israel this week. She said to Israeli President Reuven Rivlin:

“I have never taken kindly to bullies, and the UN has bullied Israel for a very long time. We are not going to let that happen anymore. It is a new day for Israel in the United Nations.”

Earlier this week in Geneva Nikki Haley confirmed that the US was mulling over withdrawing from the UN Human Rights Council because of its bias against Israel. The UN is known for taking a harder line against Israel than literally any other country—just last March the Council on Human Rights adopted 5 resolutions against Israel.

The Bush Administration had suspended its membership in the council for three years for its anti-Israel bias. Obama reentered the council in 2009, and shocked the world when the US voted to abstain during a 2016 vote on a resolution introduced by Egypt condemning Israeli settlements as illegal. Before, the US always voted against such resolutions.

Haley said Washington will make a decision on whether or not to withdraw at the end of this month. Either way, the Trump administration has already improved the US’s relationship with Israel. During Haley’s visit, Netanyahu said during a speech:

President Trump and you, I think, have changed the discourse, have drawn new standards, and everybody’s taking up, and that’s great.”

He added:

“I think it makes a world of difference, both for Israel and the US. Again, I felt that the UN would collapse, you know, that whole scaffolding of lies would just collapse. I think you’ve put in that simple word – truth.”

The Trump Administration is sticking up for Israel against the bullying UN and creating real change within this organization. Nikki Haley has made it clear: “Israel will no longer be the United Nation’s punching bag.”

Thank you Nikki Haley for supporting Israel against the UN’s constant attacks! Share this post 1 million times if you support Israel!

(h/t The New York Post, The Washington Post)


  1. Thank you Nikki Haley for helping President Trump make this a better world to live in. You are doing a wonderful job. We need more powerful honest well intentioned women like you in the government.

  2. Nikki is either stupid ignorant of History or simply brown-nosing. Israel does not need protection they are stronger than any country in the Middle East. Jews eradicated the Palestinians from their ancestral Homeland and took away from them every square foot of their country! So who is the bully and who needs help?

  3. So Emily.Israel has not abided by one UN Resolution on its treatment of Palestinians.Not one.So the rest of the world is wrong and Israel is always right.I think I know who the bullies are here USA and Israel

  4. My prayers are for the US and President Trump to acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. We need to make a decision for once and for all. God Bless Israel and the US.

  5. The U.S. should withdraw from the United Nations. Then kick them out of the U.S.. I can’t see any good that they do !! Just want a lot of money !!!

    • PS. It is a necessity that we as individuals or a nation support Israel God’s chosen if we want His blessings !!!


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