AWW! Melania Needs Every Trump Supporter To Do This One Thing For Her Husband’s Birthday

Source: Youtube, FOX

First Lady Melania Trump reached out to President Trump supporters in an email Thursday night with a special request—the President’s birthday is next week, and she wants everyone to sign his birthday card!

This might be the sweetest thing I’ve heard all day. The President will be turning 71 June 14th, and Melania wants to make it extra special. Here’s what she wrote (and scroll to the bottom of the article to sign the card yourself!):

“I need your help to make it a birthday my husband will never forget.”

“Our celebrations always include family and close friends. You have certainly proven yourself to be a loyal friend of my husband through your support of his positive vision to Make America Great Again and your unwavering commitment to the Republican Party.”

“Friend, Donald will be glad to hear from friends like you who have meant so much to his and our Party’s success.”

Of course we’ll sign the President’s birthday card! He’ll be given the card at 9:00 pm on Wednesday June 14th, so make sure you sign it and add a special message before then! You can sign the card here.

We want President Trump to have the best birthday ever, so share this story 10 million times so everyone signs his card!

(h/t The Daily Mail)


  1. Happy Birthday, President Trump! So happy to call you my President! Thank you for the great job you’re doing for the American people.

  2. Happy birthday, President Trump! Thank you for the great job you’re doing (in spite of all the backlash/attempts to stop). Hope your day is awesome and may God bless you and may God bless the USA again! Pray for you, VP Pence and your families every day!! Hang in there!


  4. Happy birthday,President Trump,,,keep up the good work,we are all behind you,,we don,t listen to all the crap going around,their losers them democrats,,keep your promises and America is with you all the way,,,have a great day,,,,,

  5. Happy Birthday Mr. President! Hope you have a trouble free day.

    Please Mr. President keep up the good work, protect the USA, and the American people.

    Please have Congress pay back the IOU’s in Social Security and Please repeal the Death Tax that President Obama added to Obamacare!
    Thank you so very much

  6. Happy Birthday Mr. President. Forget about everything on your Birthday. We know you have had
    a real rough time so far. We are sorry for that. You can have one day for yourself and your family.
    Thank you for everything you are doing.

  7. Happy Birthday Mr. President, hope you have many more. God bless you and yours. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  8. Happy birthday Mr President . Can you come to Canada and show our pm how to protect the people . Keep on doing what you said you would . And lock her up too.

  9. Happy birthday, President Trump, and may you have a w ondervul. Eke ration with your beautiful wife and children. You are doing a superb job in spite of all the opposition and challenges against you. Obama has decimated our country and has caused untold derision in America with his devious unpatriotic behavior. He is a TRAITOR who must be prosecuted for his unconstitutional decisions and creating hardships to America. Every day you, your wife and family are prayed for along with Trey Gowdy, Rex Tillerson, General Mattis, Mr. Chaffetz, Vice President Pence….all great Americans blessed with principles, integrity and patriotism. God bless you all. I will be ninety on June 21st and I am so happy we finally have a true American in office before my Life’s Journey is over. When the journey is over, I shall continue to pray from above for your safety and your success.

  10. Happy Birthday President Trump. You are God’s blessing to America and I hope and pray you have many more birthdays and that you continue to be our President through 2024.

  11. Wishing you President, Mr. Donald Trump, a very Happy Birthday and a wonderful day. God bless you and your beautiful family.

  12. Happy Birthday Mr. President. Thank you for trying to make our country safe again. Keep fighting . I think you are doing a Great job.

  13. Happy Birthday President Trump, thank you so much for all that you are doing for our country. We love you and your family, and am very proud you are our president.

  14. HAPPY Birthday Mr. President I am 93 yrs. old and I have never been so proud of my . Love u to the moon and back.

  15. Happy Birthday President Trump!!! We love you and appreciate what you are doing to make America great again. We are praying for you and for all who serve with you. God has brought you to the kingdom for such a time as this. God Bless and protect you and your wonderful family. We love Barron and I told him once on FB I would be his Missouri grandma. My husband is 81yrs and I am 76yrs. Will we get a raise on our SS in this year?. My husband still works part time but when the downturn came in the economy it has really hurt. But we are thankful for what we have. Sincerely, Dale and Carol Montgomery

  16. Happy Birthday President Trump! Thank you so much for leading America to Victory! I stand with you all the way!

  17. Happy Birthday President Trump! I love all the hard work you are doing! Please don’t get yourself in trouble by tweeting! Enjoy your birthday with your family! Be blessed and I am am praying for your protection and your success!

  18. Happy birthday Mr President. May God bless you and yours. My prayers remain with you and our country. Thank you for your service and I hope your day is filled with all the good life offers.

  19. God Bless you President Trump. We send our full support and prayers for you and your family!! Have an amazing birthday and keep up the good work. You are doing a great job!

