MOMENTS Ago Kathy Griffin Saw Something In Crowd That She Doesn’t Want Anyone To See

Image Source: Golden State Times

A reporter for the Gateway Pundit, interrupted Kathy Griffin and her lawyer for the disgusting Trump bashing press conference. What she says next is psycho. This reporter showed her something so shocking below. You can watch the video below.

Watch the video of Kathy Griffin below via Golden State Times. Watch the guy with the leather jacket and the blue shirt.

Hahahahaha. This is pure comedy gold. Kathy Griffin won’t acknowledge that she struck terror into Donald’s young son, Barron.

TMZ said that sources told them that Barron was watching TV and then saw what Kathy Griffin did tand ran out the room screaming “Mommy, Mommy!”

As said to TMZ, “He’s 11. He doesn’t know who Kathy Griffin is and the head she was holding resembled his dad.”

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Let’s do the best thing ever, Trump voters. Let’s just ignore this woman from here on out. She’s not worth our time. Spread the message.

We are too busy making America great again right y’all?

Watch the full train wreck below.

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(h/t Gateway Pundit)

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  1. How would she or the Media have reacted had some Conservative Comic depicted Obama with a noose around his neck ? That would have immediately been condemned as a HATE CRIME, RACISM, INCITING TO VIOLENCE and EXTOLLING THE KKK !!!!

  2. The Trump’s didn’t do this to you. Your blaming someone else for what you caused. Take responsibility for your actions.

  3. The only thing she’s sorry for is how her events got cancelled! A total phony baloney! FLASHBACK 2011: Kathy Griffin announced her New Year’s resolution to continue a verbal assault on the Palin family. Only in 2011, the comedian said she intends to target Sarah Palin’s 16-year-old daughter, Willow.

    “I’ve already gone for Sarah, Todd and Bristol obviously,” Griffin told The Hollywood Reporter. “But I think it’s Willow’s year to go down. In 2011, I want to offend a new Palin.”

  4. KG did a stupid thing. Is she so dumb that she thought we were going to applaud when portrays as an ISIL. Terrible for any to do this in America. She should be in jail and be boycotted. She is the one that started the bullying and now crying because others are speaking up.

  5. You are a waste of space and air, Kathy. Karma will meet you and those like you. You think beheading is art? Funny? You are delusional. You are far from being bullied by trump, you are being boycotted by the USA! Sue us all, you whiny, ignorant, waste. You need to disappear. There’s a line between the right of free speech, and the responsibility of said free speech. Learn what that means. I hope when you look in the mirror, you see exactly what your true self is. Disgusting.

  6. Who told her she’s a comedian? I’ve never seen or heard anything, ANYTHING from her that is “funny”. Why do people hire her?
    Bob Hope, Jerry Lewis Red Skelton, Rodney Dangerfield, are “comics”. She’s just a vile, disgusting shock jock.

  7. so this dumb a$$ attorney of Kathy’s & Kathy’s dumba$$ just gave two different total statements about 11 yr old little Barron Trump. Kathy’s attorney said Kathy never said she was going to attack Barron Trump and use him to humiliate his father Donald Trump our President. then Kathy says in the same question why, YES , I did say I was going to attack Barron because she is a comic and is allowed to attack anyone! Well by saying this tells us the american people we want you out of our country just like ISIS and all of ms13 along with any Sharia lover OUT!

  8. Kathy you need to know that holding a mask made to look like the decapitated bloody head of our president is so far from just making fun of him and it is not his fault that you did this it is also not his fault that your shows have been cancelled this is all your doing and your reference to old white men really you make yourself sound so stupid also let me just say that these actions are definitely not a woman thing real true women use knowledge and respect even when mocking the POTUS so don’t group us all together we are not like you and believe me we wouldn’t want to be because what you did is shameful and horrific. Singed ….not a fan.

