Right After Comey’s Testimony, President Trump Told Jeff Sessions What We All Needed to Hear

Source: White House

Yesterday was a long day by any standard. James Comey’s testimony was supposed to “rock Washington” but instead all it did was play the blame game with no new evidence.

However, one of the people Comey went hard after was Attorney General Jeff Sessions. He told Congress that Sessions knowingly let Trump request the Flynn investigation be dropped. President Trump decided enough is enough and came off the sidelines to deliver this bombshell:

Donald Trump has absolute confidence in Jeff Sessions as the Attorney General of the United States.

After a week of rumors ranging from Trump wanting to Fire Sessions all the way to Sessions offering to resign after making Trump angry, the White House finally said their peace today.

When asked if Trump still had confidence in Sessions during the press briefing, Sarah Huckabee responded “Absolutely” before adding,

“The president has confidence in all of his cabinet, and if he didn’t they wouldn’t be here.”

It’s honestly hard to deny that logic, though. Just look at Mike Flynn and James Comey. Trump didn’t have confidence in them and now they are long gone.

It’s good to see that the Trump administration is stronger than ever despite the rumors and attacks. Not even James Comey can ruin that. Help share the good news with every conservative you know and let them know that Jeff Sessions is safe.



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