Newt Gingrich just said the THREE words about Mueller that Will End Trump-Russia Investigation FOR GOOD

Source: Youtube, FOX

Newt Gingrich, Former House Speaker and current informal advisor to the President, urged Republicans to rethink the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel in the Trump-Russia affair. Here is his tweet:

Source: Twitter

You heard it from Newt himself: TIME TO RETHINK!

Gingrich has good reason for concern: Mueller will be investigating former FBI director James Comey, a very close friend for over 15 years. Mueller and Comey are so close that some have described them as “brothers in arms.” How then can Mueller objectively investigate James Comey?

Gingrich also outlined more issues with the Mueller appointment in an interview on Sunday, during which he claimed that Comey purposefully leaked government information to the press so that an independent counsel would be appointed. Gingrich let loose a tirade during the interview, saying:

“I think Congress should now intervene and they should abolish the independent counsel, because Comey makes so clear that it’s the poison fruit of a deliberate manipulation by the FBI director leaking to The New York Times, deliberately set up this particular situation. It’s very sick.

He ended with: “It’s very clear that Comey hates Trump.”

Furthermore, the “independent” counsel is already shaping up to be less than “independent”—at least four people on Mueller’s special council team are Democrat donors. Justice Department Deputy Solicitor General Michael Dreeben, Jeannie Rhee, James Quarles, and Andrew Weisman have all donated to various Clinton and Obama campaigns over the years.

Newt Gingrich is definitely on to something- Mueller cannot be objective with Comey as his best friend and with four special investigators who are hardcore Democrats.

This is big news, so share this 1 million times to get the word out- This special investigation into Trump’s Russia ties and Comey’s leaking will be unfair if Mueller is in charge!


  1. They better have a counsel for Hillary and Obama first and shown the tape off Obama touching the knee of the Russian Ambassador to wait until he Obama is elected. So glad Trump fired Comey after seeing how he is acting now. John McCain should not be reelected does not care about this country. Maybe he has dementia. I think Mr M should step down!!!!!!I do not trust him.

  2. Mueller should do the right thing and resign. It is obvious that he is friends with Comey, who was unethical in leaking information to the New York Times. In addition, Mueller and Comey have been tied to the Clintons whether it be by friendship and donations to the Clintons and their foundation. The slightest taint of bias disqualifies Mueller.


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