OMG! What Trump Just PROMISED Putin Will Change EVERYTHING We Know – The World is STUNNED


Trump just took steps to show the world he is willing to “collude” with the Russians!

Reuters reports, Russia’s Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump will meet on the sidelines of the Group of Twenty summit in Hamburg next week, but no separate meeting is planned, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Thursday.

“They will meet in any case there, on the sidelines of this summit, but no (separate) meeting is planned at the moment,” Peskov said.


Natasha Bertrand for Buisness Insider reports, “Trump has asked National Security Council staff to come up with “deliverables” that he can offer to Russian President Vladimir Putin during their meeting”

ABC News reports, a spokesperson for the Kremlin said that Russia was ready to attend a full-scale meeting — the first since Trump has taken office — in addition to any interactions the pair would have at the summit.

David Corn, Washington bureau chief of Mother Jones, tweeted, “Sarah Huckabee Sanders won’t say whether Trump will press Putin on Moscow’s covert op to subvert the 2016 election when they meet next week.”

The Hill reported earlier this month that The media would likely be excluded from the meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Trump.

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  1. As our Country’s leader He is no longer allowing the left and our anti Trump media like CNN to hold him hostage and keep him from performing carrying out the responsibilities of his office! WE have Military forces working in close proximity of each other and maybe two different ideas of how issues need to be settled which is the perfect recipe for disaster and or war which will cost both countries the lives of young men and women that can be avoided by better communication now! This area supplies NATO, China and or ISIS with oil and the revenues and can not be ignored unless we are to destabilize half the world and risk another world war! Too many jealous greedy children cry about what they don’t get to have to see any of this clearly. The greed of the many is just as bad as that of a few, maybe even more dangerous. It is important these two leaders talk before our world descends into Hell.


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