  9. Kathy Griffin: I don’t care who you are or what you do for a living! This is outrageous! You and the majority of entertainers are presenting with a mental illness, and your actions are disturbing , disgusting, infuriating and bad , bad , really bad behavior! Being a comic is NO excuse for your actions! Hiring a lawyer claiming you were bullied by the Trumps is beyond RIDICULOUS! Wrong is wrong, right is right and breaking the law is breaking the law and has consequences! Be a righteous woman and accept responsibility for your actions!

  10. Well I never liked her, and like her even less now. Kathy Griffin, I hope you never see another tv or show spot ever again. You are not funny and bottom line is YOU WERE WRONG quit trying to blame the Trumps period.

  11. This is NOT comedy. Mocks no others is not funny, kathy! Why can you not be truly funny ? Are you so lacking in genuine talent that you cannot find funny things to say without hurting others?

  12. Kathy Griffin is a puke. I would never watch anything with her on it again and have no respect for her lawyer either. Maybe Kathy should show her kids a picture of her head cut off. Ignorant fool.

  13. I hate liberalism and this stupid idiot. But you need to pay attention to what you say. I’ve never heard an eleven year old ever run in/out and yell Mommy, Mommy! Most normal eleven year old’s would be very embarrassed to sound like a two year old crying Mommy.
    . Most at about this age are starting to ask mom things like, “would you prefer to be called Momma, Mother, or Mom?

  14. Kathy deserves the consequences. She’s not sorry she did it… She’s sorry it backfired & hit her int he pocket. She has the audacity to try blaming The Trump Family? Now she’s saying they bullied her & caused her to get fired. A Typical Hillary Clinton Tactic. Reverse it & Blame Everyone else.
    I keep trying to warn Comedians+Celebs that they will lost at least 50% of their fans + new sales for insulting Politicians. Shut Up + Let People Think the way they want to think. We’re not stupid.

  15. Obviously, those who claim to be comics that display the language and props Kathy “disgusting” Griffin has, cease to be comics and lay claim to a political agenda not fit for any human consumption.

  16. She’s a F list comic trying to make it to the D list. She’ll never make it. She’s never been funny a day of her whole pathetic little life. She needs to just drop out of sight and go away.

  17. Poor poor Kathy. She SHOULD be blaming her fellow comics who took a political figure bashing to a level never seen before ANYWHERE all through the guise of ‘comedy’. Their antics egged her on to go even sicker, because, well because she is a D-Lister and has to try harder. But where are her compadres now? THEY THREW HER UNDER THE BUS! Frankly, that’s where she belongs.

  18. A sicko attorney will represent a sicko not-funny so-called comic. They both obtain a jolt in notoriety and are hallowed by sickos. Simple.

  19. You think that you are funny, but you are not, even if you claim to “laugh at yourself”, nobody is laughing now and you HAVE TO ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY FOR JUST BEING STUPID!!! AND NOT FUN

  20. she can dish it out, but she can’t take it. now she is playing ‘victim’. imagine if a conservative did the exact same thing that she did about obama? it would be the end of the world! they would be filled with their version of “righteous indignation”. basically she is an unfunny comedienne who deals in shock value to make up for a lack of talent.

  21. She is very wrong and deserves everything she gets -in response from people with real sense -which she does not –

  22. How would Kathy Griffin feel if she saw a picture of someone holding her dogs head up in their hands with blood spewing out of the heads?? She would freak out, for certain. What she did is near treasonous. Making or poking fun at someone is one thing but to use a crude sick picture of The President of The United States dead with his severed head in her hand is beyond any Comedy and goes into a awful tragedy. This display shows a lack respect for of President, his family and the people of The United States of America. This action might not have happened if the first persons who made a disgusting remark about blowing up the White House. She should have been arrested directly after making the statement. Kathy Griffin was wrong, wrong, wrong by making such a display of hate and disrespect toward the president of the United States. Her news conference is total nonsense! If anything it makes her look more disgusting than ever. She shows that she is not at all sorry for her crude and emotionally bankrobed picture and statements. I once laughed at Kathy but will “NEVER” watch an HBO or any other venue where she might appear. She crossed a line that she should have never have done. The fault absolutely on her shoulders alone! She shows no remorse for her ego trip and with no apologies to President Donald J Trump.I hope that her career keeps on the crash and burn course she alone has chosen, then maybe others who use hatetred toward a president of the United States will think twice before spewing forth their venum.

