Right After Trump Pulled Out of Paris Accords, He Announced Something UNBELIEVABLE

Source: White House

President Donald Trump just kept one of his BIGGEST campaign promises of all. After meeting with world leaders, the US President has made his FINAL decision on the Paris Climate Accords.

Trump has EXITED the Paris Climate Change Accords completely.

However, this does not mean that America is 100% done with the Climate Change negotiations. Actually, Donald Trump is willing to rejoin IF they change the agreement to benefit, not hurt, US businesses.

According to the President, staying in the accord would see the United States lose 35% of Iron and Steelwork to foreign countries and a whopping 80% of coal jobs.

While the US immediately suffers, China doesn’t have to even BEGIN to clean up for 13 years. That’s not fair. Plus, it forces our country to PAY a huge sum of money to the United Nations every year for them to both pockets and hand out to other countries.


So, while I’m sure all the leftists are gonna try and claim the world is “doomed” (despite the Wall Street Journal saying the US participation will do almost NOTHING for the environment), it’s all a big load. Donald Trump is simply keeping America First, and Thank God for that.

So let’s set the story straight. Trump loves the environment and is even willing to renegotiate a HORRIBLE deal as long as America doesn’t get the wrong end of the stick. Now he needs y’all to share this with your friends and family and show them what REALLY happened today.

You know, it’s sad that this is what we have to do just to have a fair shot. Still, we will do whatever it takes.


  1. There is no doubt in my mind that President Donald J. Trump is the greatest POTUS in U.S. history despite what the naysayers say. What do they know anyway? Nothing! Trump has been correct on 100% of his pronouncements, yet the lame-stream media (LSM), RINOs, Deep State traitors, and the corrupt leftist Democrats keep throwing rocks in his path hoping that he will fall and hurt himself permanently. That’ll never happen because God is on his side and is watching over him. Additionally, the majority of good, loyal, patriotic Americans are completely behind Trump. Go, President Trump!

  2. That makes no sense at all. If a negotiation is to America’s advantage, it’s not a ‘horrible deal’ that Trump negotiates. The conference is simply an opportunity to do business. I suspect he has had business associates and staff prepare for it for months, set up opportunities. We all knew he would back out and so did they! The pundits tried to get attention by spreading doubt, but that was stupid too. TRUMP HAS PUT AMERICAN NEGOTIATION in a position of strength……stop the whining, stop the chicken little sky is falling, JUST REPORT THEFACTS.

  3. America has always been a giving nation, and frankly, nothing has changed. As our President, Donald trump has done us a huge favor by making our country more selective on what we do when and how. Personally, I am sick and tired of give, give, give, and no one bothers to consider or even think about helping us.

  4. Thank God we have a president looking out for America instead of our enemies and the liberals friends who hate us..

  5. Good move Mr President, no reason what so ever we should foot the bill while other countries get to skate, and have tears before they have to do anything to clean up.

  6. Figure, the lefties claim that Trump did not even read the Paris accord is but the fact is he rad every work and only a fool like the faggot would agree to something so one sided. Of course Barry was trying to kill the US, not help. And the lefties still think it did a good job, what moron’s.

  7. Outstanding! The Paris accord that required taxpayers sending billions of dollars to third world tin horn dictators for climate reparations was done outside the constitution without approval of congress. A spending bill always has to be approved by congress and this was not.

  8. For a President he has shown his concern for his country, by not attending the Paris climate change. But how many would know exactly why he did it. If it was someone else who was president, the situation may have been different, he/she may attend the Paris climate change, even if America stands at a loss. This speaks volumes about how much Trump cares for his people and country. The time will come when Americans will see and realize what a good President Trump is.

  9. Donald trump is the slime of the earth and the most destructive force in the history of America,impeachment is too long in coming .

  10. thank God You could stand up for Our country and not join a bad deal.It took a strong man like YOU TO DO IT.Thank You.

  11. As long as the Us has to give up any part of their sovereignty, President Trump is ABSOLUTELY right to get out unless they changes their criteria. The current criteria greatly burdens the US extremely unfairly.

  12. I think President Trump did the right thing and I see no reason to be part of this! I have always believed that there was no benefit to the United States, being part of the UN…
    Giving our American dollars to other countries must stop! I do not want him to re-consider this deal at any price!

  13. “According to the President”? What a joke! The President is an ignoramus trying to use his office to reassure
    the crackpots on the extreme right while enabling himself and his daughter to continue enriching themselves.
    “80% of coal jobs”? These wonderfully dangerous and historically environmental destroying jobs are disappearing due to automation and lower cost oil based power upgrades. “Trump may be willing to re-negotiate”? With whom? the other major nations aren’t interested because they have zero respect for him and his 19th century view of the world. “Trump loves the environment” This is too absurd to deserve a response. Nearly as absurd as the claim that Danny Gold is America’s #1 writer. Give me (and all of us) a break


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