  20. Happy Birthday! Please don’t give up on America! I’m so sorry! to many are nasty to you!America needs your changes!Please don’t take away pay to veterans and seniors! Too many of these folks are at or near poverty level! Take away illegals money and benefits! God Bless!

  21. Happy Birthday Mr President Trump you are doing an amazing job and the people that voted for you will stand by you God Bless you and your family and keep you safe ✝️


    You have so many roadblocks, but just know we are with you all the way!

  23. Happy birthday Mr. President! I I voted for you and I will vote for you again for the next four years I believe you are the man and person that God wanted in that office because he needed someone we all need someone to make America great again and bring our nation back to what our founding fathers wish it to be may God bless you and your family I am 100% behind you I know you need all of our prayers you have mine I guarantee it thank you for your commitment to the veterans of our country of which I am one also God bless you and your family we love you president Trump!!!

  24. Happy Birthday President Trump. I am praying for you and our Country. May God bless you with many more birthdays. I am so thankful for you and your family and you have my full support.

  25. Happy Birthday Mr President I feel this is a Pleasure to be able to wish you Happy birthday and many more to come Have a Great Day.

    Sincerely Your Voters all the way
    Doris and ED Thomas

  26. Hope you have a wonderful Birthday as President of the United States. I am so grateful for all you are doing for our country. I know how much you love us and America and all your supporters love you too and will stand by you.

    I am so proud of what you are doing for all of us.


  27. America needs you Mr. President.You are the best thing that has happened to our country And we love you and your family…Happy Birthday

  28. Happy birthday Mr. President Trump. Every one in this household loves you and wish the very best in everything you undertake. We are so proud of you. May God bless and keep you safe. We need you to make our great again.

  29. Happy birthday Mr President!
    I wish I could give you a present like you gave all of us Americans by becoming our leader cause it’s the best gift ever!
    Thanks for the great job your doing, I know you will go down in history as one of the greatest Presidents ever!

  30. “‘,””Happy Birthday Mr.President, HOPE YOU HAVE A BLESSED DAY!!! Thank you for fighting for America we stand behind you 100%

  31. Happy Birthday Mr. President God bless you. So proud to call you “My President! Wishing you a wonderful birthday and many many more! ❤️

  32. Happy birthday Mr. president. You make me proud to be an American again.i have great faith in you & you are a man with a moral compass. You rekind me of John Adams. He charted a course & stuck to it. Oh and by the way many people didn’t like him either but he was a great president.

  33. Happy Birthday
    Mr. President !
    Stay strong and healthy,
    this country needs you !
    Best wishes ,
    Siggy LaSalle

  34. Happy happy birthday Mr. President. Thank u for all you do for us! May the Lord our God blessed u and ur family with joyful, peaceful and healthy life. Let’s make America great again! 🙂

  35. Happy birthday Mr. President. My wife and i are behind you. We support your every plan. I am a disabled vietnam vet and would love to meet you. Please contact me at 509 599 7057. Thank you.

  36. “Happy Birthday” To a great American who loves this country, and the people. Making America Great Again is a task for a strong man who believes God will see him through all the trials, he is facing every day. God Bless our President Donald Trump.

  37. Happy Birthday Mr. PRESIDENT! I hope your day is extra special. I am so proud of the incredible job you’re doing to bring this country back to where we can all be proud to be an American again. Please remain strong in the knowledge that you & your family have an enourmous support group ready to stand with you to take our country back!!!

  38. Thank you for giving us all hope of happier birthdays ourselves. And to you President Trump I wish you Many Years. Happiest of birthdays!

  39. Happy birthday, President Trump! Love having you in the White House and leading our country! You can count on me to stand behind you!

  40. Happy Birthday Mr. President!!
    May God Bless you and your family as you continue to serve our great country. We appreciate how you are continuing to keep your promises to make our country great again by cleaning the swamp. From one senior to a brand new senior, enjoy your birthday!!

  41. Happy birthday, President Trump! Love having you in the White House and leading our country. You can count on me to stand behind you!

  42. President Trump, we appreciate all that you and your family have and are sacrificing for our nation! We understand that this not something you needed to take on, but dis, because of your love for this country! We are all standing behind as you move forward with the changes that must be made to make our country GREAT again! Thank you for your willingness to take this massive task on!

  43. Thanks for leaving your wonderful life to make our lives
    wonderful. We know you can do it
    and we thank you for it. We thank your family too. Barron
    Will continue to become a great
    man because of his mother’s faithfulness and his father’s example.

  44. Happy Birthday, president Trump. Thanks for the great job you are doing. May God bless you, your family, and your Administration and keep you safe.

  45. Happy Birthday to one of the greatest Presidents in history. We know you have had a very hard time with all the democrats and liberals but we love and appreciate you and your family very much. It is so refreshing to have class and honesty back in our White House after what we had to put up with the last eight years. We pray that God keeps his arms of protection around you and your family. Thanks for making America great again. God bless you.