  23. There is really no way Kathy Griffin can throw this off on President Trump or anyone else. Life is full of choices and she chose to do the “head humor” about President Trump. She is way too self serving and self absorbed to think beyond the moment. People were furious at her lack of thought and sensitivity to just what she had done….now she is trying to blame the outcome on others. Wow! This woman is still in the same mindset as before….self serving and self absorbed and add to that truly unrepentant! She is just flummoxed by the unforeseen outcome! This is just a good example of be careful what you do as it may come back to bite you! The law of sowing and reaping once again shows itself to be true.

  24. Well u don’t joke like did about a President. Clinton dress joke not even same .hope u get charged cause it’s serious thing u did .anyone else be charged.u did it not Trump

  25. She went too far. That is not comedy and no matter what she says, it will not ever be funny. Just because she is a comedian, does not give her license to be hateful and gross and call it comedy.

  26. Kathy Griffin is a JOKE. i HOPE SHE DOESN’T GET AWAY WITH THIS! There are LIMITS! She knew EXACTLY what she was doing. She cannot get away with this.

  27. I don’t know who is more pathetic, Kathy Griffin or her attorney. I watched the clip of the guy holding up a picture of Griffin holding up the head of her attorney and watched the reporters faces. Gee, they were all upset about Trumps “beheading” why not the attorney’s?

    Better yet, I think it would be great to have a picture of ISIS John or another known ISIS person holding up Giffins head. I wonder how she’d feel about “free speech”.

    The really, really sad thing is she appears to think that as a self-proclaimed “Comic?” that she has unfettered rights to do whatever SHE feels comfortable with and that SHE doesn’t have to live with the consequences. Really? I thought most rational people understand that actions/words have consequences? Oh, I’m sorry I gave her credit for being rational.

  28. How would Kathy Griffin feel if she saw a picture of someone holding her dogs heads up in their hands with blood spewing out of the heads?? She would freak out, for certain. What she did is did is near treasonous. Making or poking fun at someone is one thing but to use a crude sick picture of The President of The United States dead with his severed head in her hand is beyond any Comedy and goes into a awful tragedy. This display shows a lack respect for the office of President, his family and the people of The United States of America. This action might not have happened if the first persons who made a disgusting remark about blowing up the White House might have been addressed. Madonna should have been arrested directly after making the statement. Kathy Griffin was wrong, wrong, wrong by making such a display of hate and disrespect toward the president of the United States. Her news conference is total sham and nothing but nonsense! If anything it makes her look even more disgusting than ever. She shows that she is not at all sorry for her crude and emotionally bankrobed picture and statements. I once laughed at Kathy but will “NEVER” watch or attended an HBO or any other venue where she might appear. She crossed a line that she should have never have crossed! The fault falls absolutely on her shoulders alone! She shows no remorse for her sick publicity stunt and ego trip, done with no apologies to President Donald J Trump.I hope that her career keeps on the crash and burn course she alone has chosen, then maybe others who use hatetred toward a President of the United States will think twice before spewing forth their venum.


  30. Now that the President’s young child is fair game to the so called comedians, doesn’t that open the pandora’s box to go after the comedians’ children, left wing journalists’ children and their apologists’ children?

  31. There is no way to spin what you did to make it all go away. You made the bed, now you get to sleep in it.

  32. Nope she is just making lame excuses for what she did. She is a Heathen. She is dangerous and No we do not have to sit next to our children as they watch TV….It popped up there on the News and he saw it..She should be arrested..

