Maxine Waters Runs Onstage, Ranted About Trump, Then Something INSANE Happened


At the annual LA Pride parade and resist march, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) led a crowd in an “impeach 45” chant. Waters yelled “He is not my president. He is not your president. He lies. He cheats. He’s a bully. He disrespects us all.” Maxine Waters is really off the hook with this. Right now, Trump is getting free rent in Maxine Waters’ mind and he is driving her crazy.

“If he thinks he can mess with the LGBT community, he better look at what happened right here in West Hollywood. You deny, you disrespect, and you will find that there are people who have the courage to organize and to take back whatever needs to be taken back. We resist this president because he stands for the worst of everything. And guess what, I know that people may not quite be ready. I know some are a little hesitant. I know some are saying I’m not so sure, Maxine, that what you are saying is the right thing, but I’m saying, impeach 45. Impeach 45.”

Maxine ended the chant with “I love you all. nd I know that we are going to take our country back from him. I know you have the strength. I know that you have the courage. I know that each of you knows you have the power! Stay woke!”


Maxine is a leaky faucet. She says too much. Remember when she said too much last time? Remember that time that Maxine Waters said that “Obama has put in place” secret database  with “everything on everyone.”

That’s right. Maxine Waters probably didn’t want this video getting dredged up. Most people have forgotten about that video.

Share this with a friend right now and let’s expose Maxine Waters for who she really is about to be…

… an out of work Representative. Come on. Who is gonna vote this lady out in 2018? Get this out there. Expose this idjit. (h/t Breitbart)

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  1. Why is she not called in to be drilled by the investigating committee??
    Lets see how, why and who was collected to do do what to them???

  2. I really feel sorry for Maxine and Nancy Pelosie.If they had any idea how dumb they are, they would never get within a mile of a TV camera.

  3. This Woman needs to shut her mouth, she is not good for Rep. from Ca. all she does
    is cause more strife. She wants Muslims to overrun our country, and what else she
    wants it in not peace.

  4. This troublemaker needs a gag order for herself. She thinks President Trump needs impeached—
    well I think she needs to be arrested for rioting. When one of her Muslim friends get ahold of her,
    she will wish she had gone along with our president, and keep them out of our country.

  5. I think it interesting that the LGBT Community thinks President Trump is against them. That is a lie…..He is fighting the one group that wants to cut off the heads of any and all persons that are in the LGBT Community. YOU HAVE BEEN LIED TO. Think about this, now they can identify you. They have you all grouped together ready for slaughter. And you are protecting them……..

  6. He disrespects? Oh, Senator… doesn’t she have a handler or someone to reign her in? Poor delusional woman. She might hurt herself, get her to a doctor.

  7. Anyone who doesn’t have Waters PIGMENTATION isn’t Her PRESIDENT,
    But than again not everyone is as bold as her paying her daughter 6 figure salary paid by taxpayers just for stuffing envelopes and arranged high paying jobs to all members of the family including the extended AND GOT AWAY with it …that is in addition to providing 10 million dollars to failing bank her husband was on board of directors with….Money evaporated!!!!

  8. why is it they never say what it is that Trump is being impeached for or what the LGBT community is fighting against? I have never hear Trump say anything about LGBT community at all.. Is it just because they assume he is Christian he is against them? Only thing I heard him say is he is against making judgement on the bathroom situation and it is a state issue and I am sorry He is absolutely right about that. These people are so easily brainwashed it is scary.. Maxine waters whole reason for being a loud and obnoxious voice is to hide the crimes she and the past administration have been involved in.

  9. Maxine Waters is the lowest form of life there is. She lies she cheats she doesn’t even care about her constituents unless she needs a vote from them. She also steals

  10. Maxine is a moron and a loose cannon. If anything, the people should be chanting Impeach Waters. The woman proves daily that she is an incompetent buffoon. Her is election is an insult to this Republic.

  11. Maxine is for Maxine! How bout we get her out in 2018? Seems to me we have enough loud mouths chanting for the Black community, she didn’t need to be on the podium for the LGBT community. She’s just another idiot running that big hole trying to start more crap, for the God fearing people who elected our Great President! How bout y’all back off and let him do his job!!