  46. Happy Birthday to Our 45th President DonalD Trump …May GOD Bless You and Your Love Ones . American people trust you & Thank you for fighting all kind evils to save America / American . I & American prayed GOD FOR YOU FOR BE US President … Thank you GOD for answering our praying Today , we pray GOD protect you from all evils harms . We Love You , First Lady & your family ….HAVE HAPPY HEALTHY LIVE . YOU ARE THE Best Strong President who America need ….Thank You & Love You

  47. You are loved very much by many true Americans. I pray daily that the Holy Spirit give you wisdom and fortitude and that millions of angels surround you to keep you safe. I selfishly wish there were no term limits for president, in your case! Happy Birthday, dear President Trump! May God preserve you to celebrate many more. Love, Pam Mock (Kansas City, Missouri)

  48. Mr PRESIDENT I am one of your first supporters.I sent you a letter the day you and beautiful Melania came down the escalator.I completely support you and your beautiful family.I want to to thank you for all you do for. I pray for you and your family every night Believe that there are lots and lots of us that love you,respect you,thank you.HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR PRESIDENT.GOD bless YOU AND YOUR BEAUTIFUL FAMILY .

  49. Happy Birthday Mr President.
    President Trump you are doing a great job. Do not give into this disgusting DEMOCRATIC PARTY. I was with you the first time you were going to run, was so sorry to see you drop out. God bless you and your family, God will keep you safe.

    Joe Franzosa
    VietNam Vet

  50. Have a Happy Birthday! Don’t let the Press get you down! I voted for you and picked you out from very first debate to win! We need someone with your business sense and mainly your love of America, God and family! You have raised respectful loving kids and in my book that means a lot! So sorry you have been treated so unfairly! My whole family and my friends voted for you! We are tired of this PC environment!we like someone to tell it like it is! Praying for you and your family – you all risked a lot running for this office praying God will keep you all safe!

  51. You are doing an awesome job Mr.President. Don’t let these demos. And the news media get you down. We are proud of what you have accomplished and every thing your are doing to make America great again, and you will suceed!

  52. Happiest birthday President Trump! Thank god every day that we voted you in office and you won!❤️ Great job so far! Take the day off and have fun. No worries!

  53. Happy Birthday President Trump have a wonderful day. Thank you for all your doing for the USA,I pray for you always & your Family.

  54. Happy birthday President Donald Trump may God continue to bless you and your family thank you for making America great again so have a wonderful blessed birthday so happy happy birthday to you

  55. Happy Birthday, Mr. president!!! May God Show you great favor in all that you do. Thank you for your time.
    God Bless You,
    Martha Hillman

  56. Wishing you many, many more “Happy Birthdays.” Pray all your birthday wishes come true, and I hope cleaning up the “Swamp” is one of them. You are doing a great job in spite of the Democrats and all their distractions. Not to mention the do nothing Republicans. Thanks to the “Come(d)y Hour” you have once again been vindicated. I pray for you and your family everyday. May God, bless, guide and keep you safe.

  57. Happy Birthday, President Trump. I’m so glad you’re our President. “Thank you for all you’re trying to do for our country.” Wish all the biased media and etc. and Democrats would quit fighting everything you try to do. The True Americans, ordinary people, are behind you and what you’re trying to do. Don’t get discouraged. God put you there and he will help you. We need some of these that are working so hard against you and done so many illegal things themselves behind bars. That would help a lot.

  58. Happy Birthday President Trump, We pray for you and your family daily and we are so thankful for you and everything that you are doing for America.

  59. Happy Birthday to our great President Donald Trump! Hope you have a wonderful and blessed day. I appreciate all the great things you are doing and going to do for our great country. Thanks so much and I love your beautiful family! CONGRATULATIONS!

  60. Happy Birthday Mr. President! It is so wonderful to have a president that is for the people again and to have God, back in the White House! I hope this year you have the best birthday ever!

  61. A very Happy Birthday, Mr. President. May you have many more in good health. You are doing a fantastic job in making America GREAT again, and I am proud to call you our president.

  62. Happy Birthday Mr. President. Hope it’s a wonderful day and you have many more Birthdays. May God always be with you.

  63. Happy B’Day, Pres. Trump! Keep up the gr8 work! Thank you so very much for leading the way to making America gr8 again! God bless America & may God bless you & your family!

  64. Dear President Trump,

    We wish you the best birthday yet. I am very grateful and happy to have you as our Pressed
    I believe in you and your principles to make America better for everyone. I pray tha God will bless
    you and keep you safe, sane happy and healthy. May God guide you and bless you and your beautiful family. Happy Birthday !

  65. Happy Birthday President Trump and we are praying that you will do God’s will and get our great Country back to be number one. We are sending prayers your way, God Bless

  66. Happy Birthday President Trump.
    We the people who stand beside you and behind you lift you up in prayer for support. You have said it many times, “This will not be easy”, we are fully supportive and no longer listen to the news.
    Please find a way to get out what your administrations accomplishments weekly, not through the news channels. We need some encouraging and strengthening against the constant onslaught we receive daily.
    God Bless You with continued wisdom, health and courage to walk the path of Truth and Righteousness across our beautiful land, called America.
    Happy Birthday!

