OBAMA SPY SCANDAL: Nunes Just Said the FIVE Words that will Wreck Obama

Source: Youtube, CNN

House Select Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes had five words during a recent interview on The John Batchelor Show about the Obama administration unmasking scandal rocking Washington.

(Check out video of Rep. Devin Nunes blindsiding the Obama Administration at the end of this article)

“This is only the beginning.”


The Committee just named three top Obama officials in subpoenas during their investigation into the unlawful unmasking of Americans close to the Trump campaign before and after the 2016 election. Those officials were: former UN ambassador Samantha Power, former CIA director John Brennan, and former White House National Security Advisor Susan Rice.

Rep. Devin Nunes initially broke the news about top Obama administration officials potentially abusing power several months ago. When the NSA collects data, the agency purposefully masks the identity of Americans to protect them from unlawful supervision.

The three named Obama administration officials allegedly requested that the identities of people on the Trump team be unmasked. Nunes has claimed that they were unmasked for political reasons.

During the interview Monday Nunes reiterated that it was “very unusual” for a UN ambassador like Power to unmask an American “under any circumstances, at any level…no matter where they are serving.”

The most interesting part is that those three named are only a few of those Nunes suspects of abusing their power, he says: “There are many more officials that we have concerns about abusing the intelligence programs.”

Check out the video of Rep. Nunes announcing Obama official’s subpoenas below- Bet Obama never saw that coming!

Something was definitely fishy in the allegedly “scandal-free” Obama administration. I am so excited for the Committee to move forward to these proceedings, and we will be reporting on them closely- so stay tuned!

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(h/t The Daily Beast)


  1. It seems hippocritical for the so called Obama spies in the administration to cry when something seems political when everything the Obama administration has ever done is political. How can anyone forget the baseball game in Cuba that couldn’t be interrupted by the Belgian terrorist attack. Where was the mainstream media. Every terrorist attack is caused by the media giving equal time to those peace lovers that stand by and due nothing. While the police are being sued for excessive force when the videos clearly show correct procedures.

  2. In High School, we read a book “Silas Marner”. That book showed a very important message to us High School Juniors… It was: There’s nothing hidden that shall not be revealed nor covered that shall not be known. Today’s happenings in government, in society, reflects on the moral lesson learned from that book.

  3. The delusions just keep piling up higher.

    “Unmasking” isn’t illegal or even unusual.

    It’s a judgement call, part of the job.

    You remember the Logan Act, right?

    Where it says it’s illegal for private citizens to collude with a foreign power in affecting US policy?

    Think it through now.

    If we didn’t have the ability to investigate suspected violations of the Logan Act, how would it ever be enforced?

    When the Attorney General sees evidence that the Logan Act is being violated, it’s necessary to unmask the identity of those under investigation.


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