  33. I’m just glad that her psycho attempt to get noticed and become relevant backfired on her. She must be a very unhappy person, riddled with hate and anger, wondering why nobody thinks she is funny. So, I will forgive her and pray for her soul. That is right after I pray for blessings and protection for Trump and his family. Especially for little Baron that he will not have nightmares and will be able to put this trauma behind him and be happy again. I know that when I was 11, if I saw a bloody severed head that I thought was my dad’s, they would have had to take me to the emergency room for seizures. But, he is going to have to get strong fast, with so many celebrities who lack a conscience attacking him, to get to his dad. I am so thankful and appreciate all Trump and his family is doing and going through to try to save America.

  34. I thought someone had a replica of her head with blood flowing over it! she needs to be shocked into reality! Or better yet, put her in a mental hospital where she needs to be!!

  35. What incredible stupidity, not only by Griffin, but by her attorney. Are they for real? Her attorney said there’s bad things on the news every day. How does the news report compare with a deliberate act, so offensive, that there should be admittance to the nearest prison cell, preferably in solitary.

  36. Kathy has to learn respect. Her comic career doesn’t give her a right to act so ruthless as ISIS would. What she did was not funny in the least. God forbid she would have done that to Obama when he was president. Why now and why in that brutal manner? Shame on you Kathy, you are not funny at all and what you did was not a funny gesture. You were trying to make a point which you did. You get what you put out! If you did that to my family, you would probably not see tomorrow. I think the Trump family is handling this severe situation with much respect and as properly as he can. I wouldn’t and neither would many other families. You better thank your lucky stars it was him and not someone else you did this to.

  37. Ignoring that psychopath is ABSOLUTELY WRONG move. She committed a deplorable act against a current President, should be given psychiatric evaluation, be prosecuted and sent to prison, and/or release her to the people to teach her a lesson by street justice and get her out of circulation. Her lawyer, like Allred, is not acting as a lawyer to interpret the law anymore but is now acting to make her a victim in the eyes of the people for empathy, and direct the crime away from this woman by blaming the President whom she victimized. !! She has to be penalized, no question about that. Doc S.

  38. Yeah…she can make jokes about anyone but this was NOT funny & he IS A SITTING President. Hope the FBI & Secret Service go after her crybaby butt…she should have thought twice about what she was doing. I wouldn’t want my 11 year old son to see this either. Grow up stupid…it was NOT funny. Hollywood has NO RIGHT TO DO THINGS LIKE WHAT SHE DID…whether they approved of the President or not.

  39. Wow!!!! This woman is a freaking joke!! And she is always looking for her last 15 minutes of fame!!! She needs to just quit, not funny!! And hideous!!!!!

  40. You do not blame anyone for your own actions. Holding a hacked off head of our President us in such poor taste and secretly tells people it’s OK to behead someone. NOT!!!! Her attorney said Mr Trump is the laughing stock for our country in the world. That angered me worse. He’s dealing head on with the horrific screwups done by letting the world use us. Bring in more people who are parasites..and see who will be louder when you flaming liberals have some tradgedy hit here like the UK. Wake up.. you’ll not have Trump to blame but your stupid stupid selves. If we conservatives had attacked the last president like you have Trump you would have crucified us. We have alot more class.

  41. The first rule of the law of holes, Kathy.
    When you find yourself in one, quit digging.

    Your act was inexcusable. The adults censored you. Deal with it.

  42. Given only 2 choices, I would rather jack off to goat rather than Kathy Griffin. I can get artistic expression, freedom of speech from far more attractive and alluring from ………….say Marilyn Manson

  43. What an idiot! She has hurt so many people with her sick jokes! Now karma gets her and she blames Trump! WHAT??? If she weren’t an atheist she would blame Jesus. Lord knows she’s made enough jokes about him!! What about the families who lost loved ones to beheading? If my son had been beheaded this would have brought me to my knees! No one should ever spend money to see her again! She isn’t really remorseful, it’s all about money! Take your medicine and stop blaming anyone! You did this to yourself! Deal with it!

  44. I support Kathy , one of the things you have to be ready for and tolerant of when you go in to public service and after all that he has done and said and now he try’s to cry foul. He has nowhere to cry on this or any other issues.