  67. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. PRESIDENT I think your are doing a great job and have been with you from the start. You are what this country needs.

  68. Happy Birthday President Trump! Stay strong!

    I pray for the Lord to guide you as you lead our great country. May you have a humble, teachable spirit that is sensitive to God’s guidance and His will for our nation.

    God bless you, your family, and your administration.

  69. Im a disabled American, born with my disability and you make me proud again to be an American. Thank you for your diligence and fortitude bringing us home again and helping to make us safe. Those of us who are sane really appreciate all your doing to put us # one in the world. Your doing an awesome job and Im proud YOU ARE MY PRESIDENT .

  70. We love you President Trump, may you have a blessed birthday. Praying for you daily and know you are in Gods hands.

  71. You have my full support. You are doing a great job. The job we the people elected you to do. You are the man!!! I am so proud to call you Mr. President. Have a blessed birthday! And many more.

  72. Happy birthday President Trump. I hope you have a GREAT day and enjoy many more birthdays. Thank you for serving.

  73. God bless and thank you president Trump for restoring our countrys direction. By the grace of God we shll overcome evil.

  74. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR PRESIDENT!! So thankful that you ARE MY PRESIDENT!! I pray for you and your family every day. Keep up the great work and be strong against the enemy. GOD BLESS YOU!!!

  75. Keep on keeping on. You are doing a tremendous job and my husband and i are inyour corner. Takes a strong man to put up with all the obstrction by the demos. Happy birthday!

  76. Happy Birthday President Trump, I hope you have a very blessed day. I also want to thank you in the changes that you are making and trying to make ( if the democrats and liberals would leave you alone and let you do what you set out to do we Will have a great America. I am so proud that you are a Christian man. Prayers are going out for you and yours that you can make America great again with Gods help.

  77. Happy Birthday president Trump. We are behind you 100 per cent and we continue to pray that God will give you wisdom as you lead our country. Thanks for all you do for the American people in spite of all the pressures and criticism you face.

  78. Mr President, wishes for a Happy and Blessed Birthday!! Keep up the good work, we stand with and pray for the Lord to Bless you.

  79. Wishing you a very happy birthday! May this year bring you peace as you continue the difficult process of making America great again! I continue to pray for you as you face the daily battles!
    Have a wonderful day with family and friends!

  80. TO my President: Love you came into our lives this past year. God is guiding your life and has brought you into our lives. I love having you and your family in my White House. You are doing great and I praise you. I saw you at Regent Univ. in Va. and I would love to be with you for many more years to come. I’m so sorry most Virginians are not with you, but you have my support. I was surprised to know your birthday falls on my mothers birthday. I’m so sorry for all the heart ache you are facing as people just have so much hatred. I hope your Birthday is just a wonderful day filled with Joy and Love. Know so many care for you & hope your birthday is very special.

  81. Happy birthday to you! So glad you are in office, prayers for you and your family. Enjoy your special day because you are a special person created by God. Blessings.

  82. We love you President Trump and support you 100%. Thank you for stepping out to try to save this country. You are doing a great job.

  83. Happy birthdy to MY President who gives so unselfishly of himself on a daily basis. Know that much prayer is going before the throne room for you daily. I am proud you are my president

  84. Happy birthday President Trump. We elected you to make America great again and with the obstructionist in Congress, it’s hard. Hopefully in 2018 we can vote them all out! Keep your chin up!

  85. Happy Birthday, Mr. President!
    We support you, we love you and appreciate your great efforts for our country!

  86. President TRUMP … we love you, celebrate you and pray that this Birthday will be the beginning of an even greater loved-filled life than ever before experienced . . . may the great love and the blessings of GOD be released to you …Happy Birthday, Sir!

  87. Happy Birthday
    You are the best President we have had. Hope you get everything done you want to and another 4 years after this four. I was a supporter before you announced you were running and had the first sign up.

    Thank You
    Mary Kleckauskas

  88. From a small hard working Family in Florida, we wish you a Happy Birthday. You have given us hope again for the future. THANK YOU.

  89. Happy Birthday President Trump. I wish well and want you to know that I am proud that you are my President.

  90. Happy birthday President Trump I pray God grants you a blessed day. Don’t let what people say bother you. Just put them in God’s hand and he will take care of you. God bless America !!!We love you.

  91. happy birthday President Trump if you can take alll of the hatred that directed toward you surely we can pray for you. may GOD bless you

  92. HAPPY 71st BIRTHDAY, President Trump! You are a wonderful president for our great country and a wonderful person. God bless and protect you and your beautiful family. I wish you an amazing birthday, and a great year ahead.

