JUSTICE SERVED: Trey Gowdy Was Just Given the Most Important Job of His Life

Source: C-SPAN

Today has been full of big news. First, James Comey outed himself as a leaker and hinted at collusion between Hillary Clinton and Loretta Lynch.

Now Trey Gowdy just got the official call to do a job that will make him one of the MOST POWERFUL people in the entire country…

Trey Gowdy is the new Head of the House oversight committee.

Gowdy is replacing outgoing head Jason Chaffetz, who decided to step down before ending his term.

While the name “House oversight committee” may not sound exciting, it is one of the most powerful positions in the US government. Gowdy essentially now has complete oversight and ethics determination of the White House from now until he steps down or the majority changes.

Could this be the final piece of the puzzle¬†needed to Drain the Swamp? Trey Gowdy sure did a number on Hillary during that Benghazi hearing and has been on fire ever since. Maybe it’s time to take her down for real.

Regardless, it is great news. Even though the story was initially reported to CNN by “sources”, Paul Ryan quickly confirmed the news and congratulated¬†Gowdy on his accomplishment.

“Trey Gowdy possesses the experience and deep commitment to transparency and accountability necessary to be the House’s next Oversight chairman. He has proven that he will always look out for taxpayers and seek answers from the bureaucracy. Trey has my absolute confidence, and I know he will do an outstanding job.”

For once, I agree with Paul Ryan 100%. Sure, I would have loved to see Gowdy on the Supreme Court or in the FBI, but this is a great job for him to.

Who knows, maybe if we share this out and let him know how much we support him, there could be a President Gowdy in 2024 (after Trump’s 2nd term).


  1. Good for Trey, he’s the main man I just think he will be great in his new job. He is just what President Trump needs, someone who is not afraid to step on a few toes to get to the truth. Will be saying prayers for jhim

  2. I would like to think this is good news,but all I have seen is all talk about what he has done. I have seen no one charged .clinton should be in prison,the FBI said what she did was not done on purpose.I was in the military for 37 years,I was always told you don’t pass on secrets period.Roy

  3. Congratulations to Trey Gowdy on your promotion. I look forward to hearing some real interesting comments in the political arena. R. FAN

  4. Congratulations to Trey Gowdy on your promotion. I look forward to hearing some real interesting comments in the political arena. R. FAN

  5. What a man!!! Worked with his father (physician) and volunteered in his office (Juvenile Arbitration) for 7 years. He is a man of honor, integrity, dedication, endless energy, and one of the most patriotic and caring individuals you could ever meet. Congratulation Solicitor –oops! Congressman Gowdy.

  6. I don’t know what he thinks about the Trump vs. Comey situation,but I hope he will keep an open mind about Mr. Comey. While I supported Presifent Trump wholeheartedly, I fear he is not being totally honest about his meeting with Mr. Comey.

  7. I agree that James Comey is a snake! He would love to see Presideny Trump’s Administration overthrown. Trump is anointed by God in my opinion and the Dems and Rinos are playing a dangerous game attacking him at every turn. The Patriotic Americans in this country love him and pray for him daily. Trump, Gowdy, Gingrich, Hannity, and Pence–Good honest men trying their best to help the USA and to make America great, safe and prosperous once again.

  8. I congratulate Mr. Trey Gowdy. I always think of him the best ever elected to serve in the Congress, now he will have the best job.

  9. So happy for Mr.Gowdy but mostly for us he is a perfect person for this job.To bad we don’t have a lot more like him to help the president instead of a bunch trying to block his every move even before it has been given any consideration. Please congress this is about America the good for the people not about you.

  10. I have respect for Bob Meuller,but under the circumstances his close relationship with Jim Comey causes me hesitations for full confidence Ina matter of such importance. Since Trey Gowdy is now involved I’m positive of a square deal. Mr Gowdy is of the utmost character and as tough as they come. No one in congress is more capable to handle a situation as volatile as we have before us.

  11. I am so happy to Trey got the position he did. Maybe now something will be done about Hillary and her gang who have already been fired.


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