  45. This woman is one sick human being. She is disgusting, obnoxious and am hoping she loses all her contracts.

  46. Ms. Griffin are you Nuts?! First of all, President Trump as far as I know never leveled any threats at you but said you should be ashamed of yourself! You were being a bully when you started this whole thing by making this awful choice and using such a disgusting vile detestable thing as to pretty much say our President should be beheaded by posing with that thing representing our President. You say never before has it been like this in America and yeah you are right, never before has an American Comic been so vile and disrespectful to the office of the President. A rodeo clown was dragged through the mud and fired for wearing a mask of Obama, and it was a tradition at this rodeo to wear a President mask during this certain event, oh the media backlash and libtards called for him to lose his job for something far less offensive. You aught to not only be fired but boycotted you red headed whining bullying piece of cow dung!

  47. She is a low life comic with very little relevancy to begin with. She was so vulgar the few times I saw her on cable that I would turn her off. The horrific anything goes attitude that people of her ilk think passes as entertainment is a joke, probably the only joke. For her and so many of the Hollywood types to act like they speak for womens issues and she’s being destroyed because she’s a woman and this wouldn’t be happening if she were a man is about typical of someone with her mentality. There really are women in this world who suffer at the control that men have over their lives , but for her to pull that crude tasteless act, even if she didn’t like President Trump and act like she is a victim goes beyond the pale. I don’t like to wish anyone ill fortune, but I hope in this case what goes around , comes around and if she has anyone to blame , she needs to find a mirror and see who is staring back when she looks at it

  48. Quick question for Kathy did you ever yourself or any other comment take disturbing pictures of Obama beheaded? I don’t think so because that would have made them racist correct? If we can’t do things like this to the previous pos president then you shouldn’t be allowed to do it to our current one

  49. Kathy can’t feel sorry for you, you make your bed now lay in it, don’t act like your shouldn’t be held accountable.

  50. What you said and did Kathy is unexcuseable. You are not a stupid person so where did you leave your brains that day. Whether its the president or a hobo on the street corner , what gave you that right. Did you think you were god that you could judge? You’re sick you don’t deserve to be in front of the public.

  51. there is nothing funny about kathy griffin. it isn’t comedy, it’s insulting, demonizing, bullying, and in my opinion, pathetic. she’s no comedian!

  52. This is a for attention! She lawyers up for what? She was the aggressor! She is going to sue the American people? They are the ones that are making the calls and on social media! They have spoken. That is their constitutional right! Isn’t that what she is mad about…she can voice herself but if you don’t believe the way she does you can’t? How is she the victim here? She was doing this to get attention and it is all a ploy! Comics usually keep their jokes in their show! This is a different level. She is making a joke that it is okay to chop off people’s heads! sick and demented! She is pissed that people don’t like her. Very Narcissistic. A mother of a son had every right to tweet one tweet in defense of morality of what is being put out there for all. Now she is playing it? KG is a very sick woman! She is making her career go down the tubes further by lawyering up with Gloria Alred team (daughter?) They are know ambulance chasers! Gloria can’t take it on as she is under investigation from the bar for committing fraud and taking and giving bribes for false acquisitions against the President! Smells to high heaven on this one! KG needs to crawl under a rock!

  53. REALLY? YOU DID THIS!!!!! Just like Hillary, blaming Trump for her own screw up. Sit down, and shut up. YOU ARE NOT FUNNY. And right now, you are just digging the hole deeper. Bravo.

  54. This woman is an idiot. Trump isn’t the bully, people like she is. What is so funny about a bloody head of another person. She says no comic in the United States that makes fun of a President has ever had people come down on them like they have her. Nobody that I remember in the United States ever did something so evil to a President and why do they think it is so unusual for Barron to believe it’s true when these people have been threatening the president’s life in what they think is jest since he was elected. Trump is not a bully, he is tough and will stick with what is right for our country no matter what. I am glad he refused to join the Global warming group of nations. It did not benefit the US at all. I am so sick of these loud mouths that have been intimidating anybody that doesn’t agree with them for the last 8 years and still are. They act violent and have so much hate, but still try to pin the hate on the Trump supporters. One more thing if as she said she has gotten death threats that is terrible, but maybe it might make her think twice before doing it to someone else because that is what she did in in the name of art. It isn’t art. It’s sick.