  93. Happy Birthday Mr. President! We American’s pray daily for you and ask that you continue on your path of cleaning out the filth in Washington D.C.! I continue to pray for the safety of you and your family! I also continue to pray that many of these people will be brought to justice! Jeff Session’s could not work any harder for you than what he is. Please stay strong, fight the good fight! Have faith! Almighty God I believe intervened in this election. With him ALL things are possible!

  94. Happy birthday Mr. Trump! My family and I think you are doing a great job to get our country back on track and moving forward. Please keep up the good work. You and your entire family are in our prayers every day. We love you!

  95. I want to say a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP on June 14th and a big Thank You to him for what he has accomplished during his short PRESIDENT OF THE ,OUR U.S.A.!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !!

  96. Happy Birthday Mr. President.I hope you have an awesome day.May God bless you and keep you safe.
    You are always in my prayers.

  97. Happy birthday Mr. President!!! I have been behind you since day one and will continue to support you. We need you, someone who cares about the people of this country and not just themselves. Thank you for all you are doing! Have a blessed birthday.

  98. Happy Birthday to the best President in my lifetime! Ignore those resistors! We elected you and stand by you! Enjoy your special day!

  99. Praying for you and family. Trust God for wisdom and directions to lead America. HAppy Birthday And many many more GOD PROTECT MY PRESIDENT!!!!!

  100. Happy birthday Mr. President. Thank you for all you are doing to keep your campaign promises, despite some opposition. Those who voted for you are standing behind you. Keep letting God lead. We the people want a nation God can bless again.

  101. Happy Birthday Mr. President
    All our wishes for a wonderful day with your family and friends and many more Happy Birthdays to come.
    God bless you and your family. Thank you for making America Great Again.
    The Frasers

  102. Happy Birthday Mr. President…….Thank You for all your hard work making America Great Again…….June 14th is Flag Day & you certainly are living up to honoring America’s flag……God Bless…….Amen……..

  103. PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP I want to Wish You A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY & Hope You Will Make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN in the NEXT 4 YEARS & Hoping You will have the NEXT 4 YEARS after!!

  104. Happy Birthday, President Trump! Many more to you. Have a wonderful day with friends and family. Thank you for all you do for our Country, USA and keeping us safe. God Bless you and your family always.

  105. I want to wish you an early “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR.PRESIDENT TRUMP!”Hope you have a blessed & wonderful day. My birthday is on Aug.3rd & I will be 46yrs. old. I would love to meet you on my birthday. I’m currently dealing with some cituations (sp?) in my life that has me, stuck in a rut, sort of speaking. But anyway have a great day Mr. President. P.S. I go to a prayer meeting every Tuesday morning for prayer. The prayer group always pray for you & everyone on your staff, your family, & for our country, as well. We will keep you & yours in our prayers.

  106. Happy Birthday Mr President! So proud of you an how you are keeping on keeping on despite all those evil forces coming against you! You will prevail! God Bless you an Keep you in his secret place under his wings!

  107. Happy birthday 2 uuu. Hope you have a great birthday with your beautiful family. Thank you So much for what you are doing. Praying for you and all your family and people you work with.

  108. Happy Birthday President Trump I will keep you in my prayers, I know that you are trying to get things done and others are fighting you all the way. I pray that it will change for you know that you supporters are still backing you up.

  109. Happy Birthday Mr. President; Here is hoping you have a blessed day .with your beautiful wife and family.
    You are doing a fantastic job. Keep it up and ignore all negative news. Again have a great day.

  110. Happy Birthday President Trump and Blessings for many many more to come. We are proud of you, Thank you, Smyth Family.

  111. Happy Birthday Mrs President ! Here’s wishing your birthday is as special and as wonderful as you are!

  112. Happy Birthday, President Trump.
    I just want you to know we love, and appreciate all you are doing for our great Country. We are beside you all the way…..DRAIN THAT SWAMP..!!

    Make America Great Again,
    Pat Maddox

  113. Happy Birthday to the greatest President ever. You have been doing a great job making AMRICA GREAT AGAIN. Love u & your whole family. Greatest people on earth. I pray for u and your family every night. Hope u can have the best B’day ever.

  114. Happy Birthday, President Trump and wish you many more. You have been very patient with some of the former administrations cabinet. We don’t believe their propaganda.
    We pray for you and all of your family. I
    thought the Presidents children was not suppose to be followed or persecuted by the
    press, while he was in office. Barron and Melania also have our support. There is no
    reason for the treatment you and your family
    have received from the Democrats, Hilliary
    and her cronies. We are glad to have a
    President that stands by his word and our
    country. Once again thank you President
    Trump for Making America Great Again.
    We are ONCE again Proud to be an American

  115. Praying for a wonderful birthday for a wonderful President and his family!!!
    Love you all!!!

    Barbara and Kerry Aulds

  116. Happy Birthday, President Trump! I hope you have a wonderful birthday filled with family, happy smiles and many blessings from God Himself! I am praying for you to be led by God and for your protection from all the haters, Sir! I think you are doing a great job and I am behind you all the way while you continue to make America great again! Blessings and prayers for your precious family, too! Thank you for all your hard work and for loving the United States of America and may God bless you, President Trump and the United States of America.! ❤️

  117. Happy Birthday President Trump.I hope you are having a wonderful time with family and friends.Thank you for making America great again.America appreciates everything you are doing.Keep up the good work.Thank you.Forever a Republican supporter.

