INCREDIBLE: Trump Just did the IMPOSSIBLE for Our Veterans

Trump stands by our vets. Source: Youtube, CNN.

The Obama administration was plagued with horror stories over repeated failures and sickening neglect within the Department of Veterans Affairs. Thousands of veterans died waiting for crucial medical care under Obama’s watch. Obama vowed to “restructure and reform” the agency, but unsurprisingly, NOTHING HAPPENED.

Fortunately, we now have a President who is ready to take care of our veterans.

President Trump made it clear in his campaign that veterans will be a priority in his administration, mapping out a 10 point plan for VA reform.

Today The Washington Examiner reported that he is about to check one of those ten points off the list. President Trump is launching a veteran’s complaint hotline. Any veteran could call this hotline and voice their complaints or concerns about the services they receive from the VA.

This sounds like an amazing service that will finally hold the VA bureaucrats accountable and help veterans get the care they need.

The service is doing a “soft launch” June 1st, and is expected to be fully operational by August 15th, 2017. Veterans can access the hotline by calling 855-948-2311.

President Trump understands that our veterans deserve the very best, and he’s going to personally make sure they get it.

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(h/t The Washington Examiner, The National Review)


  1. Its about time. So many vets aren’t getting the help they deserve. A Lot of people that work in the system are lazy and taking advantage of the tax payers money.


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