  12. Maxine and Nancy have both aged rapidly and are acting demented. They both need to go home and invest in a rocking chair and a lap snake.

  13. This woman needs to be arrested for slander of our President and disrespect for our country. She is on the verge of causing rioting against our election process. She should not be slowed to be in our taxpayers salary. Obstacles should be in jail for having information about me that don’t belong to him. I pray somehow we will get men to stand against Obama and this crazy woman.

  14. That is supposed to read allowed to be on our taxpayers salary. Also instead of Obsticles it is supposed to say Obama. How did those two words get so distorted

  15. Oh Lord I wish they didn’t have to wait that long to get rid of her.She’s a real nutcase. Surely California knows a nutcase when they see one.

  16. She’s an idiot. A big idiot. She’s no better than Hitler. And if you gays believe her you need to have your balls checked.

  17. She’s so ignorant it’s hilarious…now they are resorting to hiring mentally ill people from homes to protest…this is the saddest crap I ever really witnessed in life!!!

  18. I think she needs to go where her president lives and the only one that needs to be IMPEACHED is her and all her democradic croonys that have lost touch with reality and all the dead weight in Washington D.C. its time to drain the swamp and get some new blood in D.C. and term limits

  19. This is to the women who said’Trump is not our president’ I think she should go to where she is from if not from President Trump our President . Where is it she desires to go bet there are people who would pay her way to where her president lives.

  20. She is so stupid, as are her followers, that I laugh when she says these LIBERAL, GOD-HATERS are going to take back the presidency. ONLY IF GOD ALLOWS IT, as Romans 13, says that GOD himself, puts kings and rulers into place. GOD put Mr. Trump into office, as he heard the cries of his people, to save us from our country falling into great financial ruin as well as immorality, under Obama. Mr. Trump became our president, against all odds, because GOD did it!!! GOD also says that anyone who goes AGAINST what He does, is going to pay a HEAVY PRICE. This woman has a payday coming, and she ISN’T going to like what takes place. BUT, it is coming none the less. She supports homosexuality, which is an “abomination” in the sight of God. EVIL, EVIL WOMAN, that GOD will deal with in his own timing. She had better take her hands off of GOD’S MAN, AND NOW, as God is not only a God of Love, but a God of wrath, as well.

  21. Another unhinged Democrat. Can’t get over the fact that Trump won, just as they couldn’t get over the fact that Bush won. Seems they didn’t have a clue. Any one with logical thinking should have know the Democrats had a flawed candidate. Even Bernie has said they squandered their money rather than using it to get their message to the working class. Democrats are scrambling now for relevance and they seem to think hating Trump and trying to evict him from office will give them that.

  22. Fire impeach Maxine Walters she is old and way out of touch with reality! What happened today in Washington is because of people like her!!!! She is vicious woman!!

  23. It is hate speaches like this that are destroying our country. Some people hear this and believe her and feel obligate to go out and destroy somehting or shot somebody. She has not sense of responsibility and really does not deserve a place in our government. She is sick and really should resign and go and seak help.

  24. I prayed for eight years for Obama to be gone. Only if he had been impeached that would have left us with Biden and he may have been worse than Obama.

  25. I am a proud indecent American. I vote for the person and values. I have voted for democratic members many times in the past. Maxine, Nancy, Chuck, Obama, and the Clintons have destroyed the Democratic Party. The vitriol they spew is nauseating. They put Trump in office. Please pray for our nation.

  26. Well, she kinda speaks for herself, doesn’t she? Don’t really have to say much about that subject! LOL! You have done yourself in, Ms Waters! We are done here, are we not? Blessings to all and it is time to stand down! Blessings to all!

  27. Waters is a crazy lady, how can anyone stand to listen to that screeching voice and all that hatred. she is the epitomy of hate it comes out of her pores.

  28. Maxine Waters, will keep getting elected. She covers a district in distress in East Los Angeles! She makes sure they get EBT cards, food, cheap housing, free medical care, just keep electing her and the gravy train will continue, but we have to get rid of Trump who has all the freebies in his target to cut. Oh, don’t worry, because you’re here illegally, Jerry Brown has passed a bill that you can vote, you can drive, you can get a free education even a free college education! Cost? Not one penny for our refugees or our undocumented immigrants (illegals)!


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