  118. Mr. President Donald Trump
    May All Your Dreams and Desires be Yours Today and Always, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  119. Happy Birthday Mr. Donald Trump, President of the USA. God Bless you and your family! So proud to have you all at the W.H.

  120. Happy Birthday, President Trump! I am so happy you are OUR PRESIDENT! I am standing in the gap for you in prayer to our Living God the Father, through the name of the Messiah, His only Son Jesus! I know you are anointed! And you will Make America Great Again!

  121. Happy Birthday, President Trump. I hope it is the best ever. Thank you for all you do. Praying for you everyday. God bless you.

  122. Mr President

    I could say many thing but I think the best thing to say is THANK YOU. I know the last few months have not been easy. Our nation appreciate everything you are doing. Happy Birthday


  124. Thank God you are our President now. Don’t give up on us. BUILD the wall, clean the swamp, make us great again. I am 75 and have never been so uncertain about our future — because of the liberals. Our own people are bringing us down!! It hurts. You are doing a tremendous job and could do more if our own Republicans would back you!! I love you and your precious family.

  125. You are doing a Great job Presedent Trump .Praying for you to stay stay strong.Dont let the reporters get to you just egnore them all.

  126. Happy Birthday Mr. President. We are so proud of your principals, and for keeping your promises. Voting for you gave us hope not for any party,but for our country. As a Republican, I am now “a party of Trump” loyal supporter. My party let me down, but you have not.

  127. Happy Birthday to a great president and wonderful family, God fearing man! We are so proud of what you are doing!

  128. Wishing our President Mr. Trump the best birthday yet. You are doing us well, Mr. President, please keep
    up the good work.

  129. Happy Birthday President Trump ! I want to thank you for all you are doing and all you are trying so hard to do for us. I am so sorry you are going through all the terrible hatred from the left. It is awful and you do not deserve to be treated this way, I just pray that God keeps you strong, keeps you and your family safe and I also pray that somehow with all that is going on that you find time -family time to have a wonderful Birthday !
    Thank you again and you are in my prayers every single day.
    Paula Turner
    Mooresville NC

  130. Happy Birthday from Navarre FL, Mr. President! It seems fitting that Flag Day is also your birth date. Proud of America and you. Thank you.

  131. We wish you a very happy birthday, President Trump. You are a remarkable man and do not deserve all the criticism you have received from the democrats.Thanks for your devotion to our country and I am confident you will make America Great again

  132. Your doing a great job and my family and I are very pleased. I don’t care whose toes you have to squash keep doing the job your doing. You are running the country the same way I run my house. I raised my kids the same way your running the country. Very efficient. You want food get a job. You want fancy clothes buy them yourself. I supply what you need you supply what you want. When they see how hard it was then they say you know I really don’t want to spend my money I like what I got. Save every penny you can. Now my dogs on the other hand get spoiled. You have to live a little.
    Now it’s time for you to live a little. It’s your birthday. Play golf then put your feet up. Enjoy the day because at your age there’s a lot to get done and a short time to do it all. I love that you are a Godly person. Without him we are nothing! Your our only hope. Thank you and Happy Birthday! The Yevchak family.

  133. Happy Birthday to a President who is going to make AMERICA greater! Enjoy your day and keep on helping all of you!! Prayers for you and all your family and Pence and his family!!

  134. I am so thankful that God answers prayers. On November 8, 2016 HE answered mine and you became our President. I waited up that night till after 2 am to see you cross the stage and announce you had won. I am SO proud of all you have accomplished so far and I know with God’s continued blessing, you will do so much more to “Make America Great Again!’ I pray for you and your family daily.Wisdom, understanding , and knowledge will be yours as you lead this great country… in Jesus name! Happy Birthday!!!

  135. Happy Birthday, Mr President!!! God bless you in all,your presidential duties and family duties! I pray the media will get off your back and let you work in pease!! You are so blessed with a lovely family and many many friends! Your job is a tough one. It will demand all you can give. Trust in God all the way, tell Him what you need. He is the only one big enough to help you! And He wants to help you!

  136. May your Birthday be one to remember! It’s the only one so far that you’ve had as PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! PLEASE know and understand that I believe that only YOU can get this country back on track as the GREATEST POWER ON EARTH!


  137. Happy happy 71st Birthday to you Mr. Pressident!!

    Met you at NBC.. SNL.. and on October 24, 2016 in St .Augustine Beach!!!

    Thank you for making America Great Again!!