  55. How many times have you attacked people ? Because you are a comedian doesn’t make it right ! PS…you are not funny ! You are just a sorry human being that needs to belittle others to make yourself feel better!

  56. She is pathetic, unfunny,and in no way a sympathetic victim!! Dems try again …get a better person for your disgusting “put down” spokesman!!

  57. Kathy Griffin, you are NOT the victim. You brought ALL this on YOURSELF….quit trying to turn it. We the People are NOT that stupid. Your are absolutely PATHETIC!! You have yet to apologize to President Trump and his family. You knew exactly what you were doing, ignorant little snowflake, it just didn’t turn out like you thought it would. YOU are GUILTY and YOU brought it on YOURSELF and there ARE CONSEQUENCES. Perhaps from now on you will make better choices and you will THINK before you act. YOU ARE A DISGRACE!

  58. Seems to me that she was making a JOKE out of someone being beheaded. Let her ask the families of the ones who actually lost their lives in this fashion if they see any humor in what she did.

  59. WEll, I quit watching after “I’m not afraid of Donald TrumP’. Wretched woman trying to blame her fault, ignorance and the biggest CAREER MISTAKE she could have ever made , onto the victim and his family. REALLY? I for one DO NOT CARE TO HEAR ANOTHER WORD OUT OF HER MOUTH !

  60. The reality that venues are pulling her act has nothing to do with Trump has or has not done….the reality is she crossed the line and the public has made the decision not to donate their money to see her act/acts….PERIOD.

  61. Kathy Griffin’s excuse for a press conference is disgusting. It is one thing to make jokes about our President but what she did was way beyond funny. I don’t believe she should receive death threats but I do believe she should be under investigation as a consequence of her bad taste in jokes. Then maybe others will think twice about crude, disgusting humor. Be a big girl, Kathy, and take responsibility for what you did instead of blaming your problems on our President.

  62. You are correct there is much that isn’t appropriate for children to see and hear. That’s not what were talking about hear. She deliberately intimidated and made fun of a child! So she brought the child into this. I don’t care who you like or hate but leave their kids out of it. I felt the same way about the Obama’s. I feel the same for any child. Kids are off limits period I don’t know why people don’t understand that!

  63. Too bad the Secret Service is limited to investigating K.G. under U.S. Code 871 a) [threatening a President or his successors]. That only brings her a fine or up to five years in jail. I would much prefer she be sentenced to five years of environmental protection service, working to clean up the Detroit water crisis or Colorado mine spill that Obama’s negligent EPA caused to our environment. Let’s get two birds with one stone.

  64. The American People are Pissed off not jyst President Trump. That was the sickest thing you could have done. Disrespectful. Uncalled for.

  65. Your side kick at the podium is as stupid as you Griffin. She talks about comics this and that and really you are a sorry excuse for a comedian. Your just a VILE woman who uses foul language all the time. Hope everybody boycotts you and your sickly shows. I quit watching the New Year’s gig because of you, but since you lost your job I may give it another shot. You could never replace Dick Clark.

  66. What she fears most is becoming irrelevant. Think about it…now forget about her…don’t bring her name up again, ever. Now she is irrelevant to you. Repeat 300,000,000 times and she will be irrelevant in this country.

  67. Comic or not, (she is NOT, just thinks she is) she is not a comic, she isn’t funny, she is a classless irreverent Hollywood hack attacking the children of the President, it is disgusting, she is disgusting! If someone were to attack her children she would be all over it in a heartbeat, but calls this her constitutional right as free speech because she attacks everybody??

  68. Why do you have such misleading and untruthful headlines? I’m not going to read anything from your website anymore. It’s a waste of time.

  69. It’s not the Trump family Griffin needs to be concerned with. It’s we the people, Americans that are fed up with low/no class liberals…believe me, we the people are getting even.
    If you can’t live on the 20 million you are said to be worth then so be it. We want nothing further to do with you.

  70. She said she made fun of everyone, that’s a lie. I never heard her make fun of Obama or Michele or their kids.

  71. Stop making stupid people famous! Nobody ever heard of this bimbo until the media made a big deal of this and now I see it every day on the news. I never heard of her until then and I won’t remember who she was tomorrow.

  72. She loves making people laugh. We are not laughing. You claimed you were sorry. Being sorry after your own so called joke backfired is not even an apology. Get your so called attorney to explain it to you.
    United States Code Title 18, Section 871
    “Whoever … knowingly and willfully otherwise makes any such threat against the President, President-elect, Vice President or other officer next in the order of succession to the office of President, or Vice President-elect, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.”

    • WTF? What the original post said was; “Two disgusting twatwaffles, and the lead twatwaffle, Kathy Griffin is sure going to enjoy the Secret Service colonoscopy.”

  73. I`m far more than 11, but was utterly shocked when I saw the disgusting, everything but comical, picture of this ugly hag. Shame on her!

  74. You went over the top this time tho, Babe.You are not another Don Rickles. Even Don would not have done anything so tacky as what you did. That was not being funny or making a joke. If I were “The Don,” as you said he doesn’t mind being called that, I would never forgive you. Especially since his son saw it and he never thought you were trying to be funny being there is so much of that in the world now. The only thing you were crying for was yourself since you lost all those endorsments and a 10 yr. gig in Vegas. Those people making fun of Trump are ignorant and low-classs. Give the man a chance, he couldn’t be any worse then Obama or that crook Clinton.

  75. This trick was not funny and children tend to believe what they see on the news. This child has been protected his entire life due to his parents and she crossed the line. If he had done this with an Obama look-alike she would have been in jail before the sunset. It is against the law to make threats against a sitting president. Like them, dislike them, that is your privilege, but you ended your own career with this stunt. No one I know would pay to see you now if you appeared in the comedy club due to this SICK unfunny stunt. If you are a mother, which I hope you are not, think how they would feel if someone appeared on tv holding a head that looked like you. Plus I never found you entertaining or funny most of your jokes are just filthy or sick. Clean up your act

  76. Actually the STUPID LAWYER FOR Mrs Griffin has the balls literally to
    say that Mrs Griffin and I use that term vey very loosely was not going after Barron! And the attorney she is the one making us look like a laughing stock!

  77. They are both psycho! I won’t waste my single second on these two idiots,
    What a Pharisees !!!
    Should we tolerate this?
    Can any one get excuse? Or get away from this?they are both sick, need psychiatrists,
    No logic. Who is that woman in red? She is psycho. Sickening

  78. Yeah… she will still be doing stand up comedy routines… to bad its gonna be at the back door of the local beer distributor and NOT on any main stage… She is DONE… her idea of comedy has NO place in OUR world any more… we don’t need to see ANY American with their head cut off any more… we saw enough of them because of the RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS… and to have her do this to the President of the US is unthinkable by any SANE person… but then again she is NOT sane… NOT a comedienne and definitely not a LADY… Maybe President Trump DID break you… but you had to be broken a long time before this to do something so vile, disgusting, appalling and lacking taste. I hope your career IS broke… at least for any AMERICAN with any sense of what is right. Have a nice day in the unemployment line … and I hope you don’t even get food stamps….

  79. Kathy you did this to yourself. You attacked the President. Now you want to complain that he & his family are responding. Give us all a break. What you did was not at all funny. It smacked of murdering the President. You should be investigated by the secret service at the very least. I don’t think you had thought this through very well before you did it. Your attorney is a smug little twit who should really keep her mouth shut because she is making it worse not better. Your career may very well be over so you may want to find a new line of work that does not involve being in the public eye. Frankly you are not really funny just crude.


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