It’s Over! The Media LIED About Comey & Newt Gingrich Just Exposed His Evil Plans In This Video 


Former FBI Director James Comey testified on Thursday that he is the one behind the leaks of the account between him and President Donald Trump. He thought that it would lead to a special prosecutor. He was right. It did. Newt Gingrich doesn’t like that! Look what he said below. The conversation starts at 3:45 minutes again.

Newt Gingrich is totally right about this. It’s time to end the special prosecutor. He is set to lead the Russia investigation and has also known Comey for a long time.

Lindsey Graham agrees: “Unless Mueller is a complete idiot, which he is not, he’s concluded there’s no obstruction of justice case because if he had concluded otherwise, Comey wouldn’t be testifying,” Graham, R-S.C., said of the Justice Department’s special counsel, Robert Mueller, on “CBS This Morning” on Thursday.


“You wouldn’t let his chief and only witness go through this process if you believe you really had a case to prosecute,” Graham said. “And Mr. Mueller is a good prosecutor.”

Comey revealed that Trump was right that the entire fake Russia scandal is a witch hunt being put on the mainstream media. Our President needs us.

Newt Gingrich is right. It’s time that we the people demand that we don’t need the special prosecutor.

There is not a case. Share this Patriots. The media doesn’t want it getting out.

(h/t US News, CNN)

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  1. I think it is rideculous to have a special prosecutor especially if he is friends with Comey For years. He is bias and I think it is a set up

  2. Why don’t the committee bring the Professor before them he has been on network shows with other information did that info come as a leak from Comey?

  3. Got to love Newt your hundred percent dead on. All this stuff comes from the top it starts with Obama goes to Loretta Lynch goes to James Comey and Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton all are guilty. Airless Obama win the email server came out is not being a government regulated he didn’t know anything well IP addresses attached to all emails I imagine they all in with .Gov. so I’m probably right in making the assumption that the 30000 emails that disappeared had Obama in them. Then we have Loretta Lynch meeting on an airplane with Bill Clinton that sounds a little fishy there when Hillary was under investigation. Then this Lynch instructing James Comey to handle this as a matter not an investigation. I would say that’s probably obstruction of justice. When are the American people in the Republicans going to rise up and take control of this nonsense.

  4. This whole Russia connection thing is merely to “muddy the water” to keep Trump too busy to examine the Huma/Tony computer missing e-mails of Hilliay! It’s subtefuge at an alarming cost! Trump was clearly pegged as the loser by all of the polls, so WHY would Russia back a loser, when they risk dicoverey? And just how could Russia influence our election anyway. No WIKILEAKS, Comey and the unpalatable Hilliary, stupid Podesta, lost the election. And the elitist Democratic party with its lies, obfustications, Brazile, Wasserman Schultz, Rice, Lynch and Obama’s lukewarm backing, merely added fuel to the fire! And now we wonder what the Dems and nasty Republicans are going to come up with next. Analyze this folks, why in the world would the Republicans not help their Rep President, to the upmost, which they definitely AREN’T DOING? REASON: THEY GOT SOMETHING TERRIBLE TO HIDE! And it’s in Huma’s computer!

  5. Special Proscutors have been so uncalled I do believe. Maybe we can spend more money where it is actually needed.


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