  138. Thanks for giving us a way to send a HAPPY BIRTHDAY message to OUR PRESIDENT. . . . . . DONALD J. TRUMP!

  139. Happy Birthday, & “Thank You” for enduring the painful, horribly rude, disrespect, you have had being our President who wants to do the right things. We wish you a a very Blessed Birthday that you truly deserve!!!

  140. Happy Birthday Mr President hope u enjoy your day . Ps can u help us in California and fire jerry Brown voted for u and I’m so proud of u sincerely Robin Haring

  141. Happy Birthday President Trump, you are the best and we love you so much and your beautiful family. We speak blessings on you and pray for you always

  142. Happy Birthday President Trump and many more Blessed ones to come!!! So very glad you are Our President and you
    are doing a Great job!!! God Bless you and your beautiful, classy wife. First Lady Melania Trump. God bless all of your
    Family!!! We Americans are very Blessed to have you as our President. Thank you. Please return Muslims back to their
    own home. They are receiving more money than me and my husband draw on social security. He has a brain disease
    and dementia. Has less than a year to live. He is a veteran. Only 69 and been sick going on 6 years. I am sick also. We
    make it on what we worked for. The Muslims need to be sent home and make their Own money. We do not owe them
    Nothing!!!! You will Make America Great Again!!!! Thank you President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump

  143. May God be with you President Trump in the coming days ahead!! May you have a wonderful birthday!! God bless you!!

  144. Happy birthday President Trump. Thank you for all your hard work on making America great again. I will be glad when the idots will leave you alone and let you do your job.
    I hope you have a wonderful birthday.
    God bless you!
    And God bless the USA

  145. I want to wish you the happiest of birthdays. You have my support and I will be voting for you in 2020. Stay strong and don’t let the few get you down. You are brilliant and keep them guessing. I love the tweets that go straight to the American people. Praying for you and your family.

  146. We love you Donald. Thanks for all your hard work. You’re in my prayers every time I take a nap and go to sleep at night. This is the first time I’ve prayed everyday for our President, because I believe in you. I pray for Melania and Baron. I also pray for you othet children and grandchildren . God bless you Mr President. Jim and Marilynn Tabor

  147. Happy birthday mr president you are doing a great job for our country my birthday is June 12th great people born in June . have a great day and God bless you and your family

  148. Happy birthday Mr. PRESIDENT. May God bless you richly. Thank you for what you’ve done and all that you’re going to do. Thank you. Jim and Marilynn Tabor


  150. Pay no mind to all the idiot reporters and just stay on track making America great again. Stay away from twitter and focus on your job as president..
    Have a happy birthday.

  151. Happy Birthday, President Trump: We appreciate you and respect you and admire you! Happy Birthday to you, President Donald Trump. We dearly love you and your family! Thank you for make many sacrifics to Make America Great Again.

    Betty Baer
    Norfolk, VA

  152. We’ll all be celebrating your birthday, this Wednesday, June 14, which is also Flag Day. Be waving our flags for you. Thank you for your strength, your fidelity fo our nation, and your determination to drain the swamp. May God continue to shield you from your enemies. God bless America!

  153. Dear President Donald Trump,
    Happy Birthday to you. You are doing a great job for this country. I hope you and your wonderful family have a great and wonderful day
    Dianna Vosburgh

  154. Happy birthday! Keep making America great. We really appreciate your continuing to stand up for what is right. We love you for that!

  155. Happy Birthday to you Mr. PRESIDENT,and many many more . I am proud to have you as our president and to know you are under the hands of God , and that you are being lead by his spirit, and he will lead you if you let him. Thank you for being a man of God,and proclaiming it before the world.

  156. Happy Birthday President Trump pleas keep up the good work and hold your head high you can be proud of the job your doing

  157. Mr President. We respect you, your family and the office you hold. Have a wonderful birthday. May God bless your efforts to restore America to “one nation under God”

  158. Happy Birthday to our wonderful President Trump. Hope you have an amazing day with your family. God Bless All Of You.Gle

  159. Happy Birthday Mr. Trump and may you continue your endeavor to make America Great again and successfully be re-elected to a second term !!! 🙂

  160. Happy Birthday President Trump! Have a great day!

    I would also like to take this time to thank you for everything you have done for your supporters and America. I am a small business woman in South Carolina. I have owned and operated a family restaurant for forty two years and am now in fear of having to close the doors. Many of my customers are small business people like me and we can’t make enough money to pay for our healthcare. I am depending on you to help us. God bless. I have faith in you!

  161. Happy Birthday President Trump. God Blesss you and God Bless your entire family especially our beautiful First Lady.

  162. Happy Birthday! You are only 14 days younger than I am. What stamina you have. My husband and I so appreciate the efforts you are using to give us our country back. We pray for you and your family every day.

  163. You are amazing! What a strong person you are to keep working for the American people under circumstances such as they are. God bless you, Mr. President and happy birthday!

