Hollywood HORRIFIED After What Jeff Bridges Just Said About Supporting Trump

Image Source: Fox News

Jeff Bridges played president in the “Contender” a political flick that was just released 20 years after Bill Clinton’s scandals in the White House. Bridges is not a Trump fan. Let’s get that out of the way. He doesn’t have to be. It’s his right as an American. Here is what Jeff Bridges said about Trump last year in the video below.

Unlike Kathy Griffin, Jeff Bridges doesn’t attack the President. He didn’t joke about killing him like Johnny Depp did.


“Everybody has something different and unique to contribute to society and with different ways of doing it,” Bridges said in an interview Wednesday with The Associated Press.

“Some people will be blatantly out there talking about their disappointments and ridiculing the way President Trump is acting,” said Bridges.

“I’m rooting for him to do well by our country. I’m rooting for him as a human being to do the cool thing,” Bridges said.

Jeff Bridges said that he voted for Hillary Clinton last election. I don’t agree with him, but unlike the rest of Hollywood, he isn’t an asshole. Share this if you appreciate Jeff Bridges for at least rooting for Trump to succeed!

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  1. Hated he voted for Hillary, but so glad he’s sticking up for Trump. He probably has seen how crooked hilary is. He is one of my favs. And instead of going against our country, he is co-operating to build our country back up.

  2. Leave Jeff Alone. I saw him in a movie many years ago. He was a young man. Played a visitor from space, can’t remember the name, but it was a space movie, He has been a favorite of mine ever since,


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