  164. Happy Birthday President Trump. Look forward to sending best wishes for your 8 years in office and there after.

  165. Happy birthday President Trump!! We love you!! Thanks for making American great again!! God bless and keep you!!!

  166. God bless you and may he be with you always and guild you thru your whole President term. I prayed before you were elected and pray for you and your family. Good job your doing

  167. Thank you for being my president and standing up for what is right.
    For protecting us from people and societies who hate us for our freedom.

  168. President Trump,
    Thank you for your commitment to making America Great again. Great Job! Have a very Happy Birthday with your family and friends and save a piece of cake for me.

  169. We are for you and know you love this country, also we know you are not a quitter. The dnc is digging a deep hole for themselves. So, Happy Birthday, Mr. President I love you.

  170. wishing you a Blessed birthday and may God protect you and your family. GOD bless you and god bless America.

  171. Keep up the good work President Trump!!!! There are many out here who are behind what you are doing for our country! I love the fact that you LOVE AMERICA and want to make it great again!!! I have been so saddened over the past 8 years as I watched our beloved country being given away to those who hate us! I believe God is giving us a second chance in this country!!! I love hearing God talked about in the WH. Though I don’t know where you stand spiritually I believe He is using you to bring our country back to Himself. Thank you so very much!!!

  172. I hope this is the best year of your life. Throw that phone away and let us all get to work. We are behind you all the way and very proud of you and your family. Our hearts go out to the problems you have had to put up with but we know you are bursting with wonderful things you are going to do for the next seven and a half years.

    So sorry I gou carried away. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr. President and I pray this is one of the best years of your life.

    I’m disabled but if you need someone to stuff envelopes or whatever I am your woman. Mr husband wishes you the best also sir.
    Our prayers are with you and your family always.

  173. Happy Birthday, Mr President, keep up the good work. Ignore the media and just be our President. Thank you for Making America Great Again!

  174. Happy birthday President Trump happy to see you keeping your campaign promises. Keep up the good work and not backing down. We trust you will continue to fulfill your promises. Hope your birthday is the best one yet. Let’s make America great again and make God the center of it all.
    God bless you
    The Harjo’s from
    Sanford Florida

  175. Happy Birthday President Trump!! May you have many more! Thank you and your family for coming out of your comfort zone to make America great again! May God bless you and America as we put him first again!!

  176. Thank you for taking on this seemingly thankless job of being our President. I hope you birthday is filled with blessings and peace not only today but the rest of your life.

  177. Happy Birthday! First, we share birthdays. I am 74. Next, just want you to know I am praying for you. It has to be prayers that is giving you the courage and Strength. America is depending on you to Hold that head high, be determine to make the right decisions. Each day, ask God for Strength and Guidance. He is our answer. God Bless And Protect You and Your Family In Every Move You Make. Have A Wonderful Birthday!

  178. May God richly bless you on your birthday, Mr. President! We are praying for you every day! Keep your head up and your eyes on Him and He will guide you!

  179. Thank you Mr. President and Family for giving up your wonderful secure way of life exposing yourselves to the horrific Deep State. Please rescue our Nation from this vile group of anti American globalists. I pray for your safety and success. God Be With You and Your Family. Happy Birthday Mr President.

  180. Happy Birthday Mr President. I support everything you do. You’re a good man. Keep up with what you want to do. I hope you have a very great birthday. Penny Barrs

  181. We The People appreciate you President Trump. Dont give up. we know the democrats and the media are working for satan and not for good. I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday! have a wonderful day and God Bless You and Your Family.

  182. Happy Birthday to my President! We love ❤️ you and your family…concentrate on the needs of the people and forget about the media b.s. I and my wife deeply believe in you!

  183. Happy Birthday Mr. President. America is behind you. Don’t let the Dem and live get you done. America loves you.

  184. Happy Birthday President Trump. Thank you for continuing to work so hard to keep your word under all this pressure. So sorry these people are making your life so difficult. The Clintons should be the target of all the bad press and negative comments and the investigations. You have a lovely family. They are all beautiful and obviously very bright. Good luck in all your endeavors.

  185. Thank you for taking the job of our president to make America Great Again! You left a great life to be our president and have so many people making your life and your families life miserable. Happy Birthday and may God bless you and give you wisdom!

  186. Mr. President. I hope you have a very happy birthday and many more to come. my husband and myself back you 100%. we feel you will do great things if the idiots in Washington will let you. 2nd term all the way.

  187. I am so proud to call you my President. You are an amazing person, Father, Husband, and President!. God bless and protect you and your family. Your wife, our First Lady, is so beautiful, and elegant, She is the best First Lady our country has ever had. Happy Birthday! God bless you with many more.

  188. We are praying every day for you. Keep our Lord close to you. He will guide you and give you strenght. Words can never tell you thank you enough. Millions and millions support you. Wishing you a most blessed Birthday and many more . All our love and best wishes and thanks